Getting things done – Saggar Street

I have recently, on behalf of residents, raised with the City Council’s Housing Department the poor condition of several paving slabs resulting in trip hazards outside some of the flats in Saggar Street – see below :

Utility Box – Colinton Place/Saggar Street

Last month I mentioned that, following the walkabout round the Pentland area with council officers, I had reported paint vandalism to a utility box at Colinton Place/Saggar Street to British Telecom – see right.
I am pleased to now report that BT has confirmed it will have this issue resolved.

Change to Domestic Refuse Collection System : Saggar Street

I have, over a long period of time, pointed out to the council’s Environment Department residents’ complaints that the wheelie bin system in Saggar Street did not work well, due to storage problems and the hilly nature of the street that makes moving bins a challenge for residents.
I am therefore pleased to have been advised that there will be a change to the bin collection system for numbers 2-10 (even) and 5-11 (odd) to a communal bin system. 
Residents have been advised:
The map referred to above is below (with eurobin positions marked by red dots):

Getting this done … lining works across the West End

On behalf of constituents, I recently raised the need to have white lining renewed at several locations across the West End:
* Junction of Saggar Street with City Road :   The council has responded – “The Road Maintenance Partnership inspector has advised that these junction lines were re-done 17-1-13.”
* Give way lines at the junction of Perth Road at Riverside Drive (north of the Botanic Garden) :   The council has now advised – “For information, the Road Maintenance Partnership inspector has advised that these give way lines on Perth Road at the junction of Riverside Drive have now been re-painted.”
* Junction lining of both Abbotsford Street and Abbotsford Place with Peddie Street :    The council has responded – “The Road Maintenance Partnership inspector has included the worn junction lining in Abbotsford Place and Street in the next lining order and this will be done weather permitting as soon as resources are available and previously identified priorities have been dealt with.”
I also queried with the City Council’s Road Maintenance Partnership why the promised yellow box relining at the junction of Logie Street with City Road has still not been carried out.     The response is as follows and hopefully means this lengthy delay in having the yellow box repainted is coming to an end:
“The proposed patching to be done at the City Road/ Logie Street was further delayed because of planned works on Ancrum Road by Scottish Water. These works have now been carried out and the carriageway patching and subsequent re-lining of these junctions, is provisionally programmed for early February 2013.”

Progress on controlled entry systems

reported last November that the City Council intended using legislation under the Tenement (Scotland) Act 2004 to ballot owners in blocks of flats where there is a mix of owner occupiers and council tenants to see if a majority will agree to the installation of controlled entry systems.

This is to ensure that the previous problem of just one unco-operative owner in, say, a block of eight flats stopping the majority wish for a controlled entry system that greatly helps home security.

I’m pleased, therefore, to be advised by the City Council that the first of these ballots took place recently and the outcome was a positive vote in favour of secure entry in all the West End Ward properties that were in the first phase of balloting.    This will mean new controlled entry systems in various blocks in Blackness Road, Polepark Road and a block in Saggar Street, which is good news.