Scotswood Terrace pavements

Over the past few years, on behalf of local residents, I have highlighted to the City Engineer the very poor state of the unadopted footways in Scotswood Terrace.   These now have high priority on the unadopted footways list and looked likely to be upgraded and adopted next financial year.
However, the City Engineer has now advised me of some good news that will see the pavement work carried out a little sooner:
“… letters (have been) issued to residents in Scotswood Terrace (to) advise of footway upgrading works proposed to be carried out in 2013/14, ie before 30th March 2014.    Works to date this year on the unadopted programme have accrued sufficient savings to allow other streets to be promoted and added to the programme for upgrade and adoption this financial year.”
I am delighted that this work is now about to commence and there should be further progress with some other West End pavements in 2014/15.