Magdalen Green, Seafield Lane

Again, a beautiful day! Whilst campaigning earlier on, came across bags of rubbish dumped besides waste bins and dog bins on the edge of Magdalen Green next to Magdalen Yard Road (see right) – I have reported this to the City Council.
Now trawling through my e-mails and note feedback from Home in Scotland regarding my request for a further “Residents’ Parking Only” sign residents in Seafield Lane had requested given the extent of other cars parking in the narrow lane:

“…we will arrange for a sign to be put up as soon as possible. Hopefully this will help to alleviate the problem.”

Mindless vandalism, Lights in Seafield Lane

Was in Clepington area this morning helping my brother-in-law with his FOCUS leaflet deliveries and shocked by the mindless vandalism at bus shelters (see right) – its not the part of the City I represent but I e-mailed into Planning & Transportation to advise them.
Have no doubt however that they will have been advised by more than me … the Courier called me this afternoon (i.e. with “Finance Convener” hat on) about the cost to the City Council of vandalism each year.
Although we deplore this sort of mindless vandalism and work with Tayside Police to tackle it, I am pleased to say that the overall cost of vandalism to Dundee City Council property has halved in recent years. Click on the headline above to read a report from the Audit & Risk Management Sub-Committee from May 2006 for more detail.
Been trying to sort out broken lighting in a pathway at Seafield Lane. The Housing Association initially advised it was a City Council responsibility but its actually their’s. Anyway, looking for a result from them very soon!