Road surface – Seafield Road #dundeewestend

As residents know, I have long campaigned to have the poor conditioned road surface of Seafield Road improved.
I am therefore pleased to have been advised by the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership, in reply to my lastest e-mail regarding this, as follows :
“Seafield Road has been identified for inclusion in future carriageway resurfacing schemes, provisionally 2020-2021 subject to budget availability.”

Getting things done – Seafield Road #dundeewestend

I have received residents’ complaints about the state of parts of the Seafield Road pavements – north of Cherry Blossom Nursery – and I raised this with the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership.
I have received the following response about repairs that will now take place :
“An order has been raised to re-set six slabs in Seafield Road.”

Getting things done – Seafield Road

Residents who use the Seafield Road car park have complained about seagulls’ mess on their vehicles due to seagulls perching on the street lighting columns in the car park.
I contacted the City Council’s Street Lighting Partnership Manager about this and she has now helpfully advised as follows :
“Our nightshift crew attended and fitted spikes to the lanterns in the car park … Hopefully this will help with the situation.”

Rose Lodge – Charter for Involvement celebration

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of again visiting Rose Lodge, in Seafield Road, which provides high-quality housing and support for adults with learning difficulties.   

We were there to celebrate Rose Lodge’s involvement in the Charter for Involvement, an initiative by the National Involvement Network that is a series of 12 new statements that show how people who use support services want to be involved in the services they get, in the organisations that provide their services and in the wider community.
Alison Hogg and her team at Rose Lodge do a great job for all in their care and it was a lovely afternoon – here’s a couple of photos!


Getting things done – Seafield Road

Following complaints from residents about the poor pavement condition on the west side of Seafield Road, I reported this to the City Council.
The council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership has responded positively as follows :
“The Roads Maintenance Partnership inspector for the area has raised an order for grano patching at this location.    There is no timescale for these works at present but they will be done as soon as resources are available and earlier priorities have been dealt with.”

Congratulations to Rose Lodge!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting Rose Lodge, in Seafield Road, which provides high-quality housing and support for adults with learning difficulties.   
Rose Lodge was recently inspected by the Care Inspectorate and I visited yesterday to pass on my congratulations to Alison Hogg and her team for an absolutely excellent report.  To quote the Care Inspectorate :
Quality of Care and Support : 6 – Excellent
Quality of Staffing : 6 – Excellent
Quality of Management and Leadership : 6 – Excellent
As Alison says, the success of Rose Lodge is greatly assisted by the local community and supportive neighbours.
Here’s a photo from my visit yesterday, with Alison (far left) and some of the Rose Lodge service users.