Tait’s Lane – road condition and road safety

Residents in Tait’s Lane have recently raised with me concerns about the state of the road surface in Tait’s Lane.    I raised this with the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership who advised :
“An inspection has been carried out and an order raised to repair a number of defects on the narrow section of Tait’s Lane with a timescale for repair of one to two weeks.”
I have also raised residents’ concerns about a minority of drivers ignoring the “Local Access Only” signage and using this very narrow street as a short cut, including some HGVs, which is inappropriate and a concern to residents.

Temporary Traffic Order : Tait’s Lane

From Dundee City Council.   (This has been arranged at short notice due to roof water ingress to a block of tenements.   The work is expected to take no more than 3 hours, and will commence early Saturday morning) :
THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of mobile access platform (roofing) works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Tait’s Lane (from its junction with Hawkhill for a distance of approximately 20 metres in a northerly direction), Dundee.
This notice comes into effect on Saturday 7th May 2016 for  one  day.
Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.
Alternative routes for vehicles are available via Hawkhill/Peddie Street/Blackness Road.
For further information contact 433168.
Director of City Development
Dundee City Council

Tait’s Lane – an update

I recently reported that the pathway from Tait’s Lane to Peddie Street is in need of tidying, with some weeds require removal and the foliage requires trimming – see right.   The council had also advised me that it would attend to overgrown foliage in the Tait’s Lane car park area.
On the pathway, the City Council’s Environment has now advised me that:
” … we will have this sprayed out … also, regarding the shrubs, this will be carried out at the same time as the car park area.”

Getting things done – Tait’s Lane

Residents have complained to me that :
  • The pathway from Tait’s Lane to Peddie Street is in need of tidying – some weeds require removal and the foliage requires trimming (see photo right) – I have reported this to both Home Scotland and the City Council who have shared responsibility here.
  • There is overgrown foliage at the Tait’s Lane car park – the Environment Department of the City Council has confirmed it will tackle this.

Latest updates …

A few Thursday updates :

* This morning, along with councillor colleagues, I had a very useful meeting with the Waste Management Department and the Environmental Health & Trading Standards Department about the problems of refuse presentation at various locations. This gave the opportunity to raise issues in specific streets in the West End where residents have complained about poor refuse presentation or wheelie bins being left out on the street permanently. The officers present gave very useful updates on their various initiatives to help tackle this problem, that is a source of many complaints from constituents.

* Further to Tavish Scott’s visit to Dundee yesterday, you can read the article about this in today’s Press and Journal by going to http://tinyurl.com/tavishpandj.

* I recently asked for additional grit bins for the north end of Thomson Street and the top end of Tait’s Lane. I am pleased to advise that the City Engineer updated me this morning as follows :

“The update to the grit bin issue in Tait’s Lane is that Tayside Contracts have been asked to set out a grit bin on the grassed area in the car park at 38 Tait’s Lane.
In Thomson Street, an order has been raised for the placing of a small grit bin on the east side at the top.”