School holidays provision from Revival Church in Taylor’s Lane #dundeewestend

Just a reminder that, partnering with Dundee Bairns in 2020, Revival Church is proposing to provide school holidays provision of breakfast/lunch for disadvantaged and low income families’ children.
This will take place at the church premises at 4 Taylor’s Lane, just off the Perth Road – contact details below for all interested :

Community facility offer from Revival Church #dundeewestend

Many residents will know of the Revival Church situated in Taylor’s Lane.
Pastor Stephen McCluskey of the church is taking forward some community initiatives such as school holidays breakfast and lunch for low-income families, in partnership with Dundee Bairns.
However, he has also mentioned that the church facilities may be available for community and charity activities during 2020 and if any local group wishes to find out more, the church can be contacted here.

Taylor’s Lane – directional sign

Residents have complained to me that the directional sign to the housing at the very north end of Taylor’s Lane is badly worn – see right.
I asked the Roads Maintenance Partnership if this can be replaced and have been updated as follows :

“… a replacement sign has been included in the first monthly street name plate order of this financial year which is almost complete.   Timescale for the sign to be erected is likely to be six to eight weeks or sooner if possible.”

And yet more blots on the landscape …

Last month, I attempted, at the City Council’s Development Management Committee, to stop ugly BT Openreach ‘utility’ boxes being placed at three sites in Conservation Areas in the West End.   

Tonight, at this month’s committee, I moved refusal of two more of these unsightly boxes being placed near Blackness Primary School and in Taylor’s Lane.   The residents in Taylor’s Lane near to the site of one of these boxes are very unhappy about this being placed adjacent to their homes, but unfortunately I lost the vote 16-8.  I again make the point that BT Openreach should provide appropriate and sympathetically designed utility boxes in Conservation Areas, rather than saddling the community with large, ugly and unsightly boxes.

I am sure no-one is against improving the broadband services that these boxes service, but housing the equipment in these ugly boxes is a blight on our conservation areas.    A bit of community concern on behalf of BT Openreach would be welcomed.

Graffiti action …

I am grateful to Scottish & Southern Energy for its very prompt attention to removing offensive graffiti on the electricity sub-station at Magdalen Green that I brought to its attention towards the end of this week, following residents’ concerns.

I am also grateful to the City Council for cleaning off graffiti in parts of Taylor’s Lane. I am also speaking with the Waste Management Department about getting further graffiti cleaned off flats elsewhere in the street.

Winter maintenance

With all the snow over the past few days, the feedback from residents is that the Roads Maintenance Partnership has copied generally very well with gritting across the city.

There have been issues about the gritting of some residential streets – inevitable given the 330+ miles of non-trunk roads the council has to cover – and I have raised the concerns raised by residents in a number of streets – such as Shaftesbury Road and Taylor’s Lane (in the latter case, the ‘top half’ of the southern part, possibly because of access problems facing the gritter) – and also the need to keep grit bins filled – an example being at Glamis Place.

I am grateful to the City Engineer and the team in the Roads Maintenance Partnership for their responsiveness on the issues raised.