Lighting on path – Logie Street to Tullideph Street/Place

Residents in the Tullideph area recently raised with me the poor lighting on the pathway from Logie Street to the Tullideph Street/Place junction.   This is a very well-used path as it provides the main route on foot from Tullideph to catching a bus on Logie Street.   Many of the path users are elderly, living in the Tullideph Sheltered Housing.
I contacted the council’s Street Lighting Partnership Manager about the lighting situation and she sent me a very helpful response as follows :
“I have had a look at the path in question and can understand the concerns that have been raised.  I will add a small capital scheme for additional lighting into next years programme.   Unfortunately we are fully committed both in terms of finance and workload for the current financial year.
In the meantime, may I suggest that the tree in the middle of the path be cut back? this may help to make the path a little more visible.”
On the overgrown tree aspect, the Assistant Forestry Officer has also responded positively :
“I have inspected the mature maple tree next to the footway leading to Logie Street.    I will arrange to crown lift, crown balance, crown thin and prune this tree … I will include this work in our current winter schedule and the works will be completed prior to any street lighting improvement works.”

Residents’ meetings

Over the past couple of days, I have had three very positive meetings with local residents – with residents from the Tullideph area (Tuesday afternoon), Logie area (Wednesday morning) and the Corso/Abbotsford area (Wednesday afternoon).
The main purpose of these was for council officers to update tenants about the current housing rents consultation and also to give attendees details of the current consultation on 20mph speed limits in residential areas.
I am very grateful to all residents who attended and to the council officers who did such a good job presenting to the residents and answering questions.

Community Spirit Action Group

Earlier this evening, I attended the June meeting of Community Spirit Action Group – the community group for the “north” part of West End Ward, covering Pentland, Tullideph, Ancrum and the Cleghorn area.   The meeting took place at the Mitchell Street Centre.
It was a good opportunity to discuss local issues and I updated the group about a number of matters including road surfacing at Tullideph and condition of paths in Pentland.
The next Community Spirit meeting will take place at the Tullideph Sheltered Lounge on Wednesday 1st July – 6.30pm.   Community Spirit is keen to have some meetings in different locations in its area – all residents welcome!
The meeting in July will be addressed by Sandra Thomson, Managing Director of McGregor Balfour Textiles, who will talk about the Jute Industry.   I have previously heard a talk by Sandra and she is very informative and entertaining so the July Community Spirit meeting is not to be missed!

Thursday West End meetings

Yesterday was a busy day with my chairing a well-attended morning meeting with residents from the Tullideph area at which we discussed numerous local issues including home energy efficiency improvements, grass maintenance, dumped items and other matters.
At lunchtime, I attended a City Council briefing on community asset transfer and I thereafter chaired a meeting with residents from the Ancrum Place and Morven Terrace sheltered housing, where issues discussed included bin collections, pothole repairs and graffiti removal.
I am grateful to officers from the City Council’s Environment Department who attended both the Tullideph and Ancrum/Morven meetings to discuss garden and open plan area planting and grass maintenance.
After my weekly ward surgery at Blackness Primary School last night, I participated in a very positive meeting of the Friends of Riverside Nature Park at which a number of forthcoming public events were discussed, including a meadow walk on 21st June – more details to follow soon!

Meetings at Tullideph and Morven Terrace Sheltered Lounges

Following on from Monday’s meeting with the tenants in the Corso Street/Abbotsford Street/Abbotsford Place area to discuss rent options for 2015/16, yesterday I had the pleasure of chairing meetings at the Tullideph and Morven Terrace Sheltered Lounges at which two members of staff from the Housing Department discussed with tenants the rent options for 2015/16.
We had very useful discussions on the rents issue, the sheltered housing charge and service and also other matters such as bin collections, grass maintenance and house energy efficiency/insulation.

Gowrie Care’s Big Lunch at Tullideph Place!

Earlier today, I was delighted to open a community lunch in Tullideph Place, organised by the staff from Gowrie Care’s Tullideph project and the people they support.    Taking place as part of Big Lunch 2014, the proceeds raised have been donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.
It was great to see so many people in the local area take part – a great example of the Tullideph community coming together and also highlighting the great work Gowrie Care does.
Irene Duff, Gowrie Care’s Tullideph project manager, said,    “We decided to host the Big Lunch to meet our neighbours and to get the people we work with involved in the local community
“Gowrie Care support people in Dundee who require help with daily living skills and to access local resources.    It was great to see the people who benefit from our service raising community spirit and helping to organise this event.
“Not only did we provide our lunch guests with a tasty meal but we also had a DJ, a raffle, face painting, a cake and bake stall and we even offered our dining companions the opportunity to wax some of our male staff – all in the name of charity of course!”
Here’s some photographs and a short video from today’s Big Lunch: