US Presidential Election today

Whoever wins the US Presidential Election today – and it has to be said, I’ll eat my hat if it is McCain – I think all should breathe a great big sigh of relief that the George W. Bush presidency is in its dying days.

Back in 2004, Gary Kamiya wrote :

“In years to come historians will likely judge the Bush presidency one of the worst in the history of the republic – an amalgam of arrogance, radicalism and folly so egregious it’s almost laughable.

“Abandoning common sense in foreign affairs, weakening the rule of law, handing the nation’s wealth over to the super-rich, and squandering the friendship and sympathy of the world in rigid pursuit of a chimerical dream of a world that cannot threaten us, the Bush presidency has betrayed the nation’s deepest principles, both liberal and conservative. “

I couldn’t agree more.

The final opinion polls look exceptionally good for Barack Obama – I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed for him today.