Back from holiday …

Janet and I have just got back from holiday, having a short cruise from Venice to Croatia then Greece, followed by a few days in Venice on return.    Until now, my favourite cities have been Barcelona, Honolulu and Boston, but now Venice wins …  

I absolutely loved Venice – a stunningly beautiful city and simply lovely to visit.    So at the risk of boring everyone, here’s a few photos and a short video from our trip.    Now, back to the joy of loads of phone messages, letters and e-mails to respond to!
The Acropolis of Athens
Me at St Mark’s Square, Venice
The lovely island of Burano, Venice
Me on the island of Murano, Venice
Bunty today, recovering from her own holiday at her cousin’s in Downfield!    You’ll note she is engrossed by the latest on the TV about the hacking scandal