FOCUS, Thank you party …

Janet and I invited everyone who was kind enough to help with the recent election round to ours last night for a “thank you” party. We had a fair bit of hilarity over the games of Jenga (see – and the photos!)

Anyway, good time had by all and despite the 2am finish, a few of us were still up to delivering the West End FOCUS (Edition 61 – June 2007) to more West End households today. You can download a copy of this by clicking on the headline above.

FOCUS, Unadopted Footpaths

Spent much of today (almost!) delivering my latest FOCUS newsletter … I say ‘almost’ because I must have bumped into at least 15 people on the way and as a result of long chats with residents, the number delivered was not exactly huge! That said, grateful to all colleagues for their help today. Will upload a link to FOCUS soon.

I am pleased to say the City Council’s Policy and Resources Committee will on Monday be deciding on my proposal to increase capital funding for unadopted pavement upgrades from £200 000 to £500 000 each year. This will make a huge difference to the problem.
The photograph (above right) is from Arnhall Drive. The fact that a cover sits above the pavement level (and the poor pavement surface itself) highlights the problem and this street was not even on the waiting list. It hopefully soon will be. I contacted the Acting City Engineer about it (following complaints from residents) and paste his response below:
“I confirm that Arnhall Drive is an Unadopted Footway. It will be added to the list and assessed and scored/ranked at the next review.”

Council Tax Frozen

Long day today with my Institute’s AGM in Grangemouth followed by our setting the Council Tax for Dundee in 2007/8 tonight (my speech as Finance Convener can be seen by clicking on the headline above).
A huge load of West End issues raised by residents following issue of my latest FOCUS newsletter; will advise of progress on these in later blog entries.

Latest West End Issues …

Yesterday, met with a local resident and Waste Management/Environmental Health & Trading Standards Department staff about a refuse problem in the Seafield Road area; both departments have been really helpful in attempting to resolve the issues.
Today, a deluge of complaints from residents in Roseangle and Bellefield Avenue about the extent of noise coming from the rail yards/rail bridge area – as one resident put it – “The noise – a dull ringing sound and ongoing vibration – is incredibly irritating for those of us who work from home. “
I have spoken today to the Rail Bridge Manager and he has promised swift and effective action.
Pleased to say that the promised handrail at Pennycook Lane should now be provided before this winter is over; this will be a boon for residents walking down the slope next to Pennycook Court just north of Perth Road.
Residents have complained about missing street signs at Almond Place and Glamis Drive – I have brought this to the attention of the Planning & Transportation Department.
A grid on the footway on Perth Road (near Ryehill Lane) is missing, a resident advised me. The City Council has promptly confirmed that a temporary repair has been undertaken and an Order has been made for a new grid. Nearby, the Waste Management Department has promised to progress my complaint that the litter bin at the Ryehill Lane/Perth Road corner is missing.
Many thanks to everyone who has contacted me following the delivery of the latest West End FOCUS; I’m grateful for all feedback. Many residents have commented about the operation of the “revised road arrangements” at the Riverside Drive/Perth Road junction (just up from the Botanic Gardens). I have been in correspondence with the City Council about this issue.

Wighton update and FOCUS deliveries!

Good progress with delivery of latest West End FOCUS today; being continued over weekend along with other editions across Dundee.
Latest news on tomorrow’s Friends of Wighton event from Sheena :-
Advance interest has meant that tomorrow’s Friends of Wighton ( illustrated talk by renowned singer Anne Lorne Gillies has moved to Dundee Central Library’s Steps Theatre.

Anne’s talk, liberally laced with song, will focus on her prize-winning book “Songs of Gaelic Scotland” and the event starts at 2pm sharp and will be followed by a book signing. Admission £5 (£3 FoW members) on the door.

West End FOCUS Edition 55

It has been a hard going weekend with LibDem campaigning across Dundee, starting in Lochee, then Coldside and Maryfield. Ok, tired, but loved every minute if I am being honest! The MP3 player is rather superb for doing leaflet deliveries, you sort of live in a world all of your own…
Sunday afternoon was spent writing the next West End FOCUS newsletter; loads to report back on, but rather too much to say for the space available … !