Western Cemetery cremated remains section

Last year, I reported on progress with the proposal for a cremated remains section in Western Cemetery that the Western Cemetery Association has championed, with support from the City Council.
As there has, as yet, been no interments of sales of the lairs for urns, I asked the City Council’s Head of Environmental Management for an update on steps the council is taking to ensure local undertakers are aware of the cremated remains section.   
He has advised me that:
“… we have had our annual meeting with the undertakers and the urn area at the Western was discussed.  So they are aware of the opportunity.  Our Bereavement Section will make a fresh effort to raise this with the undertakers through their regular interaction.” 
The council provides details of its bereavement services here.

Western Cemetery Association welcomes bank volunteers!

This afternoon, staff from Barclays Bank  volunteered to join with  members of the Western Cemetery Association and  Dundee City Council Officers  to plant the area along the west wall backing on to the new urn field – see photos right and below:

Dr Ann Prescott of Western Cemetery Association said, “We were delighted that staff from Barclays Bank volunteered to help us with planting in the cemetery.     There has been good progress towards the provision of the new urn field, which will allow for the future burial of cremated remains in the cemetery.”

Progress at Western Cemetery

Memorial Rail now in situ
I have previously mentioned the proposal for a cremated remains section in Western Cemetery that Western Cemetery Association and I have promoted and has the support of the City Council.
Earlier today, along with representatives of the council’s Environment Department and of the Western Cemetery Association, we discussed progress on-site.   The main memorial rail is now in place and we discussed many practical issues including planting and the seating area.
There is substantive and welcome progress on this important project for the West End and representatives of Barclays Bank are kindly assisting with planting at the start of May, which is greatly appreciated.

West End Wednesday!

Yesterday, I participated in a meeting with the Western Cemetery Association and the City Council’s Environment Department to finalise the project to create a new cremated remains section in Western Cemetery – see right.  
There was agreement on the way forward and costings will be progressed prior to Christmas to enable the new remains section to become reality in the near future.
Last night, I attended the latest meeting of Community Spirit Action Groupthe community group for the “north” part of West End Ward, covering Pentland, Tullideph, Ancrum and the Cleghorn area.   
There was an excellent presentation by City Archivist Iain Flett on the Logie Burial Ground, World War II factories in the west of the city and the history of Irish in Dundee.   Iain is not only very knowledgeable, his talks are also highly entertaining and he gave a well-received talk to Community Spirit members.
I was also able to update Community Spirit Action Group on parking issues in Ancrum Drive and the latest news about West End Christmas Fortnight.

Many thanks to the Western Cemetery Association!

I have mentioned in recent months the efforts being made to establish a Perth Road Traders’ Association.   Local businesses have have rightly mentioned the need to improve the physical environment in the shopping area – the seating area at Sinderins (I have asked Community Payback to have the seats repainted and they have kindly agreed) and the seating at the advertising site at the bottom of Ryehill Lane are good examples.
And, with regard to the advertising site at the bottom of Ryehill Lane, I asked the owners JC Decaux to permit access for a community clean up, and the company kindly agreed.   So full marks to the Western Cemetery Association for tidying the site yesterday – and my thanks to Ann Prescott for the photos below:

Western Cemetery

Some time ago, the Courier reported the possible return of burials to the Western Cemetery, something I knew would be welcomed by many residents of the West End.

I have been working with the Western Cemetery Association and the Environment Department of Dundee City Council to move forward the proposal that would see the provision of plots for the burial of urns within the cemetery.

We had a very productive meeting yesterday at the West End community room at the Vine – and the proposal will now see 126 plots of lairs with a maximum of 4 family urns per lair being provided later this year.  We discussed at length the provision of a tablet granite book to give memorialisation to the lairs, considering both design and costings.

I am pleased with progress with this excellent initiative and hope to see it come to fruition later in 2012, for the benefit of the West End.