Magdalen Artists – an update

I recently did an update on on the Magdalen Artists who have had an exhibition at the Vine as part of WestFest 2012.

With thanks to the Artists, here’s ten of the paintings on display:
Blue Vase by Jim Petrie
Duntrune Wood by Liz McCarthy
Lochnagar by Liz McCarthy
By Pat Edgar
By Pat Edgar
Road and the Miles to Dundee by Pauline Murray
Tay at Sunset by Fiona Moore
Two Birds by Jim Petrie
Two Poppies by Fiona Moore
View from the Close by Pauline Murray
The exhibition ran only during WestFest week and had a good attendance, especially on the Saturday.   Although the public exhibition has ended, during June, if you go to the Vine during office hours (43 Magdalen Yard Road), it will be possible to be shown round the paintings.

Tuesday in the West End …

I had a very busy Tuesday with West End Ward activities yesterday including :

* A meeting with the sheltered tenants in Tullideph at the sheltered lounge in Tullideph Place, where we discussed a number of local issues, including the punctuality of local bus services.

* Attending the latest meeting of the Sinderins Court and Pennycook Court Residents’ Association, at which one of the local community policemen for the area also attended and we discussed local issues around the sheltered housing area.

* I thereafter attended the latest meeting of the Jericho House Support Group at the base in Artillery Lane.   I have recently been assisting the group, who assist men with alcohol-related problems, over funding and benefits related issues and, after discussion yesterday, will be discussing these further with the Social Work and Finance Departments of Dundee City Council.   The staff and service users at Jericho House recently took part in the large West End litter and graffiti clean-up I assisted with the organisation of, and we were most grateful for their help.

* I also held a meeting with the sheltered tenants at the Ancrum Place and Morven Terrace and we had a good discussion about many local issues including lighting in the sheltered housing complex and overgrown trees.   As with all the other meetings I attended yesterday, I am taking forward all issues raised by residents with the appropriate organisation or council department.

* Last night, I attended the final meeting of West End Community Council of its present session, before its summer break.   There was a detailed and highly informative presentation by the Dundee Airport Manager as well as an update on local policing matters by the community police officer covering the western part of the West End ward.   I was able to update the Community Council about a road safety matter at Sinderins and on local litter issues and forthcoming events as part of WestFest were also mentioned.    The Community Council next meets after its summer break on the second Tuesday of September.

Superb Big Sunday!

Today’s Big Sunday was a superb success and the WestFest organisers did a great job.   Hundreds of people were on Magdalen Green this afternoon and it highlighted the huge community spirit in the West End.

Those of us on the West End Sports and Heritage Association stall at Big Sunday had a great time publicising WESHA’s projects for improving sporting and environment projects in the West End and talking with many local residents about our plans for improvements in our area.

There’s a whole host of superb events during the WestFest week right across the West End and I have no doubt these will be well supported by local people!

Here’s a short video taken just before the start of Big Sunday:
And some photos from Big Sunday:
Big Sunday on Magdalen Green!
Piggy Back Race!

Piggy Back Race winners interviewed!
Mary, Pat and Christine from the Friends of Magdalen Green stand!
The WESHA and Friends of Magdalen Green team – front – Angela, Mary, Pat and Christine.   Back – Daryl, me and Jim!
Elaine Kuwahara is the owner of the former home of James McIntosh Patrick on Magdalen Yard Road and she kindly opened her garden today as part of Scotland’s Gardens Scheme, with all proceeds to charity.   Hugely well attended and adjacent to Big Sunday, visitors could see the lovely way Elaine has restored the beautiful gardens.
Another photo from Elaine’s fabulous garden
Elaine and myself at her Garden Open Doors Event!

Friends of Magdalen Green and WESHA at Big Sunday!

Last week, I was “minute-taker” at the latest committee meeting of the Friends of Magdalen Green at which we discussed the Friends’ stall at WestFest’s Big Sunday.

We are teaming up with the other groups (mainly sporting – such as football, bowling, taekwondo and boxing) that are members of the West End Sports and Heritage Association to have a WESHA stand, covering the activities of WESHA and its partner organisations.

In addition to information about the activities of Friends of Magdalen Green, the Friends will also have details of healthy walks around the West End that Dundee City Council has produced on-line and paper versions of healthy walks around the West End and surrounding areas will be available at Big Sunday for residents to take away free of charge.

Magdalen Artists at the Vine

The creative force behind the new exhibition of drawing and painting in the Vine is a group know as the Magdalen Artists. 

Consisting of five artists (pictured right), they return to the beautiful setting of the Vine to show their work in an exhibition aptly themed “Summertime”, to fit in with WestFest.

Having exhibited their work together on a previous occasion, in the Vine, the exhibition has an overall cohesion with its fusion of styles and subjects.   This is not to say that the artists work in a similar style but that the styles complement and interlace to create an impression of unity.   

To begin with, there are Pat Edgar’s semi abstract pieces with their imaginative use of texture and warm colours.    Liz McCarthy paintings bring a calm and relaxing feel to the exhibition with her use of soft tones and sensitive media handling. 

Fiona Moore’s work, which encompasses a variety of approaches from her hyper realistic pastel studies to her charming painted pieces. Pauline Murray, whose colourful and detailed work take in a range of subjects from the Orient to much closer to home. 

Finally, Jim Petrie, whose tremendous sense of colour, grabs the viewer’s attention to his abstract compositions and playful subject matter. 

Overall, this is an exhibition which should not be missed.
The exhibition runs form Monday 11th June until Saturday 16th June 2012 in The Vine, 43, Magdalen Yard Road, Dundee.     Opening times are 2.00pm until 4.00pm.  

Monday …

Yesterday, I attended the latest meeting of the City Council’s School Parking and Pupil Safety Working Group.

Following the initial meeting of the group before the recent City Council elections, a number of site visits to schools have taken place and feedback from these – along with risk assessments of schools’ parking and drop-off facilities across the city – were discussed yesterday.

I was keen to emphasise that drop-off and parking arrangements at the new West End schools project – on the former Logie Secondary site at Glenagnes Road/Blackness Road – must be fully resolved before St Joseph’s Primary School, Park Place Nursery School and Park Place Primary School move to their new homes in October.    There are a number of matters to be tackled in relation to this but the important thing is that we see much better facilities at the new site than in the current locations in Bellfield Street and Park Place.

After my two Monday ward surgeries (at Harris Academy and the Mitchell Street Centre), I had the pleasure of attending the latest committee meeting of the River Crescent Residents’ Association, at which we discussed a number of local matters including vehicle speeds, road condition, the forthcoming Dundee WestFest events, Riverside Nature Park and local bus services.

West End Sports and Heritage Association – and WestFest update!

Last night, I attended a really productive and positive committee meeting of the West End Sports and Heritage Association (WESHA) that is doing great work to improve sport facilities and the environment across the West End.

It was great to welcome new groups to the latest meeting – Hillcrest Bowling Club and Dundee City Aquatics – and to also learn that the West End Tennis Association is getting involved.

We spent most of the evening planning our contribution to Dundee WestFest’s Big Sunday.    WestFest’s programme was just back from the printers and looks superb!   You can read the on-line details at