Graffiti vandalism reported in Step Row

I have slammed mindless vandalism caused by graffiti vandals who have defaced a prominent building in Step Row – see photo below :
I have been contacted by residents who are extremely annoyed at this stupid vandalism.   It is also on some other parts of the street and unfortunately because of the sandstone quality of the wall, managing to get completely rid of the graffiti will prove a challenge.
I have asked the council’s Rapid Response Team to remove it and have also highlighted the matter to Police Scotland.    
It is extremely disappointing to see this sort of stupid and deliberate damage taking place.

West End roads and pavements improvements 2018/19

The City Council released information last week about the roads and pavements it intends to resurface over the current financial year.
In the West End, these are as follows :
Adopted Footway Programme 2018‐19
Milnbank Road (Rosefield Street to Easson’s Angle, both sides)
Minto Place (East leg, East & North sides)
Unadopted Footway Programme 2018‐19
Glamis Drive (West End only)
Menzieshill Road (South footway)
Oxford Street (East footway)
Non‐Adopted Asset Programme 2018‐19
Balgay Park (Various footpaths)
Ninewells Avenue (Both paths Perth Road to Ninewells Drive)
Pentland Avenue Steps
Carriageway Programme 2018‐19
Tullideph Road (Lochee Road to Ancrum Road)
As I indicated in the Courier last week, I welcome any resurfacing or other improvements to our roads and pavements in the city but there has to be a real debate across the council about the long-term as what the council does not say in its publicity about this is that there has been a real terms cut in funding for resurfacing this year.
The adopted carriageway budget has been reduced by 20% from £3.095m (2017/18) to £2.5m (2018/19). 
The adopted footway programme is on a second year of budget reduction from £630k (2016/17) to £500k (2018/19). 
Councils face significant financial challenges but the bottom line is that there needs to be discussion about reinstating capital programme for roads and pavements in future years if there is not to be deterioration of the roads and footpaths estate as a whole across the city.  
I particularly welcome further progress with tackling unadopted footways including parts of Glamis Drive, Menzieshill Road and Oxford Street in the West End but it is vital that roads and pavement programmes as a whole are given sufficient capital investment going forward.