Pothole repairs – Hillside Drive #dundeewestend

Further to my recent update about residents’ concerns about a poor quality of pothole repair in Dunmore Gardens, I have also had similar complaints in Hillside Drive.
I raised this with the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership and have been advised :
‘Similar to Dunmore Gardens, the repairs were inspected and I note that these pothole repairs do not have a film of bond coat painted on the existing road surface prior to filling which will affect the long term adhesion and therefore durability, and I will take this matter up internally.
DCC Actionable Pothole Definition: “A surfacing defect will become actionable when it is greater than 300mm in diameter, the leading edge of a raised or depressed vertical face is proud of the immediately adjacent surfacing by 20mm on footways and 40mm on carriageways.”
The material specified for use in carriageway pothole repairs is chosen to suit a depth of 40mm, or greater.  By trying to carry out a repair to a defect of insufficient depth the material sits proud and fretts at the edges as the aggregate within the material cannot fit in the depression once compacted.  If we use smaller aggregate then there is insufficient strength in the material to resist expected vehicular loading.  
Hillside Drive, Place and the east/west leg of Hillside Road , when assessed in comparison to other adopted residential streets throughout the city, are in fair condition and therefore a proposed timescale for resurfacing in year 2020/21 is in my opinion reasonable.  I can advise that there are 215 streets which have been prioritised in advance of these streets.’
Again, I feel that the poor road condition here warrants earlier resurfacing and I will continue to press this matter with the council.

Lifelong Learning Dundee

Lifelong Learning Dundee is an independent, not-for-profit organisation developed by former students and tutors of the long-running continuing education classes at the University of Dundee.
For many years the University of Dundee offered classes for the general public,  most recently in its ‘Courses for Adults’ programme.  
Earlier this year the University replaced these with credit-bearing assessed courses.  As a result, Lifelong Learning Dundee was formed to continue the highly valued general interest classes on the campus.    
Having been involved in contacting the University Principal when the university changed provision to credit-bearing courses to ensure that general interest classes continued, I am delighted to see Lifelong Learning Dundee being formed and continuing the excellent tradition of general interest education classes at the university.
You can read more about the courses that are available here.

Scottish Water clarifies additional works in Blackness Road

Scottish Water has now clarified to councillors the details of additional works in Blackness Road, following criticism by me about the fact that the road is being dug up again just months after the original disruption in the street was completed.
Scottish Water’s Corporate Affairs Officer has now advised :
“As you will be aware we have carried out work in Blackness Road earlier this year.  Unfortunately, following the earlier work, some sections of the water main which were originally flushed have now been identified as requiring to be re-lined as per the other mains in this area.  Unfortunately, this means we will have to return to Blackness Road to carry out this work.
There are essentially 3 sections to this work.   Section 1 is from approximately Annfield Road to opposite the Fire Station.  Section 2 is from Rosefield Street to approximately the bus stop opposite Annfield Road.  Section 3 involves a small section of open cut mains replacement at the junction of Glenagnes Road.
Work is scheduled to be carried out starting on the 9th October and is expected to take approximately 2 weeks.  We will be able to carry out these works using temporary traffic lights which will be manned during peak times to ensure the traffic is kept moving as much as possible.  There will be no road closure required.  The section of work at Glenagnes Road will not require traffic lights but will be done under localised give and take traffic management.  These works have also been planned to coincide with local school holidays to try and further reduce any disruption caused.
Some customers will have some disruption to their water supply during these works.  All affected customers will receive notice prior to any planned interruption.
We are fully aware regards the previous disruption caused by the work carried out before and we will do all we can to keep any disruption to a minimum.”
I have already made clear to Scottish Water how concerned I am at further disruption to the east end of Blackness Road just months after the completion of works by Scottish Water.    The previous works by Scottish Water ended as recently as March and Scottish Water did finish in nearby Blackness Street until last May.   
I am also concerned that, in addition to roads disruption, the company has said that some residents and local businesses will have disruption to their water supply.   It should be remembered that its only months since the previous disruption and the local community is seriously asking why Scottish Water failed to do all the work it had to do the first time around.
I have sought assurances that the company will do all it can to minimise the effect on the local area and its residents.

Weekly Road Report – West End Ward #dundeewestend

Perth Road (at Roseangle) – temporary traffic lights on Sunday 17 to Monday 18 September for Scottish Water main repair.
Riverside Esplanade/Riverside Drive (Tay Road Bridge off ramp to 75m along Riverside Drive) – westbound nearside lane closure for 12 weeks to facilitate V&A construction works.
SSE Glenagnes Cable Renewal – Lochee Road lane restrictions and closures on Blinshall Street until midweek.
A85 Riverside Drive – prohibition of right turn from westbound lane of Riverside Drive into Riverside approach and prohibition of right turn from Riverside Approach in to Riverside Drive for 12 weeks for works to the sea wall.  Prohibitions will only be in place when required.
Kirsty Semple Way (James Arnott Drive to Tom McDonald Avenue) – closed until midweek for carriageway resurfacing works.
Riverside Drive (at Mayo Avenue) – off-peak temporary traffic lights from Monday 18 September for one week.
Forthcoming Roadworks
South Marketgait (at Railway Station) – northbound nearside lane closure from Monday 25 September for one week for Hydro Electric cable installation.

Site visit – Magdalen Green #dundeewestend

Yesterday, along with representatives of the Friends of Magdalen Green and a representative of the council’s environment management, I took part in a site visit at Magdalen Green to discuss a number of issues.
This was a very useful and productive discussion and it has been agreed to provide an information board near the bandstand and look at some other improvements for Magdalen Green in the coming months.