Site visit – Magdalen Green #dundeewestend

Yesterday, along with representatives of the Friends of Magdalen Green and a representative of the council’s environment management, I took part in a site visit at Magdalen Green to discuss a number of issues.
This was a very useful and productive discussion and it has been agreed to provide an information board near the bandstand and look at some other improvements for Magdalen Green in the coming months.

Getting things done – Magdalen Yard Road

Residents remarked to me how pleased they are that the council’s unadopted pavements programme is now upgrading the muddy path round the north edge of Magdalen Green to create a proper tarred footway.
As vehicles are unable to be parked in a number short sections of the road during the works, I have asked the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership to take the opportunity to properly clean out the road edges (months of compressed leaves and dirt!) and unblock the drains – see right :

Footbridges in the West End

Residents have raised with me the condition of the footbridges over the rail line at Magdalen Green (see right) and further west, south of Harris Academy.
I highlighted this with the City Council and the Team Leader, Bridges and Structures, advised :
“All bridges in Dundee are inspected on a two year cycle in accordance with the Code of Practice for the Management of Highway Structures.
The footbridge at Harris Academy was last inspected on 02 August 2016 following the first phase of planned maintenance works on the structure. These works ensured that the structure is safe to use through the replacement of deteriorated timber stair and deck elements. The second phase of maintenance works is repainting of metalwork and removal of graffiti from the piers. These were intended to be complete before the new term at Harris Academy commenced but are in abeyance pending granting of suitable overnight rail possessions from Network Rail. We have meetings this morning to escalate the painterwork project and close out for site start as soon as possible.
The footbridge at Magdalen Green was last inspected on 27 July 2016. The bridge is in a safe condition for users, however I do agree that its appearance is less than desirable. The nature of its construction mean that effective, long term treatment to the deck concrete and steelwork are not considered economically viable for this structure, particularly with pressures elsewhere on the Capital Budget. However, I can investigate the potential for cosmetic painting through the Criminal Justice Team (assuming Network Rail would permit this during daytime working) although this would deal only with the internal faces of the bridge steelwork and do little to protect against corrosion.”
I then further asked about capital improvements to the bridges and the Head of Design & Property and City Engineer has since advised :
“There is currently an allowance of £550k in 2020/21 in the Capital Plan for bridgeworks and Magdalen Green footbridge is one of the higher priority bridge projects being considered against this funding. Depending on the scheme adopted, replacement costs are likely to higher than the £550k and other funding may need to found.”
I am anxious to see capital improvements as soon as funding can be found but meantime have asked for paint work to be undertaken.

Magdalen Green Bandstand – photos and video from yesterday’s opening event

Here’s a few photos and a short video from yesterday’s official opening of the Magdalen Green Bandstand, following its successful and lovely restoration :

Everyone on the bandstand!   (With thanks to Ann Prescott for this photo)
Pat Orr, a founding member of the Friends of Magdalen Green, cut the ribbon to re-open the bandstand, with Sandra McDowall (Secretary) and Catherine Fairweather (Chair) of the Friends (who both gave excellent speeches) looking on, as is Peter Menzies, Chair of West End Community Council, who compared the event
With Mary Devlin of the Friends of Magdalen Green’s Committee
Piper on the bandstand!
It was a lovely afternoon and the Friends of Magdalen Green and all others – council officers, the contractor’s team and the local community whose support was vital in achieving such a great result – are all owed a great deal of thanks for all they did to achieve such a superb result.