Getting things done – Tullideph Street

I highlighted at the latest meeting of Community Spirit Action Group residents’ complaints about a bad pothole in Tullideph Street along from the Tullideph Road junction.   I had reported this to the City Council.

The council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership has now advised me that :

“An order has … been raised for the repair of a pothole on Tullideph Street approaching the Tullideph Road junction with a timescale for repair of approximately twenty eight days. There is currently a slight backlog with pothole repairs however additional resources have been allocated to address this.”

Dropped kerbing – Tullideph Street

On behalf of residents, I raised with the City Council the need for better dropped kerbing in Tullideph Street.
I am pleased to advise I have received a positive response as follows :
“A site inspection has been carried out in Tullideph Street and the adjacent carriageways.
From the inspections it was observed that there are lowered kerbs at either end of Tullideph Street. The lowered kerb are slightly higher than the new upstand standard for drop kerbs but do provide a lowered kerb. 
For any future footway maintenance programme in this location I will arrange for these kerbs to be lowered further.” 

More roofing repairs for the Tullideph Area

The roof repairs programme for the Tullideph Area continues with new roof replacement work starting next Monday (27th September) at 2-6 Tullideph Place and 9/10 Tullideph Street.

This part of the programme should be completed by November.

The Housing Department has written to tenants with full details and I am also happy to speak with any tenant who may have any questions about the roofing work that is about to commence.

Tullideph Area Update

I have had feedback from Dundee City Council regarding proposals it has agreed to, following my raising safety concerns at the junction of Tullideph Place and Tullideph Street.

These streets are in an area of sheltered housing and although the number of traffic movements is limited, residents have expressed concern about the speed of a minority of cars and the lack of road markings at the junction of the two streets.

The City Council has now advised me that the junction of Tullideph Street and Tullideph Place has been inspected to assess suitable improvements. I have been told that it is proposed to introduce a centre line to emphasise the sharp bend. This should help deter traffic from taking the fastest approach round the bend on the wrong side of the road and the markings will be undertaken early in the new financial year.

I am also advised that ‘SLOW’ markings could be considered at a later date if these initial measures require further emphasis.

I also raised with the Planning & Transportation Department the need for dropped kerbing at the Tullideph Street/Tullideph Road junction.

The Council has already confirmed it will improve the existing dropped kerbs at the City Road/Tullideph Road junction (see earlier story by clicking on headline above) but I am glad to say that it will now also provide new dropped kerbing – where there is currently none – at the Tullideph Street/Tullideph Road junction.
This will be provided during the current financial year.

City Road, Tullideph Road, Tullideph Street

I’m pleased to have been advised by Dundee City Council that the dropped kerbs and red tactile paving at the signalised City Road and Tullideph Road junction are to be improved this financial year.

The area has many elderly people so I am pleased that this improvement to dropped kerbing and tactile paving is planned.

I have also recently raised with the City Council the issue of road safety in Tullideph Street, an area with sheltered housing. This follows the recent community meeting at Balgay Church Hall – and residents are concerned about some vehicle speeds. Although I am advised that there have been no injury accidents here during the past three years, I am discussing with Council staff the concerns of residents to see what steps can be undertaken to alleviate these concerns.

Steps from Tullideph Street to Lochee Road

I recently received complaints from residents about the condition of the steps here and, having taken up with matter with Dundee Contract Services, am pleased to have now had the following feedback :
“Further to your earlier enquiry I confirm that we have now received an instruction from Economic Development to have the bushes etc. in the area cleaned up.
These works will be carried out within the next two weeks.”