Loans Scheme, Superannuation Matters, 72 bus again and Community Council

Productive West End Community Council meeting last night – was able to update everyone on the progress regarding Magdalen Green and also the West End Christmas Week (the minutes of the latter group can be read on the Community Council website at
I’ve had many requests from residents for copies of the new 72 bus service timetable (following mentioning this in my West End FOCUS newsletter) – but a couple of issues raised too. Firstly, on a few occasions the bus has missed Newhall Gardens out the route in error (or, rather, the driver has) since the 6th November changes to the route. Had assurances from Planning & Transportation at the City Council that this has been raised with Stagecoach who have mentioned to drivers. Other issue is there’s now a longer gap between buses (due to school run bus) in the afternoons which the Council officer concerns says he’ll attempt to progress a solution in the New Year.
This morning, I chaired the City Council’s Superannuation Investment Sub-Committee and on leaving the committee rooms, popped in to wish the new housing associations’ savings & loans scheme well. The launch took place at the City Chambers – click on the link to read the story in yesterday’s Tele. This is a super initiative from our local housing associations to encourage savings and offer loans at reasonable rates to tenants.