Environmental improvements across the West End

I am pleased to advise that, at last night’s City Council Neighbourhood Services Committee, various environmental improvements across the city were approved.

In the West End, these will include improvements at Riverside Nature Park, along Riverside Drive and at Seabraes.

Further detail is given in the plans below :

Getting things done – Seabraes #dundeewestend

A resident recently contacted me saying :
“Do you think that you could request that the markings that distinguish and delineate the cycle lane from the footpath at Seabraes between Roseangle and Greenmarket could be refreshed/reinstated?
With the increased number of cyclists and pedestrians using this thoroughfare there needs to be greater clarity as to who should be where on this shared path.”
I raised this with the Director of City Development at the City Council who has responded helpfully as follows :
“I confirm that we are aware that in a number of areas around the city existing cycle path markings and signage have become difficult to see.
We have bid for funding as part of the “Spaces for People” phase 2 bid to allow us to reinstate any worn markings and enhance signage to encourage cycle usage.
If this funding is confirmed I will ask officers to ensure that this marking is replaced as necessary.”

Getting things done – Seabraes area #dundeewestend

I have recently had complaints about the extent of rubbish and litter along the western end of the path running from Roseangle to Greenmarket.   The problem area has been the part from Seabraes west towards the Roseangle car park.
The council’s Rapid Response Team, at my request, kindly did a litter-pick there recently.   However, I wrote to Scottish Enterprise to get its assurances that it would ensure the area is kept clean in future, as I was sure responsibility would rest with Scottish Enterprise.
The Director of Business Infrastructure at Scottish Enterprise has now advised me :
“I am advised that SE’s responsibilities cover the area shown outlined red on the plan (below). 
Our external Property Managing Agents have been reminded of our responsibilities with particular reference to litter collection so you should see an improvement.”

Seabraes Bridge opening

The new Seabraes Bridge
I have queried with the City Engineer when the new bridge at Seabraes will be open to the public.   It is a little behind schedule (originally planned for a ‘soft opening’ in late May with an official opening in June).
The City Engineer updated me late yesterday as follows :
“Just to confirm that the Official Opening will not take place on 16 June 2015 as the Transport Minister cannot make that date.
Instead the Official Opening will be arranged for August/September after the schools have returned from the summer holidays.
Now, the bridge is currently planned to open on 16 June without anything official happening but we will be making a press release in advance of the opening.”
The important thing is to get this new bridge opened so I am pleased there is now certainty about this.   It looks really good and will give a great new link between Riverside and the Seabraes/Perth Road areas.

Seabraes site visit

Yesterday afternoon, along with two representatives of the Bonnie Dundee group and a representative from the City Council’s Environment Department, I took part in a site visit to the stepped area at Seabraes to discuss improving the area.
The “top” part of Seabraes is beautifully maintained by the Environment Department.   However, the stepped area below is very overgrown and unsightly, despite the steps themselves being well-designed.    
Scottish Enterprise (who own the stepped area and the digital media park to the south) has reached agreement with the City Council to transfer ownership of the stepped area to the Environment Department.   At the site visit, we agreed the way forward to have the weeds removed and the area improved in the coming weeks.
A couple of photographs from the site:

Christmas in May …

Yesterday, at Blackness Library, I had the pleasure of chairing the first 2013 meeting of the West End Christmas Fortnight committee.  Although it may seem a long way until Christmas, as the West End Christmas Fortnight takes a lot of organising, the committee starts its planning work many months in advance.
We had a good discussion about events to be run during West End Christmas Fortnight 2013.
After the meeting, Rob Carstairs and I had a site visit to Seabraes.   Rob is our excellent pyrotechnician, who has put on an excellent community fireworks display each year at the West End Christmas lights switch on.      
The issue at Seabraes this year will be that the site from which the fireworks display has been launched each year is now being built on – the new District 10 facilities for creative industries companies is being constructed on the site – see right.    
However, having held our site visit, Rob and I are confident that, on a new site, the fireworks display can still take place and we will be discussing this further with site owners Scottish Enterprise and with Dundee City Council in the coming weeks.