Temporary Traffic Order – Glamis Terrace

From the City Council :
Dundee City Council proposes to make an Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 for the purpose of facilitating sewer connection to new build house.
The Order is expected to be in force for 1 week from 2 December 2019.  Its maximum duration in terms of the Act is eighteen months.
The effect of the Order is to prohibit temporarily all vehicular traffic in Glamis Terrace for its entire length.
Access for residents will be maintained where possible.
An alternative route will be available via Glamis Road, Glamis Drive, Hazel Drive and reverse.
Please forward any comments you may have regarding this proposal to the Network Management Team, City Development Department, Dundee House, 50 North Lindsay Street, Dundee, DD1 1LS or phone 433168.

Getting things done – Glamis Terrace #dundeewestend

Residents have highliughted to me the need for posthole repairs in Glamis Terrace.
I took this up with the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership and have received the following helpful response :
“An order has been raised for pothole repairs to be carried out.”

Jubilee celebrations in the West End!

The Jubilee is being celebrated in style in the West End!   Today, I had the honour of cutting the ribbon to officially open the superb Jubilee street party organised by the folk in Hillside Terrace, Road, Place and Drive.    It seemed that everyone from the four streets was there – all generations – and the committee put in huge effort to organise a wonderful community event – some pictures below:
Later this afternoon, I also had the privilege of joining the residents of Glamis Terrace and the surrounding area at their Jubilee Garden Party – another really enjoyable community event – a couple more photos:
Before the crowds arrived!
Glamis Terrace Jubilee Party in full swing!
With more West End Jubilee events on Tuesday and next weekend planned, the West End is enjoying celebrating the Diamond Jubilee and showing the great community spirit across our area.

Many thanks Ronnie Clark!

Trudy McLeay, myself and Ronnie this afternoon

For the past 15 years, Ronnie Clark has been postman in Hazel Drive, Glamis Terrace, Glamis Drive, Dunmore Drive and surrounding areas.

Ronnie’s been a super, efficient and caring postman – a real part of the community.   Ronnie would get the mail delivered rain, shine or snow and would keep an eye out to see that older residents were doing ok in the winter months.

This afternoon, I was delighted to be invited to a large gathering of local residents at a party in honour of Ronnie, to thank him for his many years of dedicated service to the local area, as he moves to a new role at Royal Mail.

Ronnie was really touched by the party in his honour and it was a really kind gesture of the whole local community to recognise their “best loved postman” – as so many residents described him this afternoon.

So … many thanks to Trudy and her neighbours for arranging such a lovely party for Ronnie – and wishing all the best to Ronnie in his new role at Royal Mail.

Unadopted footways programme – progress at Glamis Terrace

In 2007, I proposed to the then council administration – and fellow councillors agreed – to a two and a half fold increase in capital funding to tackle the problem of poor-conditioned unadopted pavements in the city.
It is good to see the progress on this issue that has taken place since – and this week the bad pavements in Glamis Terrace are being upgraded to a high-quality standard – see above.

Glamis Place and Glamis Terrace

From a resident :

“There is an old street sign on a wooden pole at the bottom of Glamis Place – it is rotten. As the pavements in both Glamis Terrance and Glamis Place are to be tarred and adopted in this fiscal year, I wonder if this old sign can be removed? Also the sign at the bottom of Glamis Terrace has been defaced. Can this be replaced as well?”

I raised this matter with the City Council and have received the following response :

“The upgrading of the unadopted footways in Glamis Place and Glamis Terrace is programmed for August. I will inspect the street name plates and any poles within the next two weeks and organise any replacement poles prior to the footway works starting.”

Getting things done in the West End

A couple of updates :

* Following my raising residents’ complaints about the potholed road surface in Perth Road at the Hazel Avenue junction, I have received the following feedback from the City Council :

“The potholes you reported have been checked and an order for the repair of a number of potholes in the area has been raised. The timescale for repair is approximately one week.”
* I also raised a resident’s complaint about a trip hazard on the road at the junction of Glamis Terrace and Glamis Road and have had the following response from the council’s City Development Department :
“The missing drain lid at Glamis Terrace/ Glamis Road end has been reported to Scottish Water for replacement.”

Latest local issues …

Visited Pentland Avenue today to speak with residents and see the extent of flooding over parts of the footpath – I have raised the issue with the City Council.
Last month, I wrote to Royal Mail about the ‘missing’ post box at the corner of Hazel Drive and Glamis Terrace. The Courier managed to get a commitment from Royal Mail that the postbox would be replaced (the original one had apparently rusted and was removed).
Royal Mail has e-mailed me to say “… according to our system this posting box was removed from 16th January until 31st January but has now been replaced and is being collected as normal.” Anyway, as the photo (above right) shows that a postbox is definitely back in place!
I’ve had complaints about potholes in Thomson Street and graffiti at Strawberrybank and have received assurances from the City Council that both will be attended to.