Getting things done – Pentland #dundeewestend

Residents in Pentland Crescent and Pentland Avenue have asked me why they currently do not get offered a brown bin garden waste collection.
I raised this with the City Council and received the following positive response from the Service Manager – Waste Management in Neighbourhood Services :
” … neither Pentland Avenue or Crescent appear on our current brown bin routes.
However, going forward, I can’t see any reason why they would be excluded. 
I’ll discuss with the routing team to ensure they are sent appropriate information prior to the permitting scheme going live so they can participate if they so wish. 
This would also be the case for flats.”
While it is good that a brown bin collection will be offered in the future, this clearly will not be the case until the £35 charge per bin is introduced in March 2020.
I reiterate that introducing a charge for recycling garden waste is a retrograde step that will not help the city reach its recycling targets.

Pentland steps replacement – update from Dundee City Council

I have been advised of the following by the City Council :
“…we recently carried out work to replace steps at Pentland Avenue/Pentland Crescent. 
Work carried out on some of the steps has not been completed to the high standards that were expected and so the contractor, TN Gilmartin, are going back from Monday to carry out remedial works.
We are expecting works to last approximately 3 weeks. 
Local residents are being notified of the additional work.”

Getting things done – Scott Street and Pentland #dundeewestend

Over a prolonged period, I have received complaints about the lack of maintenance of the slopes at the west end of Scott Street and on Pentland Avenue – see below :
Scott Street – west end
Pentland Avenue
I have raised this on numerous occasions with the City Council and the latest update I have received is from the new area environment manager and I am grateful for his helpful response and trust we will now see improvements to the situation here and also to the general grass maintenance of the Pentland area into the future :
“First of all regarding the ground at the top of Scott Street. Due to the steepness of the slope we do not cut the grass as we do not have anything capable that would manage and be legal under Health & Safety regulations. Part of it gets cut with a tractor mounted flail which we hire in, but it can only go so far in from the street, the rest was left to naturalise, but one person’s naturalisation can be another person’s mess. 
This could be something that can be looked at over the winter period to see if we can improve the appearance of the area and I will run a few ideas past our projects team.
The bankings at Pentland Avenue have a similar problem but approached in a different way. We have one machine that can manage to cut the grass on these bankings but it works City Wide. When I made enquiries I discovered that it was in the workshop and will be unlikely to be back in service this week. Depending where they are on their cycle, once it is repaired they should get to Pentland Avenue in no more than a couple of weeks.
I have discovered since taking on the West End that the whole Pentland/Saggar Street area is “challenging” due to the terrain. Our service revisions carried out at this time do not seem to have done us any favours in respect of this area. There is not a great deal we can do now that we are well into the grass cutting season and it would be difficult to change things, but I have already asked our quality and development section look at the grass cutting regimes in this area as I do not want to see the same level of complaints next year as I have had this year.”

Replacement steps at Pentland #dundeewestend

I recently sought an update on behalf of Pentland residents about when the second set of new steps would be completed as was advised last week as follows :
“Our contractor on this project, Tayside Contracts, are advising that are awaiting on delivery of the anti slip material they need to finish off the steps. Without this, the steps could cause a slip hazard to members of the public. We would also not be prepared to open the steps for use until they are fully completed according to the design specification. 
The material should be delivered next week and as soon as they receive it, they will assign a member of staff to finish the job. Once completed, an inspection will be carried out and assuming everything is satisfactory, the fencing will be removed.
You may be interested to know that we are currently working on trying to start the next phase of the steps this financial year. This phase will concentrate on replacing the steps between Pentland Avenue and Pentland Crescent. The same standard of specification will be applied to this phase as was used on the steps between Pentland Crescent and Colinton Place.”
I am pleased to say the steps were completed and opened last Friday.

Lighting on paths and steps in Pentland – an update

Further to my article in May following the site visit with the Street Lighting Partnership Manager and also with the Chair of Community Spirit Action Group, the local residents’ group, to look at the new street lighting in Pentland, yesterday I had a useful meeting with the Director of Neighbourhood Services, some of her housing team, the council’s Service Manager – Community Safety and Resilience and the Street Lighting Partnership Manager.
This was primarily about the issue that, because the new lighting is that, because it is focussed on the road and pavements, it does not light paths and steps to housing as well as the old lighting.    I am concerned that in the winter, darker months, lighting could potentially be inadequate.
We agreed the following approach which makes sense :
• Ensure trees that need trimmed (already identified) are attended to – to maximise the effectiveness of existing lighting.
• After the clocks change in October, undertake measurements of lighting levels on these steps and paths to ensure they meet required levels.
• If there are any locations where lighting needs boosted, static security lights will be progressed.
• The Community Wardens service will meantime monitor any concerns about lighting in the area.