Getting things done – Seabraes bridge lift #dundeewestend

Since the Seabraes bridge opened in 2015, I have had to report numerous lift breakdowns to the City Council and there have again been problems recently.
I have now been updated by the Team Leader in Dundee City Council’s City Development Department Infrastructure Team, as follows :
“Following discussion with our internal property colleagues, the recent fault with the lift has been with the landing call buttons ‘which when pressed’ have not called the lift as highlighted by your constituents. 
I have been advised that the buttons were recently replaced, however this has not completely resolved the problem. 
Lift engineers attended site last week and gave (remote) access to the lifts software which allowed the control board manufacturer to look at what was going on with the programming. 
They have presented a couple of ideas which they are currently trying at the moment.  If all else fails, then the control panel may need to be replaced.”
I am keen to ensure there is a robust solution as the number of breakdowns over approaching five years has been significant.

Seabraes Bridge – lift

Residents pointed out to me that there is still no signage at the Seabraes Bridge to let people know who to call if the bridge is out of order.
I contacted the engineer responsible for the bridge maintenance and he has updated me as follows :
“At present there is no signage on the bridge to advise users of the phone number to call in order to report a fault with the lift.  
I have been advised that the call out telephone number is likely to change at the end of February, therefore I will arrange for a temporary sign with the current number to be displayed at the bridge by the end of this week.
Once the new number is confirmed late February, I will arrange for a more permanent sign to be installed.”

Environmental improvements – Seabraes

Further to my article earlier this week about environmental improvements in the Hawkhill area, I am pleased to say that the City Council is also to be undertaking similar improvements to the area of the Seabraes steps, just down from the high quality plants and grass seating area at the top of Seabraes.
An indication of the proposals is given below and you can see the detailed plans here and here :

Seabraes Bridge – lift breakdowns

The bridge at Seabraes officially opened only last June but there’s unfortunately already been a number of lift breakdowns.
Unfortunately another – the third – occurred last week and, in addition to seeking repair, I asked the Senior Engineer in the council’s Structures & Bridges Team – who is in charge of the project – for assurances that the lift is fit for purpose and we won’t see further regular breakdowns.
I have now had feedback from him as follows :
“We are satisfied that the lift meets the performance specification required for an external lift and has been installed and maintained/serviced by a recognised and reputable lift company, Stannah.
However, we have requested that the contractor carries out a thorough inspection of the installation and provides us with a full summary of the number and cause of breakdowns to date.”

Seabraes Bridge – lift reassurance

Last month, I raised residents’ concerns with the City Council that, after just weeks of operation, the lift at the new Seabraes Bridge had broken down.
In advance of this week’s official opening of the bridge, I paste below the reassurances about the (now repaired) lift – from the City Engineer :
“The lift was brought back into operation that same week that you raised it with the lift manufacturer carrying out a full service and inspection of the lift and all its components. The lift will be serviced by the manufacturer every month during the defects period, when teething problems/bedding-in issues are most likely to occur. 
I understand that the fault was due to excess grit surplus from the bridge surfacing finding its way into the door carrier mechanism rather than a lift “over-use” issue. Vacuum cleaning the deck to remove the excess grit should have solved the operational issues. 
A full breakdown service is in place and members of the public should contact the emergency call out number 0141 882 9946 (this number is staffed 24/7, 365 days/year) to report a fault. Signage will be installed on-site to highlight this to ensure that if any breakdown occurs the lift is quickly repaired and back in operation as soon as possible.
The lift has been designed and manufactured by Stannah, a recognised leading lift supplier and is considered appropriate for its environment and frequency of usage.”

Tuesday activities

Yesterday, I was able to attend part of the Dundee Economic Summit at the Apex Hotel, with some superb speakers and a very positive narrative about the city’s economic development.
Thereafter, I was interviewed by STV News about the opening of the new Seabraes Bridge (see right).   The bridge looks fantastic and is of real benefit to the West End, greatly improving links between Riverside and Seabraes/Perth Road.

In the afternoon, I look part in a very positive and productive Dundee Airport Consultative Committee meeting at the Invercarse Hotel. 

Last night, it was a great pleasure to be a guest at the Dundee West Church Sheila Tennant Awards – in the spirit of Mary Slessor.    Sheila (pictured below left) was a very old friend of mine, who passed away in 2013.   
It was typical of Sheila’s generosity that she left a substantial legacy to Dundee West Church, her own parish church, and the church is using a generous part of the legacy for the awards to benefit local good causes and projects.   I was delighted to be part of the judging panel of the Community Endeavour Award, won by St Salvador’s Episcopal Church for their excellent Food Cupboard initiative.
The Awards night was absolutely superb, with excellent musical entertainment from Harris Academy pupils and pupils from Victoria Park Primary School and eight awards were presented by Mary, Countess of Strathmore.    It was very well-attended and congratulations go to Rev Andrew Greaves, Vicky Greaves and all at Dundee West Church for such a superb community event.    See photo from last night – below: