Disgraceful graffiti vandalism slammed

I was on both Radio Tay and Wave 102 News today, speaking about the disgraceful vandalism that took place in the Glamis Road, Hazel Drive and Elliot Road area at the weekend.
Residents are rightly outraged at this latest spate of graffiti vandalism, coming so soon after previous vandalism in the area.    
I hope that any resident who may have seen anything over Saturday night/Sunday morning in the area can contact Police Scotland on 101 to help bring those responsible for this mindless vandalism to justice.
You can hear my comments from Wave 102 News below by clicking ‘play’ below:

On Wave 102 news – car vandalism

I was on Wave 102 News yesterday and also interviewed by Radio Tay regarding the unfortunate car vandalism that occurred in Annfield Street and Annfield Road recently.   You can hear the Wave 102 interview by clicking ‘play’ below:

Extensive graffiti vandalism in Victoria Park and adjacent streets

I have slammed the mindless vandals responsible for extensive graffiti vandalism in Victoria Park and in nearby streets (Scott Street and viewing area of Logie Avenue).   It is thought the vandalism occurred overnight Friday/Saturday.
Over the weekend, I reported the extensive vandalism to the police and also to the City Council’s Rapid Response Team to get the graffiti cleaned up.   See examples of the graffiti below:
After months of very little of a graffiti issue, it is thoroughly disappointing to see this sort of mindless activity take place at the weekend.     Some of the graffiti is offensive so I hope the council can clean it off as soon as possible but I am concerned about how viable it will be to try to remove the mess on the trees in Victoria Park.   A resident has also advised me that a van was also graffitied.   It is utterly stupid, mindless and criminal activity.
I have asked the police to consider deploying mobile CCTV and would ask if any resident saw any suspicious activity at the park or in surrounding streets, it would be greatly appreciated if they could speak with the local police.

Scott Street car vandalism

Residents in Scott Street are rightly angry at the mindless vandalism of 16 vehicles in Scott Street overnight on Wednesday/Thursday.

Our local Police Inspector Graham Young updated the West End Local Community Planning Partnership meeting on Thursday evening about this disgraceful vandalism of residents’ cars and gave assurances that the police putting resources into catching the person or persons responsible.

I spoke on Wave 102 news about the matter today – click ‘play’ to listen:

Tackling vandalism

Tonight’s Evening Telegraph highlights the issue of vandalism and includes my comments about the serious financial and emotional implications for local communities.

As I indicated in the Evening Telegraph, our local police service takes the problem very seriously and significant effort is put in to dealing with the issue.

It is important that residents continue to report anything that appears suspicious.  The Tayside Police non-emergency number is 0300 111 2222.

West End Community Council

Last night, I attended the April meeting of West End Community Council at Logie St John’s (Cross) Church Hall.

Following on from my meeting in February with John Logue, Tayside Area Procurator Fiscal, and Chief Superintendent Gavin Robertson of Tayside Police, at which we discussed tackling vandalism, John and Gavin spoke last night to the Community Council on this issue, the work of the Procurator Fiscal and co-operation between the fiscal service and the police.

It was a very useful presentation, followed by a lively question and answer session.   The community council also discussed a number of other local matters including parking, the impending opening of Riverside Nature Park and tenement factoring.


This morning, I attended the funeral of Jessie Gault, a much respected long standing resident of Abbotsford Street and committee member of Blackness Area Residents’ Association.   Jessie was a really lovely lady and will be sadly missed.

This afternoon, I met with John Logue, Area Procurator Fiscal for Tayside, and Chief Superintendent Gavin Robertson from Tayside Police about vandalism issues.   It was a very productive meeting and it is good to hear about the effective co-operation between the police and the procurator fiscal’s office on crimes of concern to local residents.

Allotments west of Magdalen Green

Tonight’s Evening Telegraph highlights the mindless vandalism that has caused substantial damage to sheds at the allotments west of Magdalen Green on Sunday that saw one shed destroyed by fire and another suffer major fire damage.

As reported in the Tele, I have been in contact with the City Council to see if additional security measures can be considered for the allotments.

It is disheartening for the allotment holders who work hard on their allotments to suffer vandalism and I am asking the Leisure & Communities Department who it can do to help prevent any further incidents.

Car vandalism, street lighting

Last night’s “Evening Telegraph covered what I described as the “mindless vandalism” of vehicles in Benvie Road, Rosebery Street and surrounding area that occurred on Monday.

Given residents’ concerns about the vandalism to vehicles, I contacted the Police about the possibility of mobile CCTV use in the area and I have been advised that the use of a CCTV van has been discussed following the incidents.

You can read last night’s Tele story by clicking on the headline above.

The Tele also covered the continuing attempts to find a new occupant for the Vision building at Seabraes. The building has been empty since February 2006 and I have maintained a close interest in this matter.

Yesterday, as City Council Planning & Transport Convener, I paid a visit to the Street Lighting Partnership between the City Council and Tayside Contracts. The partnership has an excellent record in terms of street lighting maintenance – one of the best in Scotland – and it was extremely useful to see the operation in action.

Mindless vandalism, Lights in Seafield Lane

Was in Clepington area this morning helping my brother-in-law with his FOCUS leaflet deliveries and shocked by the mindless vandalism at bus shelters (see right) – its not the part of the City I represent but I e-mailed into Planning & Transportation to advise them.
Have no doubt however that they will have been advised by more than me … the Courier called me this afternoon (i.e. with “Finance Convener” hat on) about the cost to the City Council of vandalism each year.
Although we deplore this sort of mindless vandalism and work with Tayside Police to tackle it, I am pleased to say that the overall cost of vandalism to Dundee City Council property has halved in recent years. Click on the headline above to read a report from the Audit & Risk Management Sub-Committee from May 2006 for more detail.
Been trying to sort out broken lighting in a pathway at Seafield Lane. The Housing Association initially advised it was a City Council responsibility but its actually their’s. Anyway, looking for a result from them very soon!