Paton’s Lane or Patons Lane? #dundeewestend

Further to the recent discussion about the spelling of Strawberrybank (or is that Strawberry Bank?), residents have queried the spelling of Paton’s Lane or  is that Patons Lane, without the apostrophe?

I sought the advice of the City Archivist who has helpfully responded as follows :

“The Dundee directories, electoral registers and Ordnance Survey maps include the apostrophe whilst the valuation rolls do not. Curiously the street name appears to be listed both with and without the apostrophe on the One Scotland Gazetteer of addresses.

According to Gillian Molloy’s ‘Street Names of Old Dundee’ the street is thought to be named after James Paton, a manufacturer in Hawkhill who took possession of land in the Seafield area of the Estate of Blackness in 1815.”

The photo above is of the lane in the past.   The first door on the right of the photo is numbered 19 and the one next to that 21.   The industrial building is number 23 and according to the 1965 Dundee Directory was occupied by the joinery company McTavish, McAinsh & Sons.

Getting things done – Paton’s Lane #dundeewestend

Following complaints from residents about the state of the pathway at the north end of Paton’s Lane that runs to Perth Road – including weeds and dumped shopping trolleys – I raised this with the City Council and the Area Manager in Neighbourhood Services’ Environmental Management Section has since advised :
“The path has been treated with weedkiller and the shopping trolleys … removed.”

Temporary Traffic Order : Paton’s Lane

From Dundee City Council :
THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of gas service connection works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Paton’s Lane (from its junction with Magdalen Yard Road to approx. 40 metres north), Dundee
This notice comes into effect on Monday 13 March 2017 for 5 working days.
The one way order relating to Paton’s Lane will be rescinded for the duration of these works.    Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.
Diversion routes for vehicles available via Magdalen Yard Road / Step Row / Perth Road.
For further information contact 433082.
Executive Director of City Development
Dundee City Council

Temporary Traffic Order : Paton’s Lane

From the City Council :
THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of gas service connection works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Paton’s Lane (between McGonagall Square and Tayfield Place), Dundee.
This notice comes into effect on Monday 20th April 2015 for 5 working days.

The one-way order relating to Paton’s Lane will be rescinded for the duration of these works.

Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.
Alternative routes for vehicles are available via Perth Road/Windsor Street/Magdalen Yard Road.
For further information contact 433168.
Director of City Development
Dundee City Council

Temporary Traffic Order : Paton’s Lane

From the City Council :
THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of gas service connection works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Paton’s Lane (from Provost McGowan Place to Magdalen Yard Road), Dundee.
This notice comes into effect on Monday 6 October 2014 for 5 working days.
Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.
Alternative routes for vehicles will be available via Perth Road / Step Row / Magdalen Yard Road.
For further information contact 433082.
Director of City Development
Dundee City Council

Road repairs …

Further to my recent item about the potholes residents had brought to my attention at the south end of Paton’s Lane, I am pleased to be advised by the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership that :

“An order has been raised for the repair of some small potholes near the Servite Housing in Paton’s Lane with a timescale for completion of twenty eight days.”

I have also received complaints from the residents from nearby sheltered housing about the uneven roadway at the top of Union Place, where they cross to visit shops on Perth Road.   Having raised this with the council, I have been updated as follows :

“An order has been raised for the filling of 2 small potholes at the top of Union Place with a timescale for completion of twenty eight days.”

Paton’s Lane and Perth Road

A resident recently advised me that “ … the pothole in Patons Lane at the entrance to the Servite sheltered housing is rapidly expanding to deep crater status.” 

I raised this with the City Council and am advised : 

“An order has been raised to fill this pothole in Paton’s Lane with a timescale for completion of twenty eight days or sooner.”

In Perth Road, a resident called to say there is water gathering/road drainage problems at the bus stop on Perth Road at the Post Office and at the crossing at Nisa.

After raising with the City Council, I am advised :

“Tayside Contracts are to check gulleys and poly channel at the locations below and clear as required within the near future.”

Request for action on remaining treacherous roads and pavements

I have advised the City Engineer that I remain concerned at the condition of numerous streets in the West End that are still very slippy underfoot with ice.   I am particularly concerned for elderly residents.

As an example, here’s a photo from yesterday of Paton’s Lane (right), a street with two sheltered housing complexes – run by Abertay Housing and Servite.

Elderly residents in the sheltered housing are concerned about the condition of the pavements and roadway in Paton’s Lane itself.

Although some parts of the pavement have been gritted, the ice underfoot is very slippy. I spoke with one elderly resident yesterday who has now not been out the house in over 3 weeks.    It is important that these areas are tackled, especially with further bad weather forecast.

The City Engineer advised me earlier today that my request would be actioned, subject to the availability of excavators to get through hard-packed ice.   I have asked about the availabilty of these excavators.

Perth Road to Paton’s Lane pathway

Yesterday, I received concerns that the pathway from Paton’s Lane to Perth Road was badly needing tidied and the street lighting repaired.

I have passed on my thanks to the Street Lighting Partnership who repaired the lighting – and to the Waste Management Department who cleaned up the pathway – both within hours of my request.

The photo (above) is of the now tidy pathway.

“Awards for All” success for West End sheltered housing complex!

At the request of the Paton’s Lane sheltered housing complex, I recently acted as sponsor for their funding application to the Awards for All scheme to get television, DVD and music equipment for the sheltered lounge.
I was delighted to learn of the success of the application and enjoyed a visit yesterday to the lounge to see the new equipment – see photos below. There’s already been a “Mamma Mia!” night at the lounge for the residents – and the new equipment is going to be well-used!
Angie and colleagues run many events for the sheltered tenants and do a great job. Wishing all at Paton’s Lane and the other sheltered housing across the West End a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

Above :  New television equipment!

Above :  This year’s tenants’ Christmas raffle!

Paton’s Lane Sheltered Housing – Easter Bonnet Competition!


Last night, before attending the West End Community Council meeting, I had the pleasure of judging the Easter Bonnet Competition at the Paton’s Lane Sheltered Housing Easter Party.
The participants put an awful lot of hard work into their bonnets, making choosing the winner and runner-up a very difficult task!
Here’s a couple of photos from the event above, including me with the winners.

Radio Tay, Surgeries and Development Quality Committee

A useful meeting with Radio Tay this morning regarding concerns Alison McInnes MSP and I have raised about evening output on Tay FM;  Bauer Radio has assured us the matter will be kept under review.    Thereafter three busy surgeries – Paton’s Lane Sheltered Lounge, Mitchell Street Centre and Harris Academy.
Tonight at the Development Quality Committee, I successfully moved refusal of the planning application at Wimberley Houses, on the following grounds:
Application 08/00540/COU – Wimberley Houses, Glamis Drive
Conversion of Student Accommodation to Private Housing
Reasons for Refusal
1)      The proposed development contravenes Policy 4 of the Dundee Local Plan Review 2005 by virtue of the failure of the applicants’ to provide the required level of private useable garden ground and off street car parking provision within the curtilage area of each new dwelling house proposed resulting in a standard of development that would not be commensurate with the quality of housing located in the surrounding area.
2)      The proposed development will result in a significant increase in demand for on-street car parking in the surrounding suburban streets to the detriment of the environmental qualities currently enjoyed by local residents and the road traffic and pedestrian safety of the area.

Joint Surgery with Alison McInnes MSP

Alison McInnes, LibDem MSP for North East Scotland, is visiting Dundee tomorrow.
We are jointly visiting Radio Tay’s studios to discuss with Bauer Radio, who own Radio Tay, our concerns about the recent changes to Tay FM evening programming, which removes local output.
Later, from 1pm to 1.45pm, we are holding a joint surgery at the Paton’s Lane Sheltered Lounge, for all residents in the area.

Paton’s Lane

I have been in discussion over the past 24 hours with both local residents and the Police about the signage at Paton’s Lane as the gas replacement works move eastwards along Perth Road. There was some confusion about signage, but now resolved.

Here’s the latest update from Scotland Gas Network’s contractors Turriff :

“The problem was caused by Paton’s Lane being open from Perth Road and the signs at the bottom of the lane still in operation, the No Entry Signs were blanked off and a special sign on Magdalen Yard Road informing traffic that Paton’s Lane was open from Magdalan Yard Road, hence two way traffic.

“The signs have been removed this morning therefore Paton’s Lane is one – way down from Perth Road to the existing two way section.”

A few Tuesday updates …

A few updates from earlier today :
  • Residents have called to say one of the temporary bus stops on Hawkhill is missing (pinched presumably, a common temporary bus stop problem, although this one was attached to a permanent pole, rather than being wholly moveable!) Anyway, have asked the City Council to replace this ASAP as residents complain buses are not stopping at it.
  • A concern that the Friendly Bus sheltered shopping service was 45 minutes late today, but, having spoken with Stagecoach Strathtay, pleased to say it was a one-off staffing problem, and nothing to do with the Perth Road gas mains works (the reason for the problems a couple of weeks ago).
  • Pleased to hear that the bus bay markings in Ninewells Avenue were finally completed this morning – this had previously proved problematic because of parked cars.
  • I have asked the City Council when it can re-open the top of Paton’s Lane at Perth Road as the Turriff gas contractors are now firmly east of here and it would again be possible to access Paton’s Lane at Perth Road from the west.

Perth Road latest – a few issues

Following the start of the gas main replacement works in Perth Road yesterday, there’s been three issues raised with me by local residents and businesses.

Firstly, when the road closure at the Paton’s Lane area was put in place, the lanes to the south at Paton’s Lane, Thomson Street, Seafield Road and Lane and Westfield Place were all closed at the Perth Road junction (and the one-way situation in Paton’s and Westfield altered accordingly).

Given that the actual works by Turriff won’t reach Seafield Road/Lane and Westfield Place for some time yet, both residents and I thought there was no need for the closures there and following contact with the City Council and their speaking with Scotland Gas Networks, this has now been resolved and the status quo returned. To quote the feedback from the Council :

“The City Council met SGN on site this morning and after further review, decided to re-open Westfield Place and Seafield Road to run as normal until it is absolutely necessary to close them due to works.

In other words, Westfield Place is open as normal ie one-way (North to South), therefore access is via Perth Road (from city centre side) and through the signs which say Road Ahead Closed/Road Closed/Access Maintained, etc.

Seafield Road is two way, therefore access is now from either Perth Road or Roseangle/Magdalen Yard Road.

Some signs have been taken down to allow the above change and other signs are on order to give more information for other closed side roads that access is maintained for residents at junctions with Perth Road.”

A satisfactory outcome.

The second issue is there is a clear need for additional bus stops on Hawkhill (one outbound, one inbound) between the stop near Urquhart Street and the one near the Health Centre. Having spoken to residents, I think one around Millers Wynd’s northern end makes sense. I spoke to the Sustainable Transport Team Leader in the City Council about this today and agreement has been made to provide this.

Lastly, there was a problem getting the Friendly Bus (sheltered shopping service) into Paton’s Lane today but I have been in touch with SGN, Turriff (the gas contractors) and Stagecoach Strathtay, and I’m hopeful that future journeys will be alright.

Scottish Roundup, Bus Fares and Paton’s Lane again …

Further to yesterday’s blog entry about the refuse collection problems in Paton’s Lane (featured in today’s Courier), I have had further feedback from the City Council first thing this morning :

“…the crew got access late Wednesday afternoon and the bins got emptied.”

I have recently written to Stewart Stevenson MSP, the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change, about the about the Scottish Government’s refusal to increase the level of fuel duty rebate in Scotland in line with recent rises in fuel duty, which is leading to increased bus fares across Scotland.

Already this week we have seen an increase in the bus fares of one operator locally and the SNP Government’s failure to match the fuel duty compensatory rebate that bus operators in England are receiving is resulting in inevitable bus fare increases.
At a time when we should be encouraging greater public transport use by the public, the Scottish Government appears to be encouraging exactly the opposite and this policy inevitably results in fares increases, particularly unfair on the third of Scots who do not have access to a car.
I have asked Mr Stevenson to consider an increase in fuel duty rebate for public transport to match rises in fuel duty to protect bus services across Scotland. I am hoping Mr Stevenson will see the sense in avoiding further increases in bus fares and to encourage use of public transport.

Lastly, (“Reporting from Scotland’s soapbox”) has recently given this blog a wee mention :

“We have a blogging birthday to celebrate as well: Cllr Fraser Macpherson started putting his exploits as a LibDem Councillor in Dundee online two years ago. Councillor’s blogs usually follow one of two paths: the first is not to focus primarily on general issues, sometimes inspired by their work on the Council, sometimes not, and while we might not get a feel for how the blogging Councillor spends his or her day, we do understand a little better what makes them tick.

The second path is to focus on what they’re up to as a Councillor: where they’re going, what they’re doing, who they’re talking to. We might not find out much about the Councillor’s view on, say, the Lisbon Treaty, but it gives residents a chance to keep tabs on what their representative is doing in their name. Fraser Macpherson’s blog is a great example of the second way of doing things, and any Councillor looking to take to their keyboard could do far worse than read his site to see how he goes about it.”

Click on the headline above to read more about

Refuse collection – Paton’s Lane

There have been problems this week with refuse collection in Paton’s Lane, surrounding difficulties with access for the bin lorry due to parked cars in this narrow lane and I was contacted earlier today by the Courier about this.
I have been in touch with the Head of Waste Management and he has responded as follows:

“… we have visited this lane every day this week and we will be there again tomorrow. Most of the residents know that parked cars causes problems for us on collection day so I suspect it may be a non resident. Be assured we will get the refuse collected.”

On the issue of parked vehicles, the consultation with the community in this part of the West End (and also at the area south east of Ninewells Hospital) about ways of improving residents’ parking is about to commence and this will hopefully address the issues of not just difficulty servicing the refuse collection but also the real difficulties local residents have finding a nearby parking space.

Wednesday and Today!

The noise problem near the rail bridge raised its head again yesterday and Network Rail swiftly undertook noise surveying yesterday afternoon; hopefully matters will be satisfactorily resolved very soon. A meeting with City Council Environmental Health, Network Rail, Police & others takes place tomorrow.
I understand that the public inquiry in respect of the Tay Rope Works planning application (of which I moved refusal, with considerable backing from local residents) will take place over three days this June.
With regard to the damaged pole in Paton’s Lane I reported earlier (click on headline above to view original story) I had the following feedback from the City Council’s Planning & Transportation Department yesterday:
“The road inspector for the area confirmed that the pole was removed yesterday (06/02) and the footway repaired. The pole will not be re-erected as the “No Waiting” plate is not required to enforce the double yellow line parking restrictions.”
And … good news received by e-mail also yesterday on Commercial Street trees! :
“This is a quick e-mail to let you know that trees seem to have popped up overnight outside the Children’s Hearings Centre at the bottom of Commercial Street. Thanks again for all your campaigning and endless letter etc. to the utilities companies!”

Busy Weekend!

This weekend Janet and I (and what seems like an army of Dundee LibDems!) have been delivering FOCUS round Strathmartine for Helen. That said, this afternoon I was round the West End meeting constituents about a number of local issues. Many local people are rightly concerned about the Botanic Gardens situation. I am continuing dialogue with the University of Dundee and others on this issue.

The Courier covered the Network Rail noise issue yesterday and, as I said to the paper, the situation appears to have improved in the past week.
Two further issues today – the “No Waiting” sign pole in Paton’s Lane near Tayfield Place has been hit (presumably by a vehicle) -see below- and nearby the street sign in McGonagall Square has been graffitied. I have reported both of these to the City Council’s Planning & Transportation Department.