New stop smoking drop-in at Royal Victoria Hospital

NHS Tayside’s smoking cessation team has launched a new drop-in service on Thursday evenings at Royal Victoria Hospital to help people kick the habit. 
The sessions which run between 6pm and 7pm, offer people who want to stop smoking the opportunity to speak to a friendly, trained adviser who will discuss treatment options and give support and advice to aid a successful quit attempt. The first session will last about 15 minutes with further weekly sessions lasting around 10 minutes.
To find out more about the new drop-in or other support available contact NHS Tayside Smoke Free Services on 0845 600 9996 or visit Facebook

Kelso Steps – a great result

Last December, I updated residents that the City Council had agreed to the request I had made on behalf of local residents and of visitors to Royal Victoria Hospital that the handrail at the Kelso Steps be extended up the brae north of the steps.  
The work has now been carried out (see finished result – right) and this will greatly help elderly people negotiate the brae, particularly in icy conditions in winter.

Kelso Steps – an update

Further to my article earlier today, I am pleased to have been given the following update from a City Council engineer at lunchtime to my request for an extended handrail to aid pedestrian safety:
“I refer to our site meeting at Kelso Street held yesterday on 10 December to discuss the request from the local residents for extending the section of handrail to the bottom of Kelso Street.
The gradient is in the order of 10% which is less than the required criteria of 12% for a handrail justification. However due to the location and general age of the users of this footway link there is some justification to extend the handrail. The handrail would require to be extended by 22m to the steps at the bottom of Kelso Street.
For this particular occasion I will arrange for a works order to be issued for this additional section of handrail.”
I am delighted at this outcome and grateful to the City Development Department for its sensible decision and to the residents who raised the issue with me in recent months.

Kelso Steps – site visit

Back in July, I reported that, although the City Council had agreed to my request made on behalf of residents to extent the handrail at the Kelso Steps (see right), the finished extension to the handrail was too short, leaving a long stretch of pathway on a gradient that is without a rail.
The steps and pathway to the north are used by many elderly residents and visitors to Royal Victoria Hospital and is treacherous in the wintry, icy weather.
Yesterday, along with seven local residents, I met on-site with two engineers from the City Council to discuss the situation.   We are now hoping there will be agreement to provide a further extension to the handrail provided, for pedestrian safety.

Ward 6 Royal Victoria Hospital – an update

I had a very constructive meeting today with Gerry Marr, Chief Operating Officer at NHS Tayside and Arlene Wood, Clinical Service Manager.

I have received the following assurances :

* Any proposed changes will not be based on financial matters but on improving patient care.

* The rationale is to ensure that those elderly people who require rapid acute assessment do not have numerous trips by ambulance from Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) and Ninewells.

* Patients who require rehabilitation will still receive this at RVH – at wards 4, 5, 7, and 8.

* Gerry Marr is willing to meet constituents and community groups to discuss any concerns.