David Bruce – a credit to the West End

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting David Bruce of Blackness Road, who was recently honoured for his bravery during a break-in at his home. As the Courier put it :

“David Bruce of Dundee, who was 15 when he displayed “courage and maturity beyond his years,” will also be presented with a St Andrew’s Award.

The Dundee boy was asleep at home in October 2008 when he was disturbed by noises.

Getting up to investigate, he discovered a man and woman had broken into the house and were going through his mother’s things.

He confronted them and grabbed the woman’s handbag in an attempt to prevent her running off.

The man then held a pair of scissors to David’s neck.

David asked the couple to leave and they fled with items from the house.

He called the police and gave a statement.

A police spokeswoman said, ‘This was a frightening ordeal for David, but he displayed courage and maturity beyond his years.

‘As a result of his calmness and observation skills the matter was brought to a successful conclusion.'”

It was a real pleasure to meet with David and his dad – and give David my personal thanks for his selfless actions.