Getting things done – Pleasance Court #dundeewestend

I have been in correspondence with Home Scotland about getting the graffiti painted on some ground floor windows in Pleasance Court removed.
I have received assurances from Home Scotland about this, which is reassuring as the most recent graffiti appeared before the festive season.

Getting things done – fencing damage at Pleasance Court #dundeewestend

Following concerns raised by a resident with me yesterday about the damage to fencing at the side of Pleasance Court, I immediately raised this with the fence owners, Home Scotland.
See photo – right :
The broken fencing was lying across the public pavement at the Brewery Lane/Brook Street junction.
Home Scotland’s Maintenance Surveyor responded very promptly late yesterday afternoon as follows :
“I have attended and removed the fence from the street. We will now organise repair / replacement. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.”

Pleasance Court – Residents’ meeting

Pleasance Court
Earlier tonight, I had the pleasure of chairing a meeting with the residents of Pleasance Court.   
I am very grateful to the council’s Environment Department representative at the meeting who updated us on the Seagulls problem in the area.
I am also grateful to the representatives from Ross & Liddell and Home Scotland who attended and to the residents for their participation.

Waiting Restrictions Review in part of the West End Ward

Back in April, I mentioned that I had chaired a residents’ meeting at Pleasance Court at which one of the matters discussed was the proposal by the City Council to review the parking waiting restrictions on streets in the area.
This should hopefully free up some additional on-street car parking in the area – including quite a wide area to the east of Pleasance Court towards Lochee Road to the north and Hawkhill to the south.
As a preliminary part of the legal procedures to be undertaken to give effect to the proposals, the Council be undertaking public consultation soon and you can download plans of the current situation and the proposals here.

Falling masonry concern at Pleasance Court

This morning, following concerns raised about falling masonry at Pleasance Court, I visited the scene (see right) and have been in discussion with site factors, Ross and Liddell, about the situation.
A significant amount of masonry fell from the south side of the building into the car park area and it was extremely lucky that no-one was close to the site when the stonework fell.   There was also no damage to vehicles and three Fire and Rescue vehicles attended to ensure the building is safe and, along with police colleagues, an exclusion zone has been established round part of the building.
Ross and Liddell assure me that they are taking immediate steps to address the issue and ensure the building’s stonework is 100% secure.

Pleasance Court residents’ meeting

Pleasance Court
Last night, I had the pleasure of chairing the latest meeting of the residents of Pleasance Court.
There was a useful discussion on a number of local issues – seagulls nuisance, wheelie bins, door entry security and roof guttering to name a few.
There was a very useful update from two representatives from the City Council on the review of parking restrictions in the area which will free up new parking space and there was also a helpful update from another City Council officer on the draft site planning brief for Queen Victoria Works.
I am also most grateful to representatives from Home Scotland, Ross & Liddell and Community Spirit Action Group who attended and participated in the discussion.

Progress in tackling West End derelict mill welcomed

The deteriorating condition of Queen Victoria Works
I have welcomed the bringing forward of a draft Site Planning Brief for the Queen Victoria Works site in Brook Street.    
I have long campaigned to see the situation at the derelict works being improved with a view to seeing sensitive development of the site.  
The idea of consulting with owners and interested parties on a Site Planning Brief is due to be discussed by Dundee City Council’s City Development Committee on 22nd April.     It gives guidance on possible future uses and design and it is hoped that its publication will allow for future proposals to bring the site into useful future use.
I greatly welcome the proposal to have a site planning brief for this important building.    Dundee has a proud industrial heritage and a number of the key historic buildings like Queen Victoria Works are in danger of being lost.   The City Council has a key role in ensuring this does not happen.
A site planning brief does not in itself guarantee future development but it does aid the possibility of giving the works a positive future use.    It is good that the council will consult widely on the proposed brief and I am meeting with the residents of the adjacent Pleasance Court later this month and will be keen to hear their views.