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Philip Ball Lecture

From the Curator of Museum Services at the University of Dundee :
Our celebrations of the centenary of D’Arcy Thompson’s On Growth and Form continue on Wednesday 22nd November at 6pm with a free public lecture by renowned science writer and broadcaster Philip Ball in the D’Arcy Thompson Lecture Theatre, Tower Building, entitled From Natural Patterns to Self-Organisation
Patterns, regularities and order appear spontaneously in the universe over an immense range of scales in space and time. Not only does such organisation seem to challenge the universal thermodynamic tendency towards an inexorable increase in entropy and disorder, but these patterns often share similar forms and features in systems that seem to have no relation to one another. 
It has become increasingly clear that there are organising processes in nature that operate according to very general principles, insensitive to (or at best merely fine-tuned by) the details of a particular system. At the same time, the delicate interplay between chance and determinism in these situations is able to engender immense, seemingly endless variation on a few basic themes, as in the case of snowflakes.
On Growth and Form was the first great synthesis of this combination of universality and variety in natural pattern and form. But only in modern times have we had the conceptual, computational and experimental tools to do his intuitions justice. 
In this free lecture, Philip Ball will look at where our understanding of these processes has come over the century since the book’s publication. A former editor of Nature, Ball recently presented a BBC Radio 4 documentary about D’Arcy Thompson and is the author of Nature’s Patterns: A Tapestry in Three Parts.
The lecture is free but please book a place here.

Weekly Road Report – West End Ward #dundeewestend

A85 Riverside Drive – prohibition of right turn from westbound lane of Riverside Drive into Riverside approach and prohibition of right turn from Riverside Approach in to Riverside Drive for 3 weeks for works to the sea wall.  Prohibitions will only be in place when required.
A85 Riverside Drive (at Railway Station) – eastbound nearside lane closure for 3 weeks for SGN essential valve maintenance.

Additional Scottish Water Works – Fyffe Street/Eassons Angle #dundeewestend

From the Corporate Affairs Officer at Scottish Water :
I have been made aware from our contractors CWA who are carrying out our water mains upgrade works in Dundee of an additional piece of work to take place within your ward.
This work was originally planned previously however due to issues with the proposed backfeed (to reduce amount of customers affected) the work was unable to be completed.
I have been informed that the work will now take place from Monday 20th November for approximately 2 weeks.  The work involves the lining of existing water mains in Fyffe Street (near junction with Benvie Road).  
There may also be some work required in Easson’s Angle however at this stage nothing has been confirmed.  I will keep you updated when I have confirmation.
The work in Fyffe Street will not involve any road closures and access will be maintained at all times.