Temporary Traffic Order – Re-opening of Recycling Centres

In order to allow for the re-opening of civic amenity centres at Riverside and Baldovie this coming Monday, there will be some traffic/roads arrangements put in place – the temporary traffic order is as follows :
Dundee City Council proposes to make an Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 for the purpose of facilitating the re-opening of recycling centres.  The Order is expected to be in force for one month from 1 June 2020.  Its maximum duration in terms of the Act is eighteen months.
The effect of the Order is to temporarily impose (1) a 30 mph speed limit on A85 Riverside Avenue from a point 500 metres or thereby west of its junction with Wright Avenue to a point 500 metres or thereby east of its junction with Wright Avenue, together with imposing a no waiting restriction on Wright Avenue itself from the junction with Riverside Avenue for its entire length; and (2) a no waiting restriction on both sides of Forties Road from the junction with Drumgeith Road to the south side of the junction with Piper Street and on both sides of Piper Street for its entire length.
If you have any queries, please contact the Network Management Team, City Development Department on 433275. 

Amazon vans concern tackled #dundeewestend

I have recently had complaints about the extent of white vans parked at various locations north of the Amazon site on Riverside Avenue – for example on Perth Road near to the Invercarse Hotel.
This is not a new problem in that I had complaints last year from Riverside Drive near Vernonholme and in Newhall Gardens.   At the time, the then Amazon Delivery Station Manager resolved matters.
I took this most recent series of concerns to the new Delivery Station Manager who responded very promptly and positively as follows :
“Thanks for letting me know about the issues our neighbours are having. I have already briefed the delivery companies with regards to not leaving vans out on the street. I drove through Perth Road and some of the adjacent roads … (around 03:00) to see the extend of vans being left- and have found 8-10 vans which look like they could belong to the one of our providers. 
I have sent an email to will brief  all delivery service companies again this morning to get these vans picked up by the hire company.
As for blocking the bus lanes and Perth Road in the morning, I can only assume that this is due to the drivers arriving early for work and not having space in the yard to park. We are working on securing perminant additional parking to ensure we have somewhere for drivers who arrive early to go. 
Again, I will brief the delivery service partners on ensuring they don’t block the road or public transport areas.
Please let me know if this continues. I will make sure we are monitoring it from our side as well.
Thanks again for raising your constituency members concerns. I’ll ensure we get this resolved.”

Action taken to tackle smell problem from Riverside composting site #dundeewestend

As reported recently in the Courier, over the summer, I again raised numerous residents’ complaints about the smell problem caused by the composting operation at the Riverside Civic Amenity site adjacent to Riverside Nature Park.
The problem appears to be particularly noticeable during shredding as part of the composting operation and the wind changes direction.   
Staff attempt to ensure the operation happens only when the wind is to the south, away from the residential housing along the western part of Perth Road and in adjacent streets like Riverside Place, Millbay Terrace and Gardens, Clovis Duveau Drive, Millhall Crescent, River Crescent and Newhall Gardens.    
However, the complaints about the smell issue have been numerous in the latter part of the summer in particular.
Last Friday, I had a very productive meeting with a member of environment management of the City Council to discuss the issues and attempt to ensure the situation is much improved going forward.    
I am pleased to note that the council is now finalising an Odour Management Plan for Riverside that I went through with environment management at the meeting.     This is helpful as I am adamant that residents should not have to endure this smell issue and it is welcome that the council is taking proper steps to tackle this problem.

Action taken to cut smell problem from Riverside composting site

In the past few years, I have received numerous complaints from residents who live to the immediate north of the Riverside recycling centre and composting operation about the extent of the bad smell coming from the operation from time to time.
I have raised these concerns on numerous occasions with the City Council’s environment staff and undertook a site visit at their request to see the composting operation.   The council promised an environmental audit  to hopefully tackle the issue to minimise any further smell issues and I have received the following update from the City Council in the past few days :

Just an update to let you know that we had our PAS 100 audit of the 14 week process a few weeks ago and we shall shortly receive our new accreditation. 

Site staff have been making PAS 100 compliant 14 week compost for some weeks now and all material through the site will be made to this standard. We aren’t able to dispatch this until we receive our certification. The 26 week process will be rendered obsolete.

We have generally found we now only require to turn windrows once during sanitisation and once during stabilisation.  Previously we would have turned windrows twice/three times during both sanitisation and stabilisation and once during maturation. This has reduced the need for turning from 6/7 turns down to 1/2.

Furthermore we have also been trialling shredding more frequently to avoid waste sitting longer on site than required. Again this has proven successful. 
We continue to have our annual bio-aerosol survey carried out and look at our control measures that we have in place. We received our latest report last month.

Finally we received our results of SEPA’s compliance scheme for each of our licensed waste management sites relating to environmental performance for 2016. As our regulator this information is made publicly available on SEPA’s website.  I am pleased to report that all waste management sites including Riverside once again have been rated excellent (SEPA assess the licence holder as fully compliant with the licence conditions).

I hope this re-enforces our efforts to minimise any environmental issues from the site.

I am hoping that this marks a real improvement in the situation going forward although I would ask residents to contact me should they have any issues regarding any smell nuisance from the site in the coming months.

Riverside composting operation – an action plan

As residents are aware, I recently undertook a visit to the composting operation at the Riverside Civic Amenity site, following complaints from residents to the north of the site last year about bad odours emanating from the area.    
I have now been given a useful update on the actions the City Council is taking to hopefully ensure the issue is not repeated this year – as follows:
“… following on from our site visit we have had an on site visit from a technical consultant from the accreditation body regarding our composting process.   Following that meeting we are proposing the following actions to our standard operating procedures:
1 – Reducing the composting process from 26 weeks to either 14 or 16 weeks;
2 – Reducing windrow turning from 5-7 turns down to 3-5 turns. (less agitation of material);
3 – Increasing frequency of shredding to reduce the amount of time green waste sits at the green waste reception area (less time to decompose and begin composting); and
4 – Only screening 0-20ml compost, 0-10ml compost will no longer be produced (less screening)
All of the above are subject to our windrows passing the validation tests at either 14 or 16 weeks for:
– Pathogens;
– Potentially toxic elements;
– Stability/maturity;
– Physical contaminants and stones;
– Plant response; and
– Weed seeds and propagulesas.
We shall be taking samples in the next few weeks once existing windrows have matured to the 14 and 16 week age.    These will be tested by an approved lab. If we can meet the minimum thresholds in the tests we will re-validate the whole process with the accreditation body at either 14 or 16 weeks.   We are quite confident this will be achievable.   This should hopefully assist in minimising any odours migrating off site.”

Riverside composting operation – site visit

Last summer and autumn, on behalf of local residents, I again raised the problem of bad odours emanating from the composting operation at the Riverside Civic Amenity site and impacting on households to the immediate north of Riverside Avenue, mainly around the western end of Perth Road and adjacent streets.
At the time, the Environment Director agreed that the council’s corporate Health and Safety team review the existing arrangements and working practices.
Yesterday, I undertook a site visit to the composting operation to see what steps are being taken to tackle the smell issue – the Corporate Health and Safety team review is not yet complete (and I will be advised in due course of all the recommendations and actions) but meantime, the department is looking at ways of speeding up the windrows-turning process which would assist addressing the smell problem, which is welcome.
Here’s a couple of photos from my site visit today :
Garden waste awaiting the composting process
Windrows, as part of the composting process