Getting things done – Newhall Gardens and Millhall Crescent #dundeewestend

During the recent wintery weather, residents highlighted to me that it would be helpful to have an additional grit bin in Millhall Crescent and also have one at the west end of Newhall Gardens.

I am pleased to say that the Roads Maintenance Partnership agreed to my request for these.     The additional one for Millhall Crescent has since been delivered and I hope the additional one for Newhall Gardens will be in place soon.

Getting things done – Newhall Gardens #dundeewestend

I am grateful to the residents who last week highlighted to me that, in the heavy rain, a large part of a tree in Newhall Gardens came down, landing on the central grass area.

I drew this to the attention of the council’s forestry team who very promptly removed this last Thursday.


Former Lawrie’s Nursery site

Residents in Millhall Crescent and Newhall Gardens whose gardens are bounded by the former Lawrie’s Nursery site, have complained to me about the extent of the overgrown foliage from the site now encroaching on their gardens – see below :
Overgrown foliage encroaching a garden in Millhall Crescent
I have contacted both the City Council and the developer/site owners direct about this requesting that the owner have their site tidied.   The owner has now responded, promising some attention to the matter.

Newhall Gardens – safety concern addressed

Network Rail has recently been undertaking work to the north of the rail line at Vernonholme and Newhall Gardens to reduce the possibility of debris landing on the rail line and part of this work has involved the removal and thinning of foliage.
This necessary work has resulted, however, in the wire boundary fence being exposed (see below) and highlights the need for its replacement.   I visited residents about their concerns at the weekend and am pleased to say that, after discussing the matter with Network Rail, it has been agreed to remove the existing fence and replace it with a substantial one.

Meeting with River Crescent residents

River Crescent
This afternoon, after a site visit with Newhall Gardens residents on a safety issue, I met with residents from River Crescent to have our annual get-together at the Education Centre at the University of Dundee Botanic Garden.
We had a good discussion on a number of issues – including 20 mph speed limits (and thanks to George Gammack of Living Streets for his update to the residents on this matter), smell from the composting operation at Riverside, recycling, the forthcoming West End Christmas Fortnight, park and ride and the Time2Give initiative.
It was a very useful and enjoyable afternoon and I am grateful to the Botanic Garden for use of the Education Centre.

Getting things done … Newhall Gardens

Following residents in Newhall Gardens raising concerns about the potholed road surface at the entrance to the street, I raised this with the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership.
I have received the following feedback:
“The Road Maintenance Partnership inspector has raised an order to have a number of potholes filled at this location with a timescale for completion of twenty eight days or sooner.”

Smell problem hopefully resolved

I have today received assurances from the City Council’s Head of Waste Management that concerns raised by many residents of the West End about a bad smell apparently coming from the Riverside Civic Amenity site over the past few days should hopefully soon be resolved.

Over the past few days I have had lots of complaints from people in the River Crescent, Newhall Gardens and Riverside Place areas about a really bad smell, apparently coming from the Riverside Civic Amenity site. Indeed, when I attended the River Crescent Residents’ Association AGM on yesterday at the Botanic Garden, many residents at the well-attended meeting were complaining about the smell – so bad that they couldn’t sit out in their gardens and had to shut windows.

I immediately contacted both Environmental Health and Waste Management and the City Council’s Head of Waste Management, having obtained feedback from staff at Riverside Civic Amenity site, called me this afternoon to say that the source of the problem appears to have been traced.

Over the period Thursday to Saturday a windrow (row of cut hay) was moved and this disturbed old compost. The work had been planned for this period as the wind direction was likely to ensure any smell would be away from the residential housing to the north, but clearly it did cause a problem in the area over the past few days.

I hope given what I have been advised by the City Council that the matter is now resolved and there will be no further smell nuisance, but I will be keeping a close eye on the situation. I should add that there were a number of other complaints from residents in other parts of the West End – for example Hillside Road and Menzieshill Road – but it looks likely that these emanated from fields to the west of the City.

Lastly, a burst large waste waster system cover near the junction of Riverside Drive and Riverside Avenue which had resulted in a mess round the cover had also been reported to me by residents. Having spoken with Scottish Water today about this, I have been assured that the cover will be replaced and the debris tidied as a matter of urgency.

Sinderins, Roseangle, Newhall Gardens and Pennycook Lane

Attended last night’s Blackness Area Residents’ Association meeting and this morning, along with local residents, met on-site with Planning & Transportation Department officers at Sinderins to look at the operation of the junction following an accident involving a local resident here before Christmas. Changes to the way that vehicles “trip” the lights sequence at the top of Shepherd’s Loan were agreed. Additionally, alterations to both exits from Pinegrove (better signage at Shepherd’s Loan exit and alteration to the ‘stop’ line at Perth Road exit) were agreed.

Have also reported dangerous area on pavement in Roseangle caused by a dripping pipe from a derelict building (see right), need for a grit bin at the west end of Newhall Gardens, and secured a promise that the company which operates the clothing recycling bin at Pennycook Lane will empty it more frequently.