Getting things done – Richmond Terrace and Fort Street

Having contacted Dundee City Council back in March to improve the road surface in Richmond Terace – following complaints from residents about its extremely poor surface – I obtained assurances that action would be taken to improve the roadway.
I was therefore pleased last week to note that work had commenced to undertake repairs – see photo below:
I have now also raised with the Roads Maintenance Partnership the need to improve nearby Fort Street, which is in a badly in need of road surface improvement.

Getting things done … Richmond Terrace

Residents have rightly complained to me about the poor road surface in Richmond Terrace:
I asked the City Engineer if the roadway can be considered for a future thin resurfacing programme and have now been advised as follows :

“Richmond Terrace will be considered for inclusion in the updated 2015-18 carriageway resurfacing programme which is currently being reviewed.”

Meantime, I am assured that current potholes will be attended to by the start of April.

An update – Fort Street and Richmond Terrace

Earlier this month, I highlighted the poor road surfaces in both Richmond Terrace and Fort Street (see right) and reported these to the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership (RMP).
I have now received a response from RMP as follows:
“An order has been raised by the Road Maintenance Partnership inspector to repair a number of potholes in Fort Street/Richmond Terrace with a timescale for completion of twenty eight days or sooner.”

Getting things done – Fort Street and Richmond Terrace

Residents have complained to me about the deteriorating state of the roadway in both Fort Street and in adjacent Richmond Terrace.   The Fort Street road surface is pictured – below:

I have reported this to the City Council’s Road Maintenance Partnership (RMP), requesting improvements.

Updates on other road repairs required that I have recently raised on behalf of residents :
Norwood Crescent :   RMP has responded – “With reference to your email, an order has been raised to fill a number of potholes in Norwood Crescent with a timescale for completion of twenty eight days or sooner.”
Seymour Street :   RMP has replied – “An order has been raised to carry out pothole repairs at this location with a timescale for completion of twenty eight days or sooner.”

Potholes repaired at Richmond Terrace

At the start of the month, I reported to the council residents’ complaints about potholes in the road surface of Richmond Terrace, near the junction with Windsor Street.
In reply, the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership advised:
“An order was raised on 2-12-13 for the repair of a number of potholes along the length of Richmond Terrace with a timescale for completion of twenty eight days or sooner.”
I am pleased to say that the potholes were filled in last Saturday morning.

Friendly Bus Sheltered Shopping Service – new timetable

The Friendly Bus sheltered shopping service is a great – and free – service for elderly folk to get to local supermarkets, have a good period of time for shopping, and get the bus back home.

Having campaigned for the inclusion of Morven Terrace/Ancrum Place sheltered housing and Richmond Court to be included in the service, I was delighted that they were added to the timetable last year.

There are new timetables in operation from week commencing 5th March – Tuesday remains the day that the West End is served.   You can download the new timetable by going to

Changes to the Friendly Bus sheltered shopping service

From Monday 15th August, there will be changes to the Friendly Bus – the shopping service for sheltered housing residents.

The service will still run on a Tuesday in the West End (and on other days in other parts of the city) but the good news is that at last Richmond Terrace/RichmondCourt finally has some bus provision – this will be a boon to several elderly residents there – and the Ancrum Place/Morven Terrace sheltered housing will now also be covered by the Friendly Bus.    

I have a meeting with the tenants at the Morven Terrace/Ancrum Place sheltered housing area on Monday and it will be a good opportunity to update residents about the service – whilst discussing a number of other issues of concern to the tenants – fencing and maintenance of the grass areas in the estate being amongst them.

You can download a copy of new Friendly Bus timetable for the West End by going to