The STEP Programme

The ‘STEP programme’ is a new adult learning programme to be delivering throughout Dundee.
The ‘STEP programme’ aims to tackle social isolation, build confidence and inform adults of the different services available to them throughout Dundee.    The groups are informal and light-hearted and adaptable to meet the needs of the group. 
The programme meets for 2 hours a week over a  9 week period and tackle different topics each session.    The sessions are as follows:
• Welcome/Introduction
• Effective Communication
• Healthy Living
• Coping With Change
• Managing Stress and Anxiety
• Sexual Health
• Financial Planning
• Managing Addictions
• Graduation/Next Steps
The programme is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 that would be considered a ‘vulnerable adult’.    This could be anything from homelessness to substance misuse to mental health problems etc.    The programme will accept anyone that’s looking to make positive changes in their life and more details are below :