In memory of Sam Lewis

Last month, I mentioned that I had the privilege of meeting the dozens of friends and family of Sam Lewis, the 19 year old BT call centre worker from the West End, who tragically collapsed and died at work in July.   That Sunday in November, Sam’s friends and family set off on a sponsored walk to raise funds to provide for a bench on Magdalen Green, in memory of Sam.

The fundraising efforts, masterminded by Sam’s friend Derek Kelbie, were extremely successful and by this weekend, the memorial bench is now in place on the Green.    Many thanks go to the Environment Department for all the assistance in getting the bench acquired, delivered and put in place on Magdalen Green and, above all, to Derek and his mum Helen, who put in such a huge effort to make this lasting memorial to Sam possible.   Thanks also to Helen for the photographs below:

Sponsored walk in Sam’s memory

Sam Lewis
Yesterday, I was privileged to meet the large group of family and friends of Sam Lewis, the 19 year old BT call centre worker from the West End, who tragically collapsed and died at work in July.   The group participated in a sponsored walk from Invergowrie Memorial Park to the City Square.
The walk was part of an effort to raise funds for a memorial bench in memory of Sam that will be placed on Magdalen Green, where Sam often played alongside his friends.  With already over £1750 raised yesterday – with more pledged – provision of the bench is now certain.
It was so good to see Sam’s friends making all this effort to raise the funds to provide the bench in memory of Sam.    Sam’s friend Derek Kelbie has done so much to make all this happen and speaking with Sam’s mum earlier this week, I know the family are very touched by the efforts all Sam’s friends have made to ensure that there is a fitting way of remembering him.  
The City Council has been very supportive of the memorial bench suggestion and I am really grateful for the assistance of the Environment Department for their support of this.
On his Facebook page, Sam mentioned the quote:
“I am nothing special;   just a common man with common thoughts, and I’ve led a common life.     There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten.”
I think Sam’s friends have shown that he was very special and will never be forgotten.
Here’s a few photos from a day that gladdened your heart:
The team at Invergowrie Memorial Park at noon Sunday
The finish line at City Square


Derek crosses the finish line
Derek (right) and his mum Helen (centre)