Temporary traffic order – Tullideph Road

From the City Council :
THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of BT pole renewal works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Tullideph Road (westbound between City Road and Ancrum Drive), Dundee.
This notice comes into effect on Sunday 10 November 2019  for one day.
Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.
Alternative routes are available via City Road / Logie Street / Ancrum Road
For further information contact 433082.
Head of Roads and Transportation
Dundee City Council

Tullideph Road – unused bus stops and bays

There are two bus stops and bays at the Lochee Road end of Tullideph Road that unfortunately have been unused for some time because the 17 bus service was re-routed.   See one of them below :
I have asked Xplore Dundee about bringing back the old 17 route as I think that would have the support of people in the Tullideph/Ancrum area, but the bus company is not willing to at this time.
I have highlighted to the City Development Department that there have been complaints about parking fixed penalties being imposed where vehicles have parked in the bays, which is not reasonable now that the bus stops are not used.    Clearly, allowing local people and people attending Balgay Parish Church and City Church – both nearby – to park there would make sense.
The City Council has advised me that :
“Our previous approach has been to leave poles in place (decommissioned) for around a year before physically removing them from the street.   I agree that some drivers may be deterred from parking but local residents will hopefully be aware of the situation.  There should be yellow posters on the bus stops explaining the bus stop is no longer served by buses.”  
It has been agreed to remove the clearway plates at the bays which will mean it is no longer an offence to park in these, now unused, bays.

Saturday activities …

Yesterday, I was pleased to attend the Summer Fayres at Ancrum Road and Blackness Primary Schools.   Both were really well attended, really enjoyable and really good value for money too – with adult entry at each only £1!
Here’s some Saturday photographs :
A busy Ancrum Primary School Summer Fayre
At the Ancrum Road Primary School Fayre 
Blackness Primary School’s event was equally well-attended
Always a good sport, Gordon Ferrier was back in the stocks!
City Church on Tullideph Road also had their Family Fun Day yesterday

New Post Box promised for sheltered tenants

Following my request to Royal Mail for an additional post box near to the Morven Terrace/Tullideph Road junction to benefit the elderly sheltered tenants of Morven Terrace and Ancrum Place, Royal Mail has confirmed that this will be provided.
The Deputy Head of External Relations at Royal Mail Group has advised me :
“I have raised your enquiry (on behalf of your constituents at Morven Terrace and Ancrum Place sheltered housing) about additional posting box facilities in the Dundee  area with our postbox strategy team. 
I am pleased to advise that after having taken into account all relevant factors, including the number of posting boxes in the area at the moment and the balance of economy against service provision, that we have decided to start the process to install the additional box requested.
As you might imagine with an installation of this type, there are several stages we need to go through before the box can be set up and this may take a little time. However, we’ll do all we can to ensure the process is completed as quickly as possible.”
Currently the nearest post box for residents in in City Road at Saggar Street and the tenants at the Morven Terrace/Ancrum Place sheltered housing asked if it might be possible to get Royal Mail to provide a new box closer to the sheltered housing.   
I am therefore pleased at the positive response to my request from Royal Mail.

Road safety concerns – Ancrum Drive at Tullideph Road

Following residents raising concerns visibility exiting Ancrum Drive at the junction with Tullideph Road, I raised the matter with the City Council and have received the following feedback from the Team Leader in the Network Management Team :

I have carried out an initial inspection of this location and from my initial observations there are no sight line concerns exiting Ancrum Drive on to Tullideph Road. 

When exiting there is a bus stop to the north of the junction which will make reduce visibility whist the bus is stopped for a short period for pick up and drop off of passengers. Vehicles would have to pull in behind the bus until it pulls away. 

To the south of the junction there are mature trees in the footway which may affect visibility but I will consult with our Environment Department to clarify if there would be a tree preservation order for these trees. 

I have consulted with our Road Safety Team and there are no records of any safety issues for this junction. 

I will arrange for a more detailed site inspection … for this junction.