Temporary traffic order – Tullideph Road

From the City Council :
THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of BT pole renewal works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Tullideph Road (westbound between City Road and Ancrum Drive), Dundee.
This notice comes into effect on Sunday 10 November 2019  for one day.
Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.
Alternative routes are available via City Road / Logie Street / Ancrum Road
For further information contact 433082.
Head of Roads and Transportation
Dundee City Council

Tullideph Road – unused bus stops and bays

There are two bus stops and bays at the Lochee Road end of Tullideph Road that unfortunately have been unused for some time because the 17 bus service was re-routed.   See one of them below :
I have asked Xplore Dundee about bringing back the old 17 route as I think that would have the support of people in the Tullideph/Ancrum area, but the bus company is not willing to at this time.
I have highlighted to the City Development Department that there have been complaints about parking fixed penalties being imposed where vehicles have parked in the bays, which is not reasonable now that the bus stops are not used.    Clearly, allowing local people and people attending Balgay Parish Church and City Church – both nearby – to park there would make sense.
The City Council has advised me that :
“Our previous approach has been to leave poles in place (decommissioned) for around a year before physically removing them from the street.   I agree that some drivers may be deterred from parking but local residents will hopefully be aware of the situation.  There should be yellow posters on the bus stops explaining the bus stop is no longer served by buses.”  
It has been agreed to remove the clearway plates at the bays which will mean it is no longer an offence to park in these, now unused, bays.

Saturday activities …

Yesterday, I was pleased to attend the Summer Fayres at Ancrum Road and Blackness Primary Schools.   Both were really well attended, really enjoyable and really good value for money too – with adult entry at each only £1!
Here’s some Saturday photographs :
A busy Ancrum Primary School Summer Fayre
At the Ancrum Road Primary School Fayre 
Blackness Primary School’s event was equally well-attended
Always a good sport, Gordon Ferrier was back in the stocks!
City Church on Tullideph Road also had their Family Fun Day yesterday

New Post Box promised for sheltered tenants

Following my request to Royal Mail for an additional post box near to the Morven Terrace/Tullideph Road junction to benefit the elderly sheltered tenants of Morven Terrace and Ancrum Place, Royal Mail has confirmed that this will be provided.
The Deputy Head of External Relations at Royal Mail Group has advised me :
“I have raised your enquiry (on behalf of your constituents at Morven Terrace and Ancrum Place sheltered housing) about additional posting box facilities in the Dundee  area with our postbox strategy team. 
I am pleased to advise that after having taken into account all relevant factors, including the number of posting boxes in the area at the moment and the balance of economy against service provision, that we have decided to start the process to install the additional box requested.
As you might imagine with an installation of this type, there are several stages we need to go through before the box can be set up and this may take a little time. However, we’ll do all we can to ensure the process is completed as quickly as possible.”
Currently the nearest post box for residents in in City Road at Saggar Street and the tenants at the Morven Terrace/Ancrum Place sheltered housing asked if it might be possible to get Royal Mail to provide a new box closer to the sheltered housing.   
I am therefore pleased at the positive response to my request from Royal Mail.

Road safety concerns – Ancrum Drive at Tullideph Road

Following residents raising concerns visibility exiting Ancrum Drive at the junction with Tullideph Road, I raised the matter with the City Council and have received the following feedback from the Team Leader in the Network Management Team :

I have carried out an initial inspection of this location and from my initial observations there are no sight line concerns exiting Ancrum Drive on to Tullideph Road. 

When exiting there is a bus stop to the north of the junction which will make reduce visibility whist the bus is stopped for a short period for pick up and drop off of passengers. Vehicles would have to pull in behind the bus until it pulls away. 

To the south of the junction there are mature trees in the footway which may affect visibility but I will consult with our Environment Department to clarify if there would be a tree preservation order for these trees. 

I have consulted with our Road Safety Team and there are no records of any safety issues for this junction. 

I will arrange for a more detailed site inspection … for this junction.

Lack of bus shelters in Tullideph Road

The sheltered tenants at Tullideph have pointed out to me that the bus stops in Tullideph Road nearest the sheltered housing (near the Friary/Lochee Road – both sides) lack bus shelters.
Given the number of elderly folk using these stops, I asked the council if shelters can be considered and I have now been advised:
“We will add this to our list of outstanding shelter requests.”

Visit to City Church Dundee

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with the folk at City Church Dundee at the Friary in Tullideph Road and to drop in at their weekly “Community Bridge” which takes place every Monday between 11am and 1pm.   
The Community Bridge seeks to build community, promote social integration and provide support to individuals and families in need. The Bridge was launched in August 2012 and is based in The Friary’s Community Halls.   Not only does this excellent initiative provide help and support in a friendly and relaxing environment, all attending get a light lunch and tea/coffee free of charge.   
It is one of a number of excellent initiatives at the church – other initiatives include the Little Stars Group for pre-school children, the Hub youth drop-in and a Knit and Natter group every Monday evening.
It is great to see these excellent community initiatives taking place, with City Church Dundee making such a positive impact on community life in the area.

Recycling – Tullideph Road

I recently had a request from residents in Tullideph Road for an extension of the “green box” household recycling facility.    I raised this with the City Council and have been advised:
‘At the time of the green box trial introduction, a range of kerbside-serviced property types were to be included on the trial to assess service suitability\usage etc and as a result, not all streets within discrete areas were included. Also, streets with a high number of flatted properties were left off routes at that time, as the kerbside green boxes were not deemed suitable for communal dwellings. These factors explain why it appears that Tullideph Road has been missed out, with the other streets around it included.
We have no immediate route extension plans – a number of factors for future waste & recycling service introductions\extensions are currently under review, as you are probably aware. We will be determining the most appropriate services for different property types and will obviously communicate with members regarding these factors.’
I am anxious that the review of household recycling facilities that is presently taking place results in a significant improvement of facilities for many West End constituents and I will be keeping a close eye on progress towards this.

Tullideph Road and City Road off-licence applications defeated

On behalf of constituents, I recently objected to the off-licence applications at 17/19 Tullideph Road and 124 City Road on grounds of over-provision.     I am able to raise objections as I am not a member of the Licensing Board.
I am pleased to say that both applications were rejected on these grounds and it is clear from speaking with residents that this decision has strong support in the local community.

Additional bus service to assist part of the West End

A new peak time bus service, jointly funded by the City Council and Angus Council, and to be operated by National Express Dundee, will start next Monday (27th May) providing direct links between Piperdam, Liff, Ninewells Hospital and the City Centre.
The good news for the West End is that parts of the West End including Guthrie Street, Brook Street, Milnbank Road, City Road, Tullideph Road and Ancrum Road will be covered by the new route.    This is particularly welcome for those residents who used to rely on the former Stagecoach 74 service that was withdrawn back in 2009.
The timetable can be downloaded here.

City Church at the Friary – community update

It was really good news to learn recently from Craig Stocks of City Church at the Friary on Tullideph Road that the church as been awarded more than £257 000 to ensure essential repairs to preserve the building can be undertaken.    The funding comes from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Historic Scotland.
City Church has become an integral part of community life in its local area within the West End Ward and I have been pleased to attend a number of community events at the church over the past year or so.    Craig has recently advised me of the following excellent community activities that local residents are very much welcomed at:
“The Bridge” community café drop-in, Tuesdays 11.30am to 1.00pm. Free toasties, drinks and snacks in a warm and friendly space in the Friary Halls.
“Little Stars” parent and toddler group, 1.00pm to 3.00pm on Wednesdays, mums, dads, grannies, granddads must be accompanied by a little star (pre-school).
“The Hub” youth club. Thursday evening, 7.00-9.00pm, ages 14 and above, pool, table tennis, games, snacks etc.
All these events are aiming to build community well-being.

More West End Celebrations!

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of attending another West End Diamond Jubilee Party – this time at the Pennycook Lane Sheltered Housing Complex off Perth Road and involving the sheltered tenants at both Sinderins Court and Pennycook Court.

It was a lovely, friendly and enjoyable afternoon – here’s a few photos:
And – later on – I attended the superb Community BBQ at the Friary on Tullideph Road, organised by City Church.   Well over 600 local folk attended and a great time was had by all – again a few photos:
This evening, I had a really useful meeting with many of the residents of Ancrum Drive to discuss the parking issues in the street.   The meeting should have been in Ancrum Road Primary School, but the council failed to open up (despite a permit they had given me!) so we were all a wee bit cold by 7.30pm, standing talking in Gibb’s Lane.  But – the positive aspect is that we had a good discussion and I am really grateful to residents for their ideas and input to improve the parking situation for residents in the area.

Tullideph Road/Ancrum Road junction – road safety action

At the request of residents, I recently raised issues with the City Council about road safety at the Tullideph Road/Ancrum Road junction.   As one resident put it:

“I drive to work every morning and turn right at the end of Tullideph Road into Ancrum Road (heading towards the traffic lights).

It is difficult to see traffic coming down Ancrum Road from my left as there are usually 2 or 3 cars parked just around the corner of the junction.    Often you have to pull out ‘blind’ and hope that nothing is coming towards you.”

The City Council’s Head of Transportation has updated me as follows:

“The junction of Tullideph Road and Ancrum Road was identified as a site on a number of vehicle accidents and kerb lines were adjusted two years ago.
The build out has now encouraged drivers to park nearer the junction.  The solution is to lay double yellow lines and prohibit parking around the junction.  This proposal has been added to the list of future traffic orders.”

I am pleased that action to improve safety here is being taken although it is important that any alterations that are considered are subject to consultation with local residents.

Puffin Crossings

There have been various discussions at the Community Spirit Action Group, the residents’ group for the north of the West End Ward including Tullideph, Ancrum, Cleghorn and the Pentland area, about the operation of Puffin Crossings.  

This has been particularly focussed on the City Road/Tullideph Road lights, where I have met on-site with the Community Spirit Secretary and council road safety officers to discuss the operation of the junction.

The Community Spirit Secretary and I agree that the way the newer-style Puffin Crossings operate needs to be better publicised and a useful handout was available at the group’s last meeting on the subject.  You can download this by going to http://tinyurl.com/puffincommspirit.

Wednesday meetings

This morning, following the meeting about pedestrian safety at the Tullideph Road/City Road junction that local residents’ group Community Spirit and I had with City Council officers on 2nd February, we had a follow-up meeting at the junction.  

It was a useful discussion about safety at the junction and City Council road safety officers have offered to attend a future Community Spirit meeting to discuss concerns with local residents.

I then attended a meeting with Education officers about the building programme for the replacement Park Place Primary School, St Joseph’s Primary School and Park Place Nursery School.

Thereafter, I attended the Dundee House Project Board, where I raised a number of questions and concerns about that project.   I then attended the City Council’s Scrutiny Committee, at which I raised questions about numerous matters on the agenda.  

I am disappointed to learn about the lack of progress on the time it takes Dundee City Council to let vacant council houses.   The SNP administration has gone on at length about its so-called ‘enhanced relets’ policy.  This has cost council tenants a fortune and the net result appears that – thus far – the time taken to let houses has actually and incredibly worsened.   

The Housing Department has given a commitment to improve on the 98.7 days it took to let houses (on average) last September (it was lower at 74.5 days in September 2009) and it has now set itself a target of 65 days – although it is not clear when they expect to achieve this.   The SNP’s flagship housing policy is not delivering.    

I also asked questions about ensuring that new tenants get Housing Benefit from the start of their tenancies, committee reports on revenue expenditure having better financial appraisals, customer excellence and on other matters.

Conservative councillor Derek Scott asked a very pertinent question about the lack of progress on Demand Responsive Transport (DRT).   As the previous Chair of TACTRAN, the regional transport partnership, I ensured that funding was available for pilot DRT projects for Dundee and a rural pilot in Perthshire/Stirling.   It is disappointing that the Dundee pilot has not moved forward under the SNP, as DRT would help elderly people, people with mobility difficulties and people not living near main bus routes get access to public transport.   At my request, an update report will go to City Development Committee.  This is to be welcomed.

Community Spirit meeting

This evening, I attended the February meeting of the Community Spirit Action Group, the residents’ group for the north of the West End Ward, including Tullideph, Ancrum, Cleghorn and the Pentland area.

There was an interesting presentation by Professor Andy Grieve on credit card fraud and identity theft and there was also a community safety update.

I updated the group about the parking pilot to improve parking in housing estates and also about the site visit Community Spirit’s secretary and I had with City Council officers earlier today about pedestrian safety at the Tullideph Road/City Road junction (see above right), following the implementation of new traffic lights late last year.   This was a useful site visit at which it was agreed to increase the time length of the ‘bleep’ that sounds when pedestrians can safely cross the road.

City Road/Tullideph Road pedestrian crossing

Last month, the new traffic lights at the City Road/Tullideph Road became operational. However, since then I have received a number of residents’ concerns about the way the crossing is operating for pedestrians. This is well summarised by one resident’s comments :

“Regarding the Traffic Lights at Tullideph/City Road they are working although the time for crossing is very short as they change from Green to Red before one is half way across the road and there is no beeping sound which is not very convenient for a person who has impaired sight.”

The City Council has advised me :

“The nearside redman greenman puffin pedestrian facility at the refurbished traffic signals at City Road / Tullideph Road are designed to operate so that the pedestrian sees the greenman indication (invitation to cross) and sets off across the road.

With a puffin facility, there is no indicator at the far side of the road to confuse the pedestrian when the indicator changes from greenman to redman. And when the pedestrian sets off across the road having seen the greenman, he is guaranteed enough time to cross the road, irrespective of whether he sees the greenman return to the redman indication. But the arrangement should be that once the pedestrian sees the greenman and begins to cross, he does not see any indication thereafter to confuse him (no indicator on the far side of the road).

As to the absence of an audible indication, I will have this checked and rectified.”

A site visit with residents, myself and a City Council roads officer to look at the junction’s operation will take place in the near future.

An update on crossing concerns at City Road/Tullideph Road

Further to my recent item about concerns from residents in the Tullideph area about the temporary crossing arrangements across City Road to the shops, during the current work to replace the traffic lights, and as reported in today’s Courier and Evening Telegraph, the Managing Director of Tayside Contracts has advised me :


Further to our telephone conversation regarding the crossing of elderly residents of the sheltered housing complex adjacent to the Tullideph Road/City Road junction I can confirm the actions we have taken since you raised the issue with me yesterday.



It is not possible to get 4 way lights with pedestrian phases as standard and the lead in time is around 4 weeks to order these. Therefore to ensure that the pedestrians are protected crossing the road I have arranged for a man to be on site from 8:15 to 16:30 whose sole duty is to assist pedestrians crossing the roads at this junction. He will be on site every day this week including Saturday and Sunday. The current plan is that the lights will be fully operational next Monday 15 November 2010.

If for any reason this is delayed then he will remain on site for the necessary days next week and will only be removed when the lights are fully operational.


I trust that this fully addresses the problem you have raised with me but should there be anything else or any alteration to the times of the man on site considered necessary please let me know.”

Residents tell me that the member of staff helping elderly residents across this busy road during daytime worked well yesterday. Hopefully the new lights will be working by next week but I am meantime grateful to the contractor for acting swiftly on this safety concern.

Temporary crossing concerns at City Road/Tullideph Road

I have received concerns from residents in the Tullideph area about the temporary crossing arrangements across City Road to the shops, during the current work to replace the traffic lights.   

Whilst replacing the lights with new (and better functioning) ones is to be welcomed, the temporary crossing is a concern as pedestrians have to cross in a more diagnonal route rather than straight across.   This is a particular concern in relation to the area’s many elderly folk many of whom take a little longer to get across.   There are also concerns being raised about the amount of time per day the contractor is spending on the work at the junction.

I raised the concerns with the City Council this week and have received the following feedback :

“I would agree that the works at City Road / Tullideph Road, in refurbishing the traffic signal junction have taken longer than anticipated.However, it was only Thursday that the permanent traffic signals were switched off and therefore the junction has been operating normally, including pedestrian movements, for the duration of the works to date.

I anticipate that the new signal arrangement will be operational on Monday 15th November and the temporary traffic signal arrangement utilized in the interim, will have pedestrian facilities. I agree that it is frustrating that the contractor chooses to apply this level of resource to this job which results in the timescales observed. But the improved traffic signal facility and improved efficiency of operation will hopefully make up for the short term inconvenience.”

I have responded as follows :

“… my major concern here is that the temporary pedestrian crossing facility is not really satisfactory for getting elderly folk across safely – can anything be done to improve it during the period up to the 15th?”

I will be speaking further with City Council officers regarding this matter.

Tullideph Road/City Road traffic lights refurbished

Last month, I reported that there were plans for improvements at the Tullideph Road/City Road traffic lights.   I am pleased to advise that the City Council has now updated me as follows :

“The City Road / Tullideph Road traffic signal junction is being refurbished at present.   These works will be complete in two weeks time and all previous perceived problems associated with this junction should then be rectified.”

Roof improvements for the Tullideph area

A roof repair programme for parts of City Road, Tullideph Road and Tullideph Place starts on Monday (21st June), with work on Tullideph Road starting first, City Road second and concluding with Tullideph Place.

The programme should complete by September.

The Housing Department has written to tenants with full details and I am also happy to speak with any tenant who may have any questions about the forthcoming work.

Wednesday update

Following the fallen tree issue in Tullideph Road I mentioned earlier today, I had confirmation this morning from the City Council that it will be removed tomorrow. To quote the Forestry Officer :

“I am aware of this tree and it is programmed along with similar others in the area to be removed tomorrow morning. The main reason for the time taken is the actual high number of damaged trees in last week’s wind when we had multiple trees blown against school buildings, houses and roads and we had to prioritise a programme of works, which is progressing well.”

This afternoon, at the invitation of the West End Boys Amateur Boxing Club, I attended their meeting with the BBC. It was good to see the BBC’s interest in the club that has achieved a great deal in a short time. We talked about improving facilities for sporting and community groups in the West End, something already being discussed with other groups such as the Riverside Boys Junior Football Club and Friends of Magdalen Green.
Tonight, I attended the monthly meeting of the Community Spirit Action Group, the residents’ group for the ‘north’ of the West End – Pentland, Ancrum, Cleghorn and surrounding areas. It was well-attended and good to see the group launching their first ever residents’ newsletter.

Fallen tree reported

As reported in today’s Courier, I have reported to the City Council’s Forestry Officer and the Area Housing Manager a fallen tree in Tullideph Road – opposite the shops near the junction with City Road.
The tree has fallen right across the footpath, resulting in pedestrians having to trail through the muddy grass to get past.
I have asked the council to have it removed as soon as possible.

Vandalism concern – Tullideph Road

Today’s ‘Courier’ covered residents’ concerns about vandalism in Tullideph Road and my actions in seeking to get the mess left behind removed.
Go to http://tinyurl.com/tullideph to view the story.
I am pleased to advise that the mess was cleared this morning and that I have been promised fencing repairs.
I am most grateful to the Courier for highlighting concerns of residents. The issue of vandalism will be discussed at the next meeting of “Community Spirit”, the community group for the area.