Getting things done – graffiti removal – Rosebery Street, Pitfour Street and Benvie Road

Following residents’ complaints about graffiti requiring removal in Rosebery Street, Pitfour Street and Benvie Road (see below), I raised this with the City Council’s Rapid Response Team :


I have now been advised that disclaimers have been given to the property owners concerned to get their authority to allow the council to remove the graffiti (permission required as on privately-owned walls).

Getting things done … Cleghorn Street

I have received residents’ complaints about the state of the road surface of Cleghorn Street at its junction with Rosebery Street – see below:
I have reported this to the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership and asked for repairs to be carried out.

Getting things done … Baxter Street and Rosebery Street

Residents have brought to my attention the mass of graffiti on the empty shop unit at the corner of Rosebery Street and Baxter Street – see right.
I have raised this with the City Council’s Rapid Response Unit asking that the graffiti be removed.
As this is not the first time there have been a graffiti issue at this location, I have asked if repainting the corner  in anti-graffiti paint may be possible.  
We have seen a significant improvement in the past year in terms of stamping out graffiti in the West End and it is important that all instances of graffiti are removed as soon as they appear.