Food recycling update

A number of constituents have asked the position regarding the possible restoration of the food recycling service.
The council’s Head of Environment has updated me as follows :
“At the present time we are unable to recommence with the re-introduction of food waste collections, due to having to utilise available staff resources in order to ensure that the other collections are maintained. Unfortunately, the requirement to ensure safe physical distancing into waste collection operations slows down the collection operation significantly and requires more vehicles, staff and time to complete daily routes.
In order to reintroduce food waste collections, there is a similar requirement to allocate specific resources and to introduce engineering controls within cabs of the Refuse Collection Vehicles. Similar to many other local authorities, we are not yet in a position to return to regular collections of all waste streams at this time.  
However, please be assured that my waste team are working hard to look at ways that we can re-introduce food waste collections over the coming months and I will provide you with more detail when I am able to update you further.”

Update about recycling centres

From the City Council :
Dundee City Council is to expand its recycling service to residents by extending operating hours and accepting more waste materials.
From Monday 22nd June, residents will have to access Baldovie Household Waste Recycling Centre from 9am to 8pm from Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm on the weekends. The Riverside recycling centre will also expand hours to 9am to 5pm daily.
The facilities will begin accepting clothing & textiles, batteries, fluorescent tubes, oil, TV’s & monitors, soil and turf in addition to the previous materials, such as general waste, garden waste, wood, metals, rubble, fridges & freezers, and gas cylinders & bottles.
Additional vehicles will be granted access to the centres from Monday if they have the relevant permit. This will include vans, pick-ups, 8 to 11 seated mini-buses and vehicles with a single-axle trailer being accepted on site.
The revised service comes as the Council continues its recovery phase from the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Household Waste Recycling Centres will maintain its strict guidelines and physical distancing at all times.
A number of rules must be followed in order to maintain a safe and controlled environment.
These include :
• Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or self-isolating should NOT visit any HWRC site;
• The number of cars on site will be strictly limited;
• No commercial vans or twin-axle trailers will be allowed;
• Individuals should only visit when necessary, avoid queues and consider revisiting when quieter;
• No business waste will be accepted;
• We will be unable to provide assistance on site so only load items you can unload yourself;
• No walk-in disposals of waste will be allowed;
• The two-metre physical distancing rule must be respected at all times.
Further guidance on the Household Waste Recycling Centres is available on the Dundee City Council website here.    

Residents are advised to check the website and social media channels before traveling, as rules are subject to change.

Recycling changes from next Monday #dundeewestend

I have now spoken with many residents in the areas of the West End affected by the recycling changes from 16th April.
The only parts of the ward unaffected are the streets around the West End Lanes and Perth Road area closest to the lanes as they were in the last phase of the recycling rollout last year and already on the revised recycling arrangements.   
The rest of the West End Ward was covered by the original Phase 1 and 2 recycling rollouts in 2015 so are affected because of the introduction of the Scottish Government’s Code of Practice  (in relation to what can be recycled together) so  the household system will change for everyone in Phases 1 and 2,
So from the 16th paper/card = blue bin;  tins/plastics = burgundy bin.    Burgundy bin will no longer be used for glass which will be recycled at neighbourhood “bring” sites and not at a household level.   Along with Bill, I met with environment officers to discuss the siting of the glass “bring sites” – I am anxious that these are sensitively sited away from residents’ homes.   If any of the sites cause complaints or problems after 16th April, the officers assure me that they will be re-sited or removed,
I was pleased to discuss issues with residents at the “drop in” event the council’s Neighbourhood Services held at Blackness Library and happy to discuss the matter further with any resident.
You can read more about the changes here.

Recycling changes – drop in events #dundeewestend

Further to my recent update about recycling changes in much of the West End other than the Perth Road Lanes area, this is just a reminder that the first drop in information session event for the West End is tomorrow.
Here’s our local details and a poster below – all welcome!
Blackness Library                                 19th March                                4.30pm to 6.30pm
Tesco Riverside                                    29th March                                12 noon to 3pm

West End recycling changes #dundeewestend

In you live in the areas of either Phase 1 or Phase 2 of the recycling rollout (introduction of current recycling services back in 2015) what you put in your waste and recycling bins is changing – including how often they are collected. 
This affects most of the West End Ward apart from the Perth Road Lanes area which was in Phase 4 (last year – 2017).
The council is making these changes because the Scottish Government’s Household Recycling Charter has been introduced and it changes what will go into the blue bin and the burgundy bin. 
Residents affected will have by now received a mailing from the council explaining the changes which are effective from 16th April 2018.     You can read more here.    
You should continue to use your bins as normal until then and the council is running information sessions as indicated below – including at Tesco Riverside and Blackness Library – all welcome!

Council to make changes to recycling collections

Dundee City Council is to alter the recycling arrangements for thousands of Dundee households from April in order to ensure that the recycling offer is consistent across the city.
I recently asked for an update on the recycling roll-out as Phases 1 and 2 undertaken in 2015 are done differently than the later phases.      Phases 1 and 2 includes all of the West End Ward apart from the area around the Perth Road Lanes, together with parts of Broughty Ferry, Menzieshill, Lochee and Charleston and affects some 24 000 households.
In Phases 1 and 2, paper, card, plastics and tins were recycled together in the same blue recycling bin with a burgundy bin used for glass recycling.    However, since then the Scottish Government’s ‘Charter for Household Recycling in Scotland’ has insisted that paper and card should not be collected along with tins and plastics, so from April, the 24 000 households on the ‘old’ method of separation of recyclables will be switched to putting tins, metals and plastics into the burgundy bin.   Glass will no longer be collected in a household recycling bin but at nearby neighbourhood recycling points.
It is unfortunate that a change is necessary to what goes into each recycling bin for 24 000 households in the early phases of the recycling rollout back in 2015 but the government’s ‘Charter for Household Recycling in Scotland’ did change the goalposts in terms of what can be collected together.   It is necessary to ensure that the recycling offer is the same for everyone right across Dundee – the later phases’ households rolled out last year are already on the new method of recycling and use of bins.
It is vitally important that this change in recycling arrangements this coming April goes smoothly for households and is well-explained and communicated to residents.    This is particularly important as the later phases of recycling changes last year had not gone according to plan at implementation and had led to many complaints and concerns from residents.    
I have also sought assurances that any outstanding issues from Phases 3 and 4 have now been implemented – such as the siting of Eurobins and requests from residents to move or site them better.
I am happy, as always, to speak with any West End resident with any outstanding bins or recycling problems or concerns.
Copy of detail sent to councillors by the council’s Implementation Project Manager :
“I am writing to advise you of the forthcoming changes to recycling collections in parts of the West End, Broughty Ferry, Charleston, Menzieshill, Lochee and all surrounding areas which were previously included in Phases 1 & 2 of changes to waste services in 2015.
As you know, in recent months we have been introducing a slightly different version of the 2015 changes across other areas of the City. The reason for the difference was the 2016 introduction of the Scottish Government’s “Charter for Household Recycling in Scotland” which details a preferred single collection methodology for all councils in Scotland. 
The aim, in asking all Councils to adopt this standard collection model, is to make recycling systems easier for residents to use and understand as well as increasing the quality and quantity of recycling collected. 
In order to comply with this Charter, Dundee City Council subsequently amended the collection model from the 2015 version and introduced this across other areas of the City in 2017. 
We now wish to revisit the areas covered by the original changes and bring them in-line with the rest of Dundee.
These changes will commence on Monday 16th April and will comprise:
• Blue bins – these will revert to PAPER & CARDBOARD only & collection frequencies will be amended;
• Burgundy bins – these will be repurposed from glass bins to METALS, PLASTICS & CARTONS & collection frequencies will be amended;
• Glass collections – these will change from kerbside collections via a burgundy bin to bring site collections via an enhanced network of these sites.
Information on the changes will be communicated to residents in the next few weeks by means of “teaser” letter which outlines the new system and lists the dates for a series of Drop-In information sessions which have been arranged. 
A subsequent full information leaflet and revised collection calendar (where applicable) will then be delivered to affected households approximately 1 week prior to the new service starting. Copies of these communications will of course be forwarded to yourselves in due course. 
These communications will fully explain what residents should do if their bins contain the OLD material mixes (e.g. glass in a burgundy bin) at the time of the first collections. There will be no requirement for residents to empty any materials out of the bins themselves.”

Food recycling – Perth Road Lanes – further update

I recently updated residents about the impending food recycling extension to cover the Perth Road lanes and surrounding area.
There was a drop-in session yesterday for residents that I previously advertised and I thought it would now be useful to give a list of the streets wholly or partly included in the new food recycling extension :
I have details of the locations of communal on-street recycling units in the area so do please contact me if you wish further information on this (
Last week, I attended a briefing for councillors about the proposed final extensions of all other household recycling across the city (paper, cardboard, metals, plastics, etc) and this will take place in two phases – commencing April and June.    The above area is the only part of the West End left to have this extension (the rest of the West End being covered from 2015) and I will update with further details on this soon.

Food recycling extension in the West End – map

Last week, I advised that there will shortly be an extension to the food waste collection service to the Perth Road Lanes and surrounding areas.     
The update also contained details of a drop-in event at Blackness Library for residents – you can read the earlier update here.
A number of residents have asked the precise area covered and therefore please note this map and boundary below :
This extension of the food waste recycling to this area (plus Brown Street) in the West End completes the roll out of food recycling in the West End Ward.

Food recycling – Perth Road Lanes

There will shortly be an extension to the food waste collection service which will be sent out this week to householders in the Perth Road Lanes (as well as some other areas outside the West End including the City Centre, Docks, Hilltown, Lawside, Coldside and parts of Stobswell).
The poster below gives details of Drop In sessions (including one at Blackness Library) that will be manned by staff from the council’s Waste Section, who will be happy to answer any queries and pass on further details relating to the new service.    
Ahead of the service launch at seek commencing 27th February, a detailed service information leaflet will be delivered to all households, along with their new food waste caddy. 

Christmas Card recycling

People are being urged to recycle Christmas cards and wrapping paper to help plant trees across the UK.   
A scheme run by the Woodland Trust saw 600 million cards recycled in recent years and stores including Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s have set up similar projects.
Recycling boxes will be in stores throughout January (from today), with a tree to be planted for every 1 000 cards recycled.
The M&S stores in Murraygate and at the Gallagher Retail Park are participating and you can read more about the scheme here.

Perth Road Recycling unit – bottom of Ryehill Lane

I recently received a complaint that the Perth Road Recycling unit at the bottom of Ryehill Lane is badly needing a clean up.
I contacted the City Council and Neighbourhood Services advises :
“We have been out to view the containers and agree that it could do with a good clean. I have arranged for it to be power washed as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor the site over the next few months and take appropriate action.”

European Week for Waste Reduction

European Week for Waste Reduction starts tomorrow – Saturday 19th November – and runs until 27th November across over 30 different countries.   Zero Waste Scotland is the Scottish co-ordinator.
Each year organisations, businesses, local authorities, schools and individuals are encouraged to take action during the week to raise awareness of how to reduce waste in our society.    Registered actions are eligible for a European award with winners invited to a prestigious ceremony in Barcelona next year.
The aim of the week is to mobilise action across Europe that promotes the three Rs: reduce, re-use and recycle. 
In Scotland, the focus of European Week for Waste Reduction is on food waste, but this year the theme across Europe is wasteful packaging. 
You can find out more about European Week for Waste Reduction here.

Recycle your real Christmas tree!

The City Council advises that, if you are on a brown bin collection route, your real Christmas Tree can put the next scheduled brown bin collection day.  
Please cut up your tree and put it in your brown kerbside bin (if you have one) for collection, add it to your garden compost bin should you have one, or take it to your local recycling centre, such as the Riverside Civic Amenity Site.
For more information, please telephone 433710.

Bin collection and recycling changes – Phase 2 roadshow at the Mitchell Street Centre

As I advised back in July, Phase 2 of the changes to recycling and bin collection arrangements starts on 9th November and represents a significant change in bin/recycling arrangements for households.
In Phase 2 of are the areas around Tullideph, Pentland, City Road, Brook Street, the eastern part of Blackness Road, Peddie Street, South Tay Street and Windsor Street.
Last night, I attended part of one of the roadshows taking place across the Phase 2 area.  Last night’s was at the Mitchell Street Centre and was well-attended with well over 40 folk attending.   It gave residents the opportunity to find out more about the changes and get their questions answered.
Phase 2 – at least as far as the West End Ward part of it is concerned – probably presents more of an implementation challenge than the properties in Phase 1 given the large number of tenemental and flatted properties where, in many cases, the new system will involve communal facilities.  
It is therefore welcome that the council is holding no less than eight roadshows across the Phase 2 area.    There are more next week – see poster with full details here.

Changes to bin collection and recycling arrangements – Phase 2 roadshows

Back in July, I updated residents about the areas of the West End covered by Phase 2 of changes to bin and recycling collection arrangements.    The changes are effective from 9th November :
It was originally envisaged that the areas covered in the West End in Phase 2 would be most of the east and north of the West End Ward, although the Environment Department decided to exclude the areas immediately north and south of the Perth Road district shopping centre, which is to be included in a future phase.
You can see a map of the areas that are in Phase 2 in the West End in my earlier update here.
Various roadshows are taking place – some in the West End Ward – see below – all residents are very welcome to attend:

West End recycling and bin collection changes – a further update

Last week, I advised of the rollout of Phase 2 of the recycling extension and changes to bin arrangements that will start in November.    As I pointed out, in Phase 2 are the areas around Tullideph, Pentland, City Road, Brook Street, eastern part of Blackness Road, Peddie Street, South Tay Street and Windsor Street.    
However, there is a significant change to the Phase 2 that was originally agreed at council committee in that the Perth Road Lanes and surrounding area is now excluded, something I mentioned last week that I had queried with the Environment Department.   
I have now been advised by the department:
“The inclusion of the Perth Road lanes into future phases will be dependant on routing changes as each phase progresses so whilst I cannot, at this stage, be specific in advising which phase these will be part of, I can advise that it’s highly unlikely that they will be included in Phase 3 (February 2016) as this corresponds to a different area of the city. 
At the very latest, these lanes would be provided with their new services as part of Phase 6 (March 2017) but this may happen much sooner if routing changes as part of Phases 4 or 5 (June & December 2016 respectively) allow these to be included here.
As we progress with planning each phase we will be able to provide more updates on areas included – please note that the implementation dates given are approximate & may be subject to change.”
I will, of course, keep residents updated about this matter.

Roseangle Recycling Centre

Further to my item last week about the overflowing recycling at the Roseangle Recycling Centre, I am pleased to advise that the City Council has now updated me as follows :
“I am pleased to inform you that the following works will be undertaken as soon as possible this week at Roseangle Mini Recycling Centre (no later than Thursday 23rd July).
• The current large glass containers will be removed and replaced with a smaller 3 chamber glass unit to create space.
• One additional plastics container will be installed.
• One additional paper and cardboard container will be installed.
Appropriate signage will be displayed to explain the changes to MRC users.   We will continue monitoring the site and at this stage.”

More recycling and bin collection changes for the West End

Yesterday, the City Council announced the detail of Phase 2 of the changes to bin collection and recycling arrangements for the West End (and parts of the Lochee Ward).   The Environment Department advises me that :
“Arrangements for Phase 2
•         First collections – these will start  w/c Monday 9th November 2015. 
•         Bin deliveries – these will take place during the two weeks prior to commencement (w/c 26th October & w/c 2nd November).Combined collection calendars and full service information leaflets will also be  delivered during this period. 
•         Teaser leaflets –Phase 2 residents will have received notification of the forthcoming changes via a “teaser” leaflet to be delivered mid-September – this leaflet will advertise local roadshows and events, as well as providing  information on the new service. This information will also signpost residents to the council website, e-mail address and phone line, should they have any queries. 
•         Consultation and engagement – a range of consultation & engagement activities will be ongoing throughout the phase 2 area during the summer and autumn, with residents notified of meetings & events via press, local advertising and, where applicable, by letter. We will, of course, notify Councillors in the affected areas of any meetings, roadshows or events taking place within their ward.”
Main features include :
• Weekly separate food waste collection 
• Increased range of materials accepted in blue bins. This is currently used for paper and card but will be able to also accept plastics and metal. Frequency of uplifts to change from 4-weekly to 2-weekly 
• Slimline burgundy bin for mixed glass – collected 4-weekly 
• Reduction from weekly to fortnightly general waste collections 
• Expanded assisted collection service – now available for blue & burgundy bin collections 
• No change to garden waste service 
In phase 2 of are the areas around Tullideph Pentland City Road Brook Street, eastern part of Blackness Road, Peddie Street, South Tay Street and Windsor Street.    There is a significant change to the Phase 2 that was originally agreed at council committee in that the Perth Road Lanes and surrounding area is now excluded, something I have queried with the Environment Department.
A plan showing the areas that are included is below – although you can click here to download a high-definition PDF map that allows you to zoom to show particular streets :
Last night’s Evening Telegraph article also highlighted my concerns about the continued inadequate serving of the Roseangle Recycling Centre.    This has been an on-going issue and I have received the following assurance from the City Council :
“We will be reconfiguring the bin types and capacities at Roseangle over the coming days. This work is currently being scheduled.”
As you can see (below) the Roseangle centre was given a tidy up earlier this week following my raising the latest concern :
I have also been promised similar attention to the overflowing centre at Kings Cross Road, following a complaint to me about it from a City Road constituent who uses that centre regularly.

Children’s clothes recycling scheme

The children’s clothes recycling scheme is a Community Payback initiative involving the collection, cleaning and distribution of donated children’s clothes is helping families in Dundee.
The scheme involves asking members of the public to donate good quality children’s clothes which are not being used or which their own children have grown out of.
Clothes handed into the Criminal Justice Social Work office at Friarfield House, Barrack Street are washed, packaged and distributed to families who need particular types of clothes for young children.
Social workers  identify children who need this additional support and offenders sentenced to undertake work as part of a Community Payback Order wash and package the clothes using a new laundry area which they have developed within the Criminal Justice Social Work office at Friarfield House.
This excellent Community Payback initiative meets the needs many families in Dundee have for good quality children’s clothes.   By undertaking  unpaid work, Community Payback offenders are making a positive contribution to supplying much needed clothes to families with young children.
It  provides much needed practical support for children and families who may be vulnerable in Dundee.
There is an opportunity for local businesses to donate unused items of children’s clothing or become involved in partial sponsorship of this scheme.
Further information is available on 435001.

New bins and recycling arrangements – Blackness Road update

I previously mentioned the concerns raised by residents in Blackness Road west of Ashbank Road (on the north side and east of Balgay Road) about how the new arrangements are proposed to affect them.  
Eurobins were proposed but this was a stretch of Blackness Road where the current collection arrangements were working well, with few if any bins left permanently on the pavement.
A consultation meeting took place late last month which I and local residents attended and council officers listened carefully to residents’ views.    I am pleased to say that the Environment Department has now revised the proposals here to :
• Retention of grey wheeled bins for general waste
• Introduction of individual wheeled bins for recycling (blue bin for paper, card, metals and plastics, burgundy bin for mixed glass)
• Introduction of an on-street communal food container (small kitchen caddies and liners provided to each household to collect food waste)
• Garden waste (brown bins) service to remain unchanged
I am pleased that residents’ views were taken on board and the department is writing to all residents to update them about the revised arrangements.

Improving collections at the Roseangle recycling facility

I have previously highlighted problems with the recycling centre at Roseangle overflowing (particularly the plastics bins) and constituents again highlighted this over the past couple of days, as reported in last night’s Evening Telegraph.
The centre was serviced and tidied at my request yesterday so is now looking a lot better:
However, the substantive issue is that the facility either requires more bins or more regular servicing.   The Environment Department’s Head of Policy and Performance responded to me as follows yesterday on these points as follows:
“With regard to the above issue, the ongoing concern seems to be the amount of plastics waste (bulky, and any bins for this commodity tend to fill a lot more quickly than other commodities). Ideally we would like to reconfigure the amount of bins on the site – but owing to the space constraints there, this could mean removing a bin for another commodity, which would prove problematic in other ways.
Additionally, our collection framework is set up in such a way that carrying out another collection here would be challenging operationally, so we are therefore actively looking into reconfiguring the site to have smaller bins for some of the other commodities, thus allowing more room for additional plastic bin(s). As soon as this is undertaken, a member of the team will advise you.”
In response I made the point that expanding the facility to the immediate west may prove viable and had this follow-up helpful reply:
“We intend to try to make improvements to the configuration to better accommodate the plastics volume as our first change – if we could expand the site as you suggest, it would certainly be of value. We will therefore investigate this aspect as well.
Just for noting, the majority of our resources this week are devoted to the container delivery and associated programmes, so it may be a week or so before we can make any potential changes at this site.”

Changes to Waste & Recycling collections : roadshows

Further to my latest update about the changes to general waste and recycling arrangements in a large part (but not all) of the West End, the council has arranged roadshows for residents (and for those in parts of Broughty Ferry similarly affected).
There will be two events at Blackness Primary School – details below – all residents welcome :

Pass it on Week

Get your work colleagues swapping and sharing for Pass it on Week!
National re-use week from 7th to 15th March is the perfect time to get staff thinking beyond recycling and have a bit of workplace fun.
If your workplace is committed to sustainability, or you’re looking for some fun activity to get staff interacting, Pass it on Week is a perfect time to run some office events. Pass it on Week is all about encouraging re-use, and getting people passing on, swapping, sharing and donating things they no longer need to a new home, to reduce the huge volumes of re-usable items that go to landfill each year.
This could involve:
Social activities to get staff thinking about re-using more everyday :
– Hold a book, DVD or CD swap in the office
– Hold a clothes swap
– Set up a virtual lending library – use your intranet to lend out power tools, gardening gear, suitcases and all manner of other things that you only use a few times a year.
– Have a stationary amnesty – liberate the hoards of staplers, pens, whole-punchers and post-its lying unused in desk drawers to re-stock the stationary cupboard for free.
Activities to incorporate re-use into your business practices:
– If you’re expanding why not look at re-used office furniture and IT equipment, instead of buying new?
– If you’re downsizing or have ordered new furniture and IT equipment, why not donate your old stuff to a re-use organisation? 
There are loads more ideas for things you can do in our Pass it on Week toolkit, which has a whole section on events for the workplace.  This is supported by a range of ‘how to’ guides giving more detail on organising specific types of events, and promotion posters and web banners. You can also register your event on the Pass it on Week website and show everyone you’re getting involved.
Pass it on Selfies
We’re also encouraging people to take ‘Pass it on selfies’ and tweet them during the week. You can show that your business is getting on board by encouraging staff to do this and including your employer’s Twitter handle in the tweet.
Get in touch
If you want to chat about any aspect of Pass it on Week – get in touch!   Simply call Kim Young on 01786 433960 or email

Wednesday meetings

Today has been a busy day, including:

*   A briefing at lunchtime for councillors whose wards are affected by Phase 1 of the new bin collection and recycling arrangements and an opportunity for us to raise questions and seek assurances for constituents.   Any resident with a concern or a query is welcome to either call me direct on 459378 or the Environment Department on 436289.


*   An afternoon meeting of the Time2Give timebank committee for the West End.   Timebanking is a means of exchange used to organise people and organisations around a purpose, where time is the principal currency.  For every hour participants ‘deposit’ in a timebank, perhaps by giving practical help and support to others, they are able to ‘withdraw’ equivalent support in time when they themselves are in need.    In each case the participant decides what they can offer. 

It is a great, community-based, concept and Time2Give is going from strength to strength.   Much credit recently goes to Claire who has voluntarily been managing the timebank recently.    You can read more about Time2Give here.
*   Tonight I attended a meeting at Blackness Library organised by the Environment Department for residents in Blackness Road west of Ashbank Road (on the north side and east of Balgay Road) about how the new bin/recycling arrangements are proposed to affect them.    It was a useful discussion and I was pleased that council officers listened carefully to the points made by residents and promised to take them on board in the roll-out of the new arrangements.

Changes to Waste & Recycling collections : an update

I have previously advised residents about the changes to bin collections and recycling arrangements covering much of the West End, now being rolled out.   The area covered in the current roll-out (Phase 1) covers quite a convoluted boundary but is roughly speaking the area west of Peddie Street to the Invergowrie boundary, including Logie, but currently not including Pentland and Tullideph.   
The council website has more details about the new arrangements.   Delivery of detailed information to residents affected commences today (being delivered between now and 6th March) and the Director of Environment at the City Council has advised me of the following timetable for the phasing in of the new arrangements for Phase 1 (with the exception of a very small number of properties in Clayhills Drive and within the Ninewells Hospital grounds which were switched over last December) :
Any resident with queries can contact the Environment Department on 436289 or e-mail  
I previously mentioned the concerns raised by residents in Blackness Road west of Ashbank Road (on the north side and east of Balgay Road) about how the new arrangements are proposed to affect them.   I am pleased to note than an additional consultation meeting has been arranged by the Environment Department for these residents this week – 7pm on Wednesday (25th) at Blackness Library.

Changes to Waste & Recycling collections : Blackness Road

Further to my update about the Community Council meeting last night, here’s the detail of what is being proposed in relation to new waste & recycling collections in part of Blackness Road.


Over a long period, I have highlighted to the City Council residents’ complaints about wheelie bins sitting permanently on the pavement, which not only causes difficulty for pedestrians particularly those using wheelchairs, motorised scooters or with prams, but has potentially serious safety issues as we saw in 2010 in Peddie Street.

With the roll-out of new bin and recycling arrangements now taking place in a large part of the West End, I asked the City Council’s Environment Department if this will tackle the wheelie bins on the pavements problem in part of the tenement section of Blackness Road.
I have now been updated as follows and would welcome feedback from any resident about what is proposed :
“The proposed service provision for the Blackness Road properties (tenements) in phase 1 is as follows:
226 – 248 (even). Reconfiguration of wheeled bins within each recess area. Wheeled bins for refuse, DMR (paper, card, plastics, metals) and glass to be provided. Bins will be shared by all residents and collected, emptied and returned by the refuse collectors.
250 – 274 (even), 219 – 295 (odd). Properties to be served by communal, on-street eurobins to be situated on the carriageway. Eurobins to be provided for the collection of refuse, DMR (paper, card, plastics, metals) and glass. All existing wheeled bins for refuse, paper/card and green boxes will be uplifted and removed from service.  
In terms of the food waste provision, all of the above properties will be served by on-street wheeled bins, each to be stored within a bespoke housing unit. The units will be located either on the carriageway or footway, appropriate to the location and width of footway.”

As I indicated last night, getting the wheelie bins off the pavement will be welcomed, although the need for eurobins west of Ashbank Road on the north side of Blackness Road should be reconsidered, as there is no wheelie bins on pavement issue there.

Pennycook Lane Recycling Centre – an update

Further to my recent update about the overflowing recycling at the Pennycook Lane recycling centre, I have now received the following update from the City Council’s Recycling Projects Team Leader :
“I can confirm that the Pennycook Lane Recycling Centre overflowing bin has been emptied. We believe this to be a one-off incident. 
However, I have instructed a member of my team to monitor the site twice weekly to assess whether the collection frequency is indeed adequate.”