Food recycling – Perth Road Lanes – further update

I recently updated residents about the impending food recycling extension to cover the Perth Road lanes and surrounding area.
There was a drop-in session yesterday for residents that I previously advertised and I thought it would now be useful to give a list of the streets wholly or partly included in the new food recycling extension :
I have details of the locations of communal on-street recycling units in the area so do please contact me if you wish further information on this (
Last week, I attended a briefing for councillors about the proposed final extensions of all other household recycling across the city (paper, cardboard, metals, plastics, etc) and this will take place in two phases – commencing April and June.    The above area is the only part of the West End left to have this extension (the rest of the West End being covered from 2015) and I will update with further details on this soon.

Food recycling extension in the West End – map

Last week, I advised that there will shortly be an extension to the food waste collection service to the Perth Road Lanes and surrounding areas.     
The update also contained details of a drop-in event at Blackness Library for residents – you can read the earlier update here.
A number of residents have asked the precise area covered and therefore please note this map and boundary below :
This extension of the food waste recycling to this area (plus Brown Street) in the West End completes the roll out of food recycling in the West End Ward.

Food recycling – Perth Road Lanes

There will shortly be an extension to the food waste collection service which will be sent out this week to householders in the Perth Road Lanes (as well as some other areas outside the West End including the City Centre, Docks, Hilltown, Lawside, Coldside and parts of Stobswell).
The poster below gives details of Drop In sessions (including one at Blackness Library) that will be manned by staff from the council’s Waste Section, who will be happy to answer any queries and pass on further details relating to the new service.    
Ahead of the service launch at seek commencing 27th February, a detailed service information leaflet will be delivered to all households, along with their new food waste caddy. 

Christmas Card recycling

People are being urged to recycle Christmas cards and wrapping paper to help plant trees across the UK.   
A scheme run by the Woodland Trust saw 600 million cards recycled in recent years and stores including Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s have set up similar projects.
Recycling boxes will be in stores throughout January (from today), with a tree to be planted for every 1 000 cards recycled.
The M&S stores in Murraygate and at the Gallagher Retail Park are participating and you can read more about the scheme here.

Perth Road Recycling unit – bottom of Ryehill Lane

I recently received a complaint that the Perth Road Recycling unit at the bottom of Ryehill Lane is badly needing a clean up.
I contacted the City Council and Neighbourhood Services advises :
“We have been out to view the containers and agree that it could do with a good clean. I have arranged for it to be power washed as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor the site over the next few months and take appropriate action.”

European Week for Waste Reduction

European Week for Waste Reduction starts tomorrow – Saturday 19th November – and runs until 27th November across over 30 different countries.   Zero Waste Scotland is the Scottish co-ordinator.
Each year organisations, businesses, local authorities, schools and individuals are encouraged to take action during the week to raise awareness of how to reduce waste in our society.    Registered actions are eligible for a European award with winners invited to a prestigious ceremony in Barcelona next year.
The aim of the week is to mobilise action across Europe that promotes the three Rs: reduce, re-use and recycle. 
In Scotland, the focus of European Week for Waste Reduction is on food waste, but this year the theme across Europe is wasteful packaging. 
You can find out more about European Week for Waste Reduction here.

Recycle your real Christmas tree!

The City Council advises that, if you are on a brown bin collection route, your real Christmas Tree can put the next scheduled brown bin collection day.  
Please cut up your tree and put it in your brown kerbside bin (if you have one) for collection, add it to your garden compost bin should you have one, or take it to your local recycling centre, such as the Riverside Civic Amenity Site.
For more information, please telephone 433710.