Trees near rail line at Clovis Duveau Drive

Some weeks ago, on behalf of residents in the Clovis Duveau Drive area, I contacted Network Rail about the overgrown trees and foliage from their ground between the rail line at the nearby houses.
I have now had the following positive response from Network Rail :
“Please accept my apologies for the delay in contacting you regarding this matter.
I have attached photographs which were taken … after completion of the work – that shows the trees and vegetation situated on our land near to the properties concerned –  which include trees, cultivated hedges and plants present on the housing side – and all provide a screen from the operational railway.
It is essential that this vegetation is properly controlled and managed.  For this reason, Network Rail carries out a nationwide, planned programme of vegetation management throughout the year.” 
The photo (above right) shows the area with the trees thinned back.

Service 5 bus – west end of Perth Road

Earlier this month, I highlighted the concerns of local residents and myself at the decision of National Express Dundee to re-route the 5 bus service so that it no longer covers the very far west end of Perth Road – west of the Ninewells Avenue roundabout.   This means that residents in that part of Perth Road, Millbay Terrace, Millbay Gardens and Clovis Duveau Drive can no longer catch the 5 service near their homes, nor can visitors to the Riverview Nursing Home use the service anymore.

I am very grateful to the local residents who have kindly offered to collect signatures on the petition I have started – see below.    Any resident wishing to sign the petition, please let me know – 459378 or – many thanks.

Grit Bins at Clovis Duveau Drive

I recently – on behalf of local residents – highlighted to the City Council damaged grit bins at Clovis Duveau Drive.

I have now received feedback from the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership as follows:

” …the Roads Maintenance Partnership inspector has raised an order for two vandalised grit bins to be uplifted and this will be done when resources are available.   Replacement bins will be set out before the start of the winter weather.”

Getting things done – Clovis Duveau Drive

Having had complaints from residents in Clovis Duveau Drive recently about the poor state of the street nameplates, I reported the matter to the City Council and have now received the following positive feedback :

“I checked the Clovis Duveau street name plates and agree they do need replaced.    Replacement signs will be included in the next street name plate order.   There is no timescale available at present however I will update you once this becomes known.”

Bus timetable – Perth Road

Residents in Clovis Duveau Drive have pointed out to me that the bus shelter on Perth Road opposite their street has no bus timetable on it.

I contacted the City Council regarding this and am advised :

“This shelter was converted to polycarbonate due to vandalism.
When Trueform installed the polycarbonate they did not fit a pane with holes in order to install a timetable case within the shelter.
I will speak to Trueform and ask for them to install a timetable case asap.”