Getting things done – Rosefield Place, Rosefield Street and Bankmill Road #dundeewestend

At the request of residents, I have asked the City Council to attend to the following issues in the Rosefield Place, Rosefield Street and Bankmill Road area :
  • Rosefield Place to Bankmill Road path – requested that the graffiti pictured below is removed.
  • Rosefield Place – requested that a dumped mattress is removed.
  • Rosefield Street – requested that the east pavement is thoroughly swept as it badly needs done.

Waste collection arrangements in Blackness area

Numerous residents in Rosefield Street, Forest Park Road and Forest Park Place have been in contact with me recently regarding the City Council’s recent proposal to introduce a wheelie bin collection in parts of these streets.

Although some residents have welcomed the move away from the old ‘traditional’ polybin collection as it had its problems, many residents are concerned that in some parts of the area, there may be problems with wheelie bins being left out on the street permanently – an on-going issue in streets like Peddie Street, Blackness Street, Hawkhill and parts of Blackness Road, for example.

Both I and the chair of the local community group – Community Spirit – have raised these concerns with the City Council and a representative of the Waste Management Department will be attending the next meeting of Community Spirit to discuss the issue.   It is good to see the department engaging with local residents to discuss the matter.

The Waste Management Department has also advised me :

“We will be monitoring the situation once wheelie bins are introduced. We will allocate one wheelie bin per property and label the bin which will enable us to identify the household should there be an issue regarding bins being left kerbside, outwith collection day. In this instance we can letter households, reminding them of their responsibilites within the scheme. The Environmental Health and Trading Standards Department will be responsible for non-compliance in relation to back areas.

We are consulting with City Development looking at introducing eurobins into Peddie Street. If this goes ahead and proves successsful, we may review the arrangements in Rosefield Street and Forest Park Road should the wheelie bins prove problematic.”

Given the concerns that a wheelie bin fire caused in Peddie Street last September, moves to look at alternative collection arrangements here will be welcomed by residents.

Concern over break-ins

Last night’s Evening Telegraph reported on a number of recent break-ins in Marchfield Road, Pitfour Street, Rosefield Street and Peddie Street, together with my comments expressing concern about this.

Intrusion into people’s homes causes great upset and anxiety to householders, in addition to the theft of personal possessions.   

I have no doubt that Tayside Police will be putting in significant resources to apprehending those responsible and the co-operation of any members of the public with information is vital.

Last couple of days …

Above : A very cold but beautiful morning on Madgalen Green earlier today

Having said on Boxing Day that normal blogging would resume the following day, it didn’t! IT problems I’m afraid, but now resolved. Janet bought me a wireless network audio system for Christmas, a jolly good piece of kit, but getting it to recognise my laptop proved to be a significant challenge. I’ll not bore you with the technical details, but the bottom line was that Vista had to be reinstalled on my laptop, together with all programs. All worked out in the end and the audio system is now happily playing my downloaded music from Napster, but oh, what an effort and no e-mail or internet access for 48 hours!

A super and relaxing Christmas & I hope all residents had a lovely Christmas too!

The main issue raised by residents over the past few days has, unsurprisingly, been winter maintenance and I am continuing to raise with the City Council on all issues raised. One specific issue that I agree with residents does need addressing is the lack of gritting at many bus stops, making it difficult for elderly folk in particular to get on and off buses.   I have raised this with the City Engineer and the Head of Transportation.

I was speaking with the Courier this afternoon (on an unrelated matter) and was advised that the Dundee man who died just before Christmas after falling on the station concourse at Edinburgh’s Waverley Station has just been named as James Clark of Rosefield Street in the West End. Our thoughts must be with Mr Clark’s family at this very sad time.

Pavement condition complaints

I recently raised residents’ complaints about the condition of the south side footpath on Perth Road – between Thomson Street & Step Row. I have had the following feedback from the City Council :

“The area inspector checked this section of footway on the south side of Perth Road between Thomson Street and Step Row and noted a small number of areas where the footway surface was in less than perfect condition however these areas are too shallow to fill with temporary material. In the short term he will continue to inspect this footway on a regular basis and monitor its condition. It has been provisionally included in a future (not this financial year) programme of improvement works although this is subject to change dependant on funding and its ranking in terms of deterioration compared with all other footways included in the annual inspection to assess condition.”


I have written back saying “I am concerned that the pavement is being left and only being monitored at this time, particularly the usage by elderly people from the Paton’s Lane and Seafield Lane sheltered housing complexes” and pressing for assurances about resurfacing.

I have also received assurances about pavement repairs on Perth Road east of the Invercarse Hotel (north side) and have raised residents’ complaints about pavement condition on parts of Seafield Road and on Blackness Road (north side around Rosefield Street and Rosefield Place).