Getting things done – Fyffe Street #dundeewestend

Residents have drawn to my attention the poor condition of part of the pavement on the north side of Fyffe Street.
I highlighted this with the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership and have received the following response :
“An order has been raised for a thermal patching repair to be carried out at this location. There is no specific timescale for completion but it will be done when resources are available.”

Dog fouling complaints tackled #dundeewestend

I have recently received complaints from residents in the Eassons Angle, Fyffe Street and Fleucher Street area about dog fouling on local pavements.
I raised this with the Animal Control Officer who advises :
“Signs have been erected in Fyffe Street and Polepark Road.   I will continue to monitor the area.”

Additional Scottish Water Works – Fyffe Street/Eassons Angle #dundeewestend

From the Corporate Affairs Officer at Scottish Water :
I have been made aware from our contractors CWA who are carrying out our water mains upgrade works in Dundee of an additional piece of work to take place within your ward.
This work was originally planned previously however due to issues with the proposed backfeed (to reduce amount of customers affected) the work was unable to be completed.
I have been informed that the work will now take place from Monday 20th November for approximately 2 weeks.  The work involves the lining of existing water mains in Fyffe Street (near junction with Benvie Road).  
There may also be some work required in Easson’s Angle however at this stage nothing has been confirmed.  I will keep you updated when I have confirmation.
The work in Fyffe Street will not involve any road closures and access will be maintained at all times.

Graffiti concerns

Residents have expressed concern to me at some recent graffiti vandalism in parts of the West End.    The graffiti has a distinctive ‘tag’ as evidenced by an example in Fyffe Street – see right.
It is disappointing to see the recurrence of graffiti as there has been relatively little in recent months and I would urge any resident who has seen anything suspicious to contact Police Scotland on 101.   
I have been in touch with the City Council’s Rapid Response Team about the matter.

Playpark area in Polepark Road – need for improvement

Residents in Fyffe Street and Polepark Road have been in touch with me regarding the poor condition of the playpark area at the north end of Polepark Road.
See photos below:
I have been in touch with the City Council’s Environment Department about this and have been advised:
“This area is one we have identified as a possible site for environmental improvements under the capital programme … we are keen to carry out some improvement works here over the winter months.”

Assurances following Fyffe Street fires

I have spoken with a number of constituents over the past few days, following three fires in a week at the now-vacant Fyffe Street Motors site (see right), which is immediately adjacent to housing in Lawrence Street and Easson’s Angle.
Although minor in nature and clearly amateur, it is important that the building is fully secured to avoid any repetition and that there is regular patrolling in the area by the police and community wardens.    I have been in touch with our local community police officer for the area who advises that he is giving the area very regular attention and that CID is dealing with the enquiry into the fires.    Tayside Fire and Rescue has also advised me:
“We have liaised with our police colleagues to unsure that the premises are maintained secure.
We have also ensured that three cylinders were removed to another location.
Community Wardens have been asked to patrol the area and the mobile CCTV unit has also been tasked to visit the area.
Crews from the Blackness Road fire station have been visiting the neighbouring properties, offering advice and putting up Crimestoppers posters.”
I am most grateful to the police, fire and rescue and community wardens for their attention to this matter.

Cleghorn Street

I am advised by the City Council that traffic will be prohibited on Cleghorn Street between Benvie Road and Lochee Road next week due to Scottish Water valve replacement works.
The road closure will start on Monday 1st December for a maximum of 5 working days and the alternative route is via Benvie Road, Fyffe Street and Polepark Road.
This won’t affect pedestrian access and further information can be obtained from the City Council on Dundee 433168.

Benvie Road and Fyffe Street

Good progress towards improvements in the road surface of Fyffe Street and Benvie Road (see photo of the current poor condition – right) – here’s a news release I issued earlier today :
West End Dundee City Councillor Fraser Macpherson has today welcomed feedback he has received from Dundee City Council regarding his request for improvements to the road surfaces in parts of Benvie Road and Fyffe Street.

“The road surfaces here were originally cobbled surfaces and some years ago a layer of tar was added. Although this initially provided a smoother road surface, over the past few years, the tarred surface has badly worn, resulting in a really poor and very unsightly road condition. I have had dozens of complaints about it from local residents,” commented Cllr Macpherson.

Cllr Macpherson approached the City Council during 2007 to see if improvements to the road could be undertaken.

“I was advised that, given the setted surface beneath, a technical solution had to be found that would provide for a quality result. The Council had therefore approached a company that carries out proprietary works to see if their system is suitable,” continued Cllr Macpherson.

“I have recently received further feedback from the Council advising that the technical solution here is indeed a viable and cost-effective way forward. Although the roads capital programme for 2008/9 has yet to be finalised, it is hoped that the improvement works will be carried out early in the new financial year.

“The extent of the work on Benvie Road will be between Cleghorn Street and Fyffe Street and in Fyffe Street it will be from Eassons Angle to Polepark Road. The works will involve the repair of the existing potholes and the laying of a proprietary overlay over the existing surfacing. I am very pleased that a solution to the poor road surfaces in Benvie Road and Fyffe Street are in sight,” concluded Cllr Macpherson.

Benvie Road, Mitchell Street, Fyffe Street

Spent the last few days campaigning right across the West End, with super feedback (and rather super weather too!)
Had the following feedback from the Acting Chief Engineer about my request to resurface Fyffe Street and Benvie Road (road surfaces really poor) :
“I have asked one of the officers to inpect Fyffe Street and Benvie Road. The 07/08 programme is just about completed.”
With regard to graffiti problems in the Fyffe Street and Benvie Road area, good feedback from Waste Management whose officers have spoken with local businesses. They have agreed to remove graffiti on their premises – the department will equally be removing graffiti from the Mitchell Street Centre area.