Save Dundee Borders

Like many other local people (over 3500 already) I have signed the petition to save the Dundee ‘Borders’ bookstore (the online version is available at

As the petition states :

“Borders is a Dundee institution. It is more than a bookshop – it is a meeting place, a quiet space, a family event, a passage to the amazing world of reading for children and adults, a home for book groups and community groups and a treasure trove for all booklovers.

Let’s not lose it. Sign the PETITION – and when you can – buy a book!

Over 3000 people have signed the petition in store and 250 people are following@bordersdundee on Twitter. Please add your support.”

Dundee Borders has supported West End Christmas Week for the past few years by donating vouchers for our various children’s competition prizes.   Do please sign the petition and show your support – many thanks.