Youth End Poverty

You’ll recall I was interviewed some months back by Roars Not Whispers regarding different attitudes to poverty in Dundee (click on headline about about this).
Arising out of this, Yep Dundee (Youth End Poverty) will launch its first public meeting tomorrow (23rd October) at 7.30pm at DVA, The Number Ten Building, 10 Constitution Road, Dundee.
I promised to publicise this on the blog, so here’s some of the info about the meeting :
“The meeting will last around an hour, and it will be a chance to meet other people involved with Yep, and to start looking at poverty in the city and what we are actually going to do about it. As well as talking about what you would like to get out of being a Yep activist and what you can get involved with now.
“If you would like to come along to that then let us know too, and we will keep you posted about it. In the meantime you can log onto our myspace or our bebo and add us as a friend, and theres a facebook coming soon too. Also Oxfam have set up a facebook group to get young people from around the country to discuss poverty, and you can watch parts of the DVD they made: ‘Are you bothered?’ which is a great short film looking at people’s attitudes to poverty.