Resurfacing programmes

A number of constituents have queried the quality of the recent road resurfacing in Glamis Road that was “surface dressed” with chippings and have pointed out to me that the finished surface compares unfavourably compared to streets such as Westgrove Avenue, that was resufaced last year using the “thin resurfacing” method.
I queried this with the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership who advised:

I refer to your constituents’ queries regarding the resurfacing of Glamis Road and Westgrove Avenue. These two locations were surfaced using different processes.
Glamis Road was surface dressed which is a cost-effective method of re-waterproofing and restoring the skid resistance to the existing carriageway surface and is used where the underlying road profile remains in reasonable condition. It is used on routes with high vehicle numbers as the action of the traffic is required to embed the applied stone chips.
Westgrove Avenue carriageway had a thin surfacing applied which is a proprietary process used on quieter/ residential routes where traffic flow is less and where there may have been some wear of the existing carriageway fabric.

I have made the point that the “surface dressed” chippings method has clear drawbacks and would prefer to see other – superior – methods used where possible.

Getting things done – Westgrove Avenue

Last year, around this time, I reported the good news that several West End roads were being resurfaced during the 2012/13 financial year.
All of these have since been tackled, with the exception of Westgrove Avenue.    Here, the work was postponed because Scottish Gas announced that a main in the street was to be replaced during 2012.   It made no sense to resurface the road, only to see it thereafter being dug up by a utility company.
I recently asked the City Engineer for an assurance that Westgrove Avenue will get its much-needed resurfacing this year and am pleased to advise that he has responded as follows:
“Yes, it is included in the provisional programme to be carried out in 2013/14.”

Good news – road resurfacing in the West End

I have welcomed news that several roads in the West End Ward including Abbotsford Street, Westgrove Avenue, Colinton Place, Loganlee Terrace and Pentland Crescent are to be resurfaced next month.

The condition of these local roads are in poor shape and resurfacing of them to a good standard will be welcomed by local residents.    I am continuing to campaign for improvements for several other local roads including Hillcrest Road, which is in an extremely poor condition.   I have asked for it to be included in the 2012/13 roads resurfacing programme.

The work on Abbotsford Street, Westgrove Avenue, Colinton Place, Loganlee Terrace and Pentland Crescent will be undertaken in the week commencing 16th April – the resurface work takes approximately one day to apply and traffic is managed by a stop/go system during the work.

Getting things done – Westgrove Avenue

I have received complaints from residents about the state of the rather potholed surface of the roadway of Westgrove Avenue and have taken up their concerns with the City Council.

I have received the following response :

“There is a thin surfacing scheme proposed for Westgrove Avenue for this financial year which has not yet been programmed. In the meantime an order has been raised for the repair of various potholes with a timescale for completion of 28 days.”

I am pleased at the proposed resurfacing during this financial year given the poor surface of the roadway here.