Perth Road Recycling unit – bottom of Ryehill Lane

I recently received a complaint that the Perth Road Recycling unit at the bottom of Ryehill Lane is badly needing a clean up.
I contacted the City Council and Neighbourhood Services advises :
“We have been out to view the containers and agree that it could do with a good clean. I have arranged for it to be power washed as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor the site over the next few months and take appropriate action.”

Corner of Ryehill Lane and Perth Road

Yesterday, along with two members of the Bonnie Dundee team, I had a very useful site visit with the new maintenance contractor for JCDecaux, who own the seating area at the corner of Ryehill Lane and Perth Road, in front of the company’s advertising hoardings.
The area has become overgrown, untidy and there’s also some litter – see below.    We were pleased to get assurances that, henceforth, the area will be maintained fortnightly, which is good news.

Many thanks to the Western Cemetery Association!

I have mentioned in recent months the efforts being made to establish a Perth Road Traders’ Association.   Local businesses have have rightly mentioned the need to improve the physical environment in the shopping area – the seating area at Sinderins (I have asked Community Payback to have the seats repainted and they have kindly agreed) and the seating at the advertising site at the bottom of Ryehill Lane are good examples.
And, with regard to the advertising site at the bottom of Ryehill Lane, I asked the owners JC Decaux to permit access for a community clean up, and the company kindly agreed.   So full marks to the Western Cemetery Association for tidying the site yesterday – and my thanks to Ann Prescott for the photos below:

Midweek Update!

A busy week thus far, so quite a few things to update on :

* I had a very useful and productive meeting today with the Head of Transportation and the Sustainable Transport Team Leader at the City Council to discuss local bus services, including the report going to the City Development Committee on Monday on the outcome of tendering for local bus services.   It looks promising that there will be improvements to the current 69 bus service in terms of timetable – good news for those parts of the West End covered by the service.   It is also hoped to see improvements to the Friendly Bus shopping service serving sheltered housing.

I also discussed with the Head of Transportation parking issues around West Port, the speed limit on Riverside Drive and traffic speed in residential areas.

* This afternoon, I attended the City Council’s Job Creation Working Group, at which employment initiatives in the city were discussed.   This group provides a good opportunity for council group leaders, council chief officers and Chamber of Commerce representatives to discuss the employment situation in Dundee and related matters.   I asked questions on a number of matters, including progress with the refurbishment of the Dundee rail station.

* Over the past few days, I have had constituents express concern about a proposal to have a taxi rank at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Nethergate.     A number of the concerns have been resolved by confirmation that the rank will operate only between 11pm and 6am, but, on behalf of residents, I have sought assurances from the City Council’s Director of City Development to ensure arrangements with Waste Management are in place for any litter to be removed before the Cathedral opens in the morning and that any possible alteration to the taxi rank timings in the future would require full consultation before any implementation.

* JC Decaux has agreed to tidy up its advertising area at the corner Perth Road and Ryehill Lane, following my contacting the company on behalf of residents.

* The West End Community Council has updated the design of its new website at – its well worth a visit and has a crisp, professional look.

* Late this afternoon, along with colleagues from Friends of Magdalen Green and the West End Communities Officer, we met with a parks representative from the council’s Leisure and Communities Department on the green to discuss where to site BBQ tables, following our recent consultation with residents.    

The outcome of the consultation showed residents strongly in favour of BBQ tables (these will reduce damage to the grass from disposable BBQs) but residents did not want the new tables near housing or where they would not be used by residents.   After discussion, we agreed to a site to the west of the bandstand, sheltered by trees.    See photo below.     We also agreed to more litter bins (and bigger ones!) with Friends of Magdalen Green helping with funding of them.
* Tonight, I attended a walkabout in parts of the north of the West End Ward, along with representatives from the Community Spirit Action Group, the communities officer for the West End, our Community Police Officer and one of my ward colleagues.   We looked at various issues affecting the area that we will these take forward with appropriate council departments and others – examples below :
Polepark Road – damaged wall
Larch Street – road damage

Latest West End updates …

RYEHILL LANE/PERTH ROAD JUNCTION : Residents have mentioned that the seating area here needs tidied and weeds removed.   The Regional Operations Manager for the owners of the site (J C Decaux UK Ltd) has advised me “I will have this attended to this week and will ensure it is kept in good condition.”

HUNTER STREET : A resident contacted me to say that the bollard on a traffic island has been flattened by a vehicle. The Council’s City Development Department advises that, “the street lighting section have recorded this damaged bollard in their defects database and it will be repaired within the next week or so.”

GLAMIS PLACE : Following a resident complaining to me that the drainage gully here was blocked, I wrote to the City Engineer asking for this to be attended to – and he has replied – “I am advised that there is only one gully in Glamis Place. Records have been checked and the gully machine has not attended this location in the past few months. The gully has been checked on site and found to be at least partly choked with silt. As such arrangements have been made for the gully machine to attend and clear the debris.”

Trip Hazard to be sorted

Residents have reported to me that grating at the junction of Ryehill Lane and Perth Road is missing.

Having reported this to the City Development Department, I have been updated today as follows :
” … the area inspector has confirmed that an order has been raised for the replacement of some grating at the junction of Ryehill Lane and Perth Road.”

Seating area at corner of Ryehill Lane and Perth Road

In the past, I have raised residents’ complaints about the maintenance of this area (click on headline to view a previous item about this from around a year ago). Its owners, JC Decaux, who own the advertising hoardings to the rear of the site have, at my request, undertaken tidy-ups of the site in the past.

The area is looking shabby and overgrown again and the seating needs completely replaced. I’ve been back in touch with JC Decaux and I have been promised that new seating will be in situ by Tuesday of next week.

The company has also arranged weedkilling of the chipped area but have still to do the area where the old flower bed was and put down fresh top soil. However that if all goes according to plan, that area should be completed by Wednesday of next week.

Ryehill Lane seating

The seating area at the corner of Ryehill Lane and Perth Road has been the subject of previous discussions between myself and its owners (J C Decaux, the advertising hoardings people, who own the billboards behind it).

In 2005, following my request, J C Decaux had the area tidied, which was welcome.

However, a number of the elderly residents in the Perth Road area have pointed out to me that the seating here is in very poor shape (as the lower photo, right, shows).

Therefore, earlier today, I was in touch with the company again, and they have promised to look into the matter. Their repairs are handled centrally from a unit in Ayrshire, so it may take a little time, but pleased the company has reacted positively to the suggestion.

Latest update ….

A few days since I have been able to pause for breath and update the blog – so here goes!

Firstly, many of you will have read in the local press on Saturday and heard me on local radio yesterday about the deep concern of a number of tenants regarding a local landlord who has served eviction notices on them, despite their being long-standing and good tenants. I am of the view that the tenants have been treated very badly and the comments by the landlord in Saturday’s Courier accusing me of “electioneering” for having the cheek to speak out on behalf of constituents, were highly inappropriate.
I am pleased to advise that I have spoken with the landlord’s solicitor today who has apologised on his client’s behalf for the comments in the press. He has proposed a meeting with myself and tenant representatives and I will be speaking with the tenants about this and hope that we will soon have a proper solution to this that allows the tenants to remain in their homes.
On another local matter, pleased to get the following information from the Council’s street lighting department about the faulty lighting in the car park near the Muirlands sheltered housing (there has been an issue as to responsibility here – i.e. is it privately maintained by the Housing Association or part of the adopted street lighting?) :-
“I have made contact with Servite Housing and have arrange a meeting on site … to try and resolve this situation. In the short term I have repaired the lights.”
Residents are naturally delighted the lighting is back on.

Janet & I were delighted to attend Wave 102’s Local Hero Awards last Friday night (see photo!) I had the real pleasure of presenting the “Contribution to Charity” award to Pat Stevenson, who has done so much for Advocating Together (Dundee) – a superb local organisation helping people with learning disabilities – and based in my ward in Ryehill Lane.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable night – and a great credit to Wave 102 – let’s hope the Local Hero Awards will be an annual feature in the Dundee calendar.