Elliot Road playing field area #dundeewestend

Residents will recall that, when Dundee City Council made its proposals for ‘naturalised areas’ within some parks and open space areas across the city to improve biodiversity, I mentioned – and highlighted to environment management – that I felt the most problematic proposal in the West End would be at Elliot Road.
This is because it completely removed an amenity space and is very close to residential housing – and so it has proved to be as there has been much comment to both myself and the City Council very largely saying that the site was not appropriate.
I am very pleased to say that the council has listened to feedback and last week cut the grass along most of the site – see photos below.
The Service Manager – Environment in the department has advised me :
“Following our ongoing review and proposals and also the feedback we have received with regards to Elliot Road we have concluded that the majority of grass will be cut and can confirm that this was commenced yesterday. As the area is no longer used for formal football, the cut area will be maintained as amenity grass.
However, a proportion of the green space will be designated as a biodiversity / naturalised area. Access to the entrance of Balgay cemetery will be maintained through this. In the future we will be considering how this area can be improved for biodiversity and amenity.
The proposal plan currently on the council website will edited and updated accordingly.
On another note and for information the area next to the Play park at Lochee Park will also be brought back to standard.”



Road issue – Elliot Road #dundeewestend

Residents have drawn to my attention an apprently forgotten road excavation in Elliot Road – see below :
I have asked the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership to ascertain responsibility – I suspect a utility – and request this gets completed as soon as possible.

Getting things done – Elliot Road

Back in April, residents contacted me about the state of the fencing round the Elliot Road playing fields – this needed some repairs and a repaint (given the rather ghastly and faded pink paint) – see below :
I contacted the City Council asking for this and an officer in the City Development Department responded positively as follows :
“I am looking to carry out some maintenance works to the Pavilion and I asked the Property Officer to obtain costs to repair and repaint the boundary fence.”
Repairs and a repaint have now been carried out and the finished result is a significant improvement – see below :

Elliot Road Update

Further to my article last Wednesday about the footpaths of Elliot Road, I have now been advised by the City Council that the proposed project has (subject to the outcome of resident consultation) been brought forward to wek commencing 11th January 2010.
The City Development Department has advised :
” … unfortunately there are delays to the approvals with the another project hence Elliot Road being brought forward to the 11th.”

Elliot Road – pavements and trees

The north footway of Elliot Road is in really poor condition, with trip hazards, thanks to tree roots – and the south footway is not adopted at all.    The City Development Department recently consulted me and other councillors about a number of options to improve matters and the option described by the department (below) is the agreed proposal.      There is now consultation with householders taking place and it is envisaged work will  commence on 26th January :

“Elliot Road provides vehicle and pedestrian access to Royal Victoria Hospital and pedestrian access to the adjacent Balgay Cemetery. The street has a tree lined footway to the north and to the south there is a park in the middle with housing at the west end and housing and lock ups to the east. There are not any residential properties on the north side.

The north footway is adopted whereas the south is not. The north footway is in poor condition due to many trip hazards caused by tree roots and the adjacent cemetery hedge which is also causing narrowing to below 1.2m width. The south sections of footway provide access to properties. They have scored highly in the Unadopted Footways programme and were due for upgrade and adoption this financial year.

Preferred option :

Combined Scheme to retain all existing mature trees and relocate the footway to south side of the road. This will address tripping hazards and footway width issues while retaining all 24 mature and healthy trees as well as providing a continuous footway on the south side. It is proposed to convert the redundant north footway into a grass verge so there is minimal residual liability for tripping issues. This footway does not provide access to any residential properties so the retention of it is not thought to be required. A Stopping Up Traffic Order is not required as the footway is to be re-aligned within the existing highway boundary.

The Adopted Footway works are to convert the north footway to grass verge and provide a new footway within the park. The Estates Section of City Development who manage this land on behalf of the Education Dept who own it, have granted approval to construct a new footway as proposed as it will not affect their long term proposals. The Unadopted footway works are to upgrade and adopt the footways either side of the park on the south side of the road.

Tree Implications – Retention of all 32 mature and healthy trees.”

Glamis Road east footpath

The footway in Glamis Road on the east side – adjacent to Balgay Cemetery – is in poor condition.
I have received complaints from residents about a problem of the surface erosion from rain here, and at the corner of Glamis Road and Elliot Road, it is exacerbated by the fact that rain water runs out of the cemetery gate at this location.
I have been in touch with the City Council about the issue and am pleased to note that this section of Glamis Road is in this year’s unadopted footway programme with an expected start date early in the new calendar year, although this may be brought forward dependant on winter service commitments.

Latest planning and transport initiatives

Here’s a couple of the latest news releases from the City Council – these matters will be on the agenda of Planning & Transport Committee, the City Council committee I chair, on Monday coming.

The proposed multi-storey car park at Hunter Street will be a boon for the residents in the West Port area and provide parking for students and staff at the University of Dundee – which will, in turn, relieve parking problems in the West End.

The proposed footpath repairs are very welcome news for the West End and for other parts of Dundee too.


A new £7m multi-storey car park with retail space on the ground floor is being proposed to serve the north west of Dundee city centre.

Dundee City Council’s planning and transport committee will consider a report recommending development at the site in Hunter Street at its meeting on Monday (May 12).
Committee convener, Fraser Macpherson said: “With around 430 spaces proposed for the car park it will go a long way to meeting the ever increasing need for parking in that area of the city.
“Demand created by Dundee University, student housing and business developments has boosted the number of vehicles during the day, while the vibrant cultural quarter has increased the need for parking spaces at night.
“More than three times the existing number of spaces in the area will enhance the car parking provision in that part of Dundee.”
According to a report by director of planning and transportation Mike Galloway an in depth background study has been carried out, and a short list of options costed against council funding guidelines.
The report recommends advertising for a potential partnering contractor to design and build the car park and retail unit on behalf of Dundee City Council as the best solution.
Other commercial proposals could also be put forward to enhance the development, but the new facilities will continue to be owned and operated by Dundee City Council.
The existing street level car parks at Hunter Street and nearby South Tay Street currently have space for 132 cars.

More than £300 000 could be spent on repairing footpaths in Dundee in the next year if councillors back the move.

A report to go to the planning and transport committee on Monday (May 12) highlights 24 stretches of path that will be repaired or replaced during 2008/2009.
Convener of the planning and transport committee, Fraser Macpherson said: “£308,000 has been identified to carry out work on those paths most in need.
“The improved condition will make it easier to get around for elderly people, and those whose mobility is impaired, and will also improve the environment in many areas across the city.”
Under a partnership agreement with Dundee City Council, Tayside Contracts will carry out the works if they are approved by the committee.
The 24 locations where work is proposed have been picked from the top of a comprehensive list drawn up by the City Engineer and reviewed annually.
Prioritising of individual locations is based on a combination of condition and usage.

NOTE : All areas of the city benefit, but here are the West End streets concerned :

· Blackness Road (south side Annfield Road to Peddie Street)
· Blackness Road (Ashbank Road to Glenagnes Road)
· Elliot Road (north side at cemetery)
· Sycamore Place (Scott Street to Logie Avenue)
· Hawkhill (north side Taits Lane to Blackness Avenue)