No they can’t

Wednesday’s “Daily Telegraph” :


‘Mr Salmond, the SNP leader, who has visited the campaign trail 13 times, has seized on Barack Obama’s campaign slogan insisting: “Yes, we can win and, yes, we will win the Glenrothes by-election.”‘


I am no supporter of the Labour Party but delighted that the SNP has finally been stopped in its tracks. Alex Salmond’s arrogance has blown up in his face.


What makes the nationalist government so dreadful is that it lives for the following day’s newspaper headline; it does not plan for the future of Scotland.


The electorate has seen through them. For Alex Salmond and the nationalists – the only way is down. That is good for Scotland.

The Union

I am the first to admit that I am the ‘original unionist’ – highly supportive of Scotland’s continuing role as a vital part of the UK, within a federal arrangement, to allow the devolution of power to the countries and communities within the UK. It is interesting to note the views of Tory supporting newspapers over the past few days :

· Scottish Daily Mail, comment: “The position of the Scottish Tories is extraordinary. They voted with the party that is pledged to break up the United Kingdom. They did so after being bought off with a promise of 500 more police – they should remember, that in SNP currency a pledge of 1000 officers equals 500, as has already been demonstrated… this mega-expenditure plan has been drafted on the back of an envelope, this will end in tears”. (07.02.08)

· The Daily Telegraph: “the Tory MSPs should seriously ask themselves: did John Swinney give them anything he didn’t want to give them? Doesn’t that sly wee grin on John Swinney’s face sum up precisely what the Tories achieved?” (07.02.08)