Getting things done … Farington Terrace

I have recently received complaints about the very poor state of both much of the roadway and the pavements in Farington Terrace.    See photos below:
Road surface
Pavement in Farington Terrace
The pavement is not adopted and I have asked the City Engineer to have it added to the List of Unadopted Footways for future adoption.   He has responded:
“Farington Terrace will be considered for future inclusion on the Unadopted Footways List and its priority scored at the next review.”
With regard to the road, the Roads Maintenance Partnership has replied as follows:
“Farington Terrace carriageway has been checked by the Road Maintenance Partnership inspector and although the carriageway surface is worn, there are currently no actionable defects and those areas displaying wear are too shallow to hold any repair material. It will be considered for possible inclusion in future carriageway repair programmes. The carriageway condition will continue to be monitored in the meantime during routine inspections and any actionable defects will be noted and repairs organised to ensure safety is maintained.”
I will continue to press for inclusion in a future carriageway repair programme, given its very poor state.