On Wave 102 News – Dundee passport office proposed closure concern

I spoke yesterday on Wave 102 News about the proposed closure of the Dundee Passport Office in Greenmarket that is scheduled for 18th March.
When Dundee’s former passport office in Nethergate was closed in autumn 2011, the then Identity and Passport Service gave an assurance that local passport interview facilities would still be available in Dundee.    The recent announcement of the closure of the Dundee facility is a clear breach of promise.
It now means that local people in Dundee and also people across Tayside, Fife and Aberdeenshire will have to travel to Glasgow or Edinburgh for passport interview services and it breaks long-standing links to the communities staff serve.
It appears HM Passport Office think its all right for the public travelling long distances for interviews at extra cost – something that is simply not acceptable.   There is also concern for the hard-working, long-serving passport office staff affected by the proposed closure.  
This closure represents the loss of a well-used facility for Dundee and the winder region and I am asking HM Passport Office to reconsider their decision.
You can listen to the interview by clicking ‘play’ below :

Willie Rennie MSP visits Dundee @wave102

Willie Rennie MSP, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, will visit Dundee later today to meet Dundee people to discuss the forthcoming referendum and Scottish Liberal Democrat plans for Home Rule for Scotland, within a federal United Kingdom.
I am speaking this morning on Wave 102 News about this – you can hear the interview by clicking ‘play’ below :

Call for 20 mph zones in residential streets

Earlier this week, I reiterated my view that there is significant support from residents for 20mph speed limits in highly residential areas.
This morning’s “Courier” covers my comments on this issue and my view that the City Council is dragging its feet on the matter.  This is very starkly different to the proactive approach of other councils – Edinburgh, Fife and Angus for example – have been proactive.    Just look at the Angus/Dundee boundary at Monifieth – Navarre/East Navarre Street – both highly residential – 20 on the Angus side;  30 on the Dundee side.   
20s Plenty need not be expensive – advisory signage and some road marking.  I am wholly against expensive engineering measures like speed bumps.
I also spoke with Wave 102 News about the matter this morning and you can hear the interview by clicking ‘play’ below:

Disgraceful graffiti vandalism slammed

I was on both Radio Tay and Wave 102 News today, speaking about the disgraceful vandalism that took place in the Glamis Road, Hazel Drive and Elliot Road area at the weekend.
Residents are rightly outraged at this latest spate of graffiti vandalism, coming so soon after previous vandalism in the area.    
I hope that any resident who may have seen anything over Saturday night/Sunday morning in the area can contact Police Scotland on 101 to help bring those responsible for this mindless vandalism to justice.
You can hear my comments from Wave 102 News below by clicking ‘play’ below: