Back to business …

We’re just back from a couple of weeks on holiday in the States (which sort of explains the relative lack of blog updates recently!)

Back to usual updates over the next few days but, meantime, can I bore you with a few holiday snaps …!

Above : We went to New York first – here’s Janet in Times Square

Above : In New York for the 4th of July – despite drizzling rain that night, the fireworks were really spectacular.

Above : And great to see Scotland getting promoted in the centre of New York

Above : New York – Times Square – can’t escape the politics!

Above : After New York, we had four days in Las Vegas – extremely hot but we had a great time!

Above : And then on to Boston – here’s me there – not been to Boston before – very impressed, lovely city with loads to see.

Above : Good to see “Focus” extends to Boston!

Above : Janet in Boston

Above : We were canvassed in the street in Cambridge, MA, when visiting Harvard by a really nice lady from the Democrats and had to politely explain that, although supportive, we don’t actually have a vote … anyway, this is me there, making the preference clear!

Escape from politics …

So, you go to Las Vegas to escape politics for a week or so, you finally make it to your hotel room on the 27th Floor, you look out the window and …
But at least it was heartening to learn of the new potential career for the Prime Minister when Labour inevitably loses the next General Election …

Home and jet-lagged …

A bit jet-lagged, we are just back from Christmas and the New Year in Las Vegas. A pretty unusual experience having the festive season in Vegas. Thoroughly enjoyable time though! Our younger son got married there on 27th December (hence the visit) – here’s a couple of photos :
Janet and me at wedding – do not expect to see the kilt outfit again anytime soon!
New Year celebrations on the Strip!

Back from holiday …

We’ve been away on holiday the last couple of weeks (which explains lack of blog entries) and just back (seriously jet-lagged, having had two overnight flights on the way home!)

Anyway, great holiday – a couple of photos from both locations (Hawaii and Las Vegas) below. For friends and family I’ve put a few more on my Myspace pages – – and if you click the headline above, you can see my rather sad attempt at posting a video from Hawaii on!
I have returned to find my e-mail server down so I don’t have much of a clue about what’s been happening whilst we’ve been away but I must take this opportunity to sincerely thank the resident who very kindly sent me a text when I was away to let me know the outcome of the Tay Rope Works Planning Appeal. I am delighted at the Reporter’s Decision, dismissing the developer’s appeal and upholding my motion to refuse planning permission. Am also most grateful to both the group of local residents who took a very active part in the Public Inquiry and also to West End Community Council for all it did too.
Photos! – Hawaii first; really liked Hawaii – not been before – nice climate (not over-hot) and plenty to do and see :

Above : View from hotel balcony

Above : Yours truly!

And a couple from Vegas :

Above : Obvious place to eat in Vegas, I suppose!

Above : Me outside the hotel in Vegas