Pavements in Norwood Crescent

Having had residents’ complaints about the poor state of the pavement on the east side of Norwood Crescent, I took this up with the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership.
I have now received a response as follows :
“I … would advise that the Roads Maintenance Partnership inspector for the area has arranged for several holes to be filled on the grano section from number 1 to Blackness Road.”

Getting things done – Fort Street and Richmond Terrace

Residents have complained to me about the deteriorating state of the roadway in both Fort Street and in adjacent Richmond Terrace.   The Fort Street road surface is pictured – below:

I have reported this to the City Council’s Road Maintenance Partnership (RMP), requesting improvements.

Updates on other road repairs required that I have recently raised on behalf of residents :
Norwood Crescent :   RMP has responded – “With reference to your email, an order has been raised to fill a number of potholes in Norwood Crescent with a timescale for completion of twenty eight days or sooner.”
Seymour Street :   RMP has replied – “An order has been raised to carry out pothole repairs at this location with a timescale for completion of twenty eight days or sooner.”

Weeds on local roads

I complained bitterly last year about the extent of weeds on road edges and pavements in the West End, and all credit to the City Development Department – weed spraying in the West End was started earlier this year and I have had far fewer complaints from residents this year.
In response to an e-mail I sent the City Engineer recently, I received this from him today:
“I can confirm that a request for a second spraying of the weeds at the junction of Blackness Road and Norwood Crescent has been forwarded to Dundee Contract Services. I have also forwarded on your comments regarding the areas at the tree bases.”
The tree bases are, of course, in Blackness Road, west of Balgay Road/Blackness Avenue.