Photopolis : High Street

D.M.Brown’s department store in the High Street (below) was a landmark for many generations of Dundee’s citizens. 
David Millar Brown the son of a Lochee coal merchant served his apprenticeship as a draper with various Lochee and Dundee shops.
D.M.Brown set us his own business at the age of 24 employing 3 people. The business was so successful that by 1938 D.M.Brown employed 400 people.

High Street Clock

Last week, had a complaint that the High Street clock was running fast … and – now wading through the e-mail backlog on return – here’s an update from yesterday from the Engineer (via City Centre Manager) so hopefully all fixed now!
“I have had to renew the underground cable I am hopefully that the clock will be up and running by the end of the day.”

The High Street Clock …

Following the recent complaint about the new High Street clock running slow, its now, err …, missing one if its hands.
The City Centre Manager advised me this afternoon that the repair required had been reported but that also the manufacturers have been written to, requesting that they come up to Dundee to sort out the various issues that have affected the clock since its installation.